Burger King

5120 Delhi Pike, Cincinnati
(513) 922-1880

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Douglas Douglas

Great service. There were only a few workers, but they were all hustling. A pleasant surprise for a BK.

Mj Heekin

Every time we go its a dice roll if we get all of our food. Last time we were missing 10 nuggets. Time before that missing a double cheeseburger. Still, the food tastes good and the workers are mostly friendly.

John Coates

Terrible location.I am being kind leaving two stars.I would leave three ,considering the pandemic,but location had always had unprofessional management.I don't drive ,pass by this BK daily and haven't been able to eat it due to not having a car.Website ,/Google,says dining room is open.I went in was cussed at ,refused to pay with cash,treated like I was a criminal,like I had cooties,given wrong order,the employees acted scared to be there.My job is far scarier,if I acted like they did I wouldn't have one.

Anthony Arrington

Heading out medium on your rings that are small got like 6 onion rings in my medium

J. B.

I went inside to order To Go. I wasn't greeted by anyone and waited at the register. When someone finally came up, they just stood there and looked at me. I said I wanted to place an order to go. They never confirmed the order and just handed me cups. I had to ask for a drink carrier. Then I waited 14 minutes (from the time in the receipt) to get my order. They never thanked me, they just said, Here ya go. So much for fast, friendly service. ?

Keith Owens

Great food ? great people recommend for all who like good service and good food

Kevin M. Thompson Sr.

The service was fast and well presented. The dining area was immaculate. Special recognition goes out to employee 'Brianna Luna', (I hope I got her name right). I was in a sour mode having just left my bank and feeling very frustrated. Brianna's cheerful smile and prompt service brightened my day. I wish everyone could experience this type of service. Great job guys.

Todd Lott

The quality and service have gone down hill so fast I am shocked. I used to love BK. I had a problem with my order and the Delhi (Cincinnati) store didn’t answer. I contacted BK thru Facebook and they responded that they would help me address my incorrect order and missing food. That was almost three months ago. I have sent over 30 messages to BK without any answer. Too many other choices for me. I have stopped visiting BK all together. And my family has followed. It’s so easy to answer your customers on social media. Hard to believe you care so little.

Mike Dean

I did the drive thru about 1:40pm ordered a whopper with cheese no tomato. I got a whopper with cheese no tomato. What I DIDN'T get was a GOOD HOT sandwich nor a receipt, this sandwich was cold the cheese didn't even think about melting any. I stopped going to Delhi McDonald's because of the same reason. Maybe if the Health Department went into the Restaurants in Delhi and would check the food temperature of the food being served, there has to be all kind of Violations going un noticed. I might try this place 1 more time.

Mike Pog

Good food, the crispy chicken sandwich is really good, customer service....well they have people in the building, I can say that. But not much else.

Jeff James

Good fast food. Friendly staff. Quiet place to have an inexpensive breakfast.

Donald McWhorter

Hot food, fast service just wish this location would get a new Coke Freestyle Machine like alot of the others have. The old one has limited selections and needs to go.

Becky Gentry

Food tasted off like possible cleaner got mixed in... definitely not going back

John Brady

Not to pricey. Could be a little faster but I do place large orders.


Great service, good pricing, rarely incorrect.

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