Burger King

5120 Delhi Pike, Cincinnati
(513) 922-1880

Recent Reviews

Mike Dean

I did the drive thru about 1:40pm ordered a whopper with cheese no tomato. I got a whopper with cheese no tomato. What I DIDN'T get was a GOOD HOT sandwich nor a receipt, this sandwich was cold the cheese didn't even think about melting any. I stopped going to Delhi McDonald's because of the same reason. Maybe if the Health Department went into the Restaurants in Delhi and would check the food temperature of the food being served, there has to be all kind of Violations going un noticed. I might try this place 1 more time.

Mike Pog

Good food, the crispy chicken sandwich is really good, customer service....well they have people in the building, I can say that. But not much else.

Jeff James

Good fast food. Friendly staff. Quiet place to have an inexpensive breakfast.

Donald McWhorter

Hot food, fast service just wish this location would get a new Coke Freestyle Machine like alot of the others have. The old one has limited selections and needs to go.

Becky Gentry

Food tasted off like possible cleaner got mixed in... definitely not going back

John Brady

Not to pricey. Could be a little faster but I do place large orders.


Great service, good pricing, rarely incorrect.

Tiffany Smith

Has great food an they show u the nutrition facts

Jessica Frazer

The staff here is awesome. Nine times outta ten the food is super fresh and delicious. And the renovations are wonderful. I would definitely recommend this specific BK.

Michael H

Seems like they just give you some random food in a bag not what you actually ordered and paid for.

Charles Barrows

Awesome new remodel really clean

Mother of Dragons

Poor service quality of food sucked

Emily Heckman

The burgers are juicy, tender, and flavorful. The onion rings are crispy and warm and the workers are quick! Way better than McDonald's.

James Henry

Love the smell of a fresh whopper flame broiled and the taste ð???

Linda Owen

Poor service quality of food sucked

Heather Buxton

Awesome service and food was really good

LeRoy H

Had a nice lunch with my mother in law today and love the 2 for 6 deal on the Whopper and Chicken sandwich we both head what we wanted at a deal

Angela Lowe

Love the grilled flame taste in my burgers

Ann Mackay

Usually quick. Sometimes there's a lack of staff. Not very busy.

Rob Turner

The Whoppers were good the nuggets were cold wanting spicy chicken but they didn't have it otherwise okay

Allen Rowe

Burger king blows i didn't even go. This is what you get google for listening to my conversations and matching them to gps locations

Sandra D.

This is a fast food restaurant. It is an exceptionally good one. I have gone here often to dine inside and drive thru. If you ask for your food to be cooked to order, they happily do so. They have the best ice cream cones for $1 The employees are always friendly and courteous. Coupons are frequently delivered in the local newspaper bundle. Most importantly. This is a clean restaurant. Bathrooms are always stocked and clean. Parking lot is clean too. This is the place to get a Whopper.

Ben M.

It's a Burger King, nothing extraordinary about that. But this is a good Burger King. My food always tastes fresh, the order is never wrong, and the staff is super nice. Maybe that's because I come here so much, but I've had a lot of bad experiences at BK. This one seems to be run better than most of the others. Overall, this is the only BK I really come to because the service is just better.

Julie Spencer

It's been years since I was been at BK and likely years again until I return, if they're still open. Lots of bread on a Whopper and poor ratio of meat. It was just "eh".

lana crowe

Love this place great food

Rhonda Smith

Very friendly employees, great food!!! Best I have had in a long time!!! Was fresh nice and hot.

Pamela Anderson-Walker

Fast, nice staff, public restrooms, gets order correct all the time, always greets people with a smile, good value meals. ð?? from me.

Debbie Heileman

The food was ok nice staff

tommy i-opener

Hands down the best fast food burger meat.

Ronnie Smith

Waited at least 15 minutes for a standard breakfast, noone in the lobby, and the manager not only seemed more concerned about the half empty drive thru's pending orders, went above and beyond when ignoring my fiancee when she asked for her cup of coffee multiple times. If you're not going to give a damn about your job....at least be somewhat courteous. So very disappointed.

James Gilbert

Customer service was good, food was not. It was luke warm and tasted old.

Kay G.

I have been to many fast food restaurants and I must say the service was fantastic the food was fresh and the bathrooms were fabulous!! Definitely will return


Service was fast but I have to say the food was only warm. Definitely had been sitting on warmer for a long time. Reason being: they don't get a lot of customers so sometimes food sits. Understandable.

Bobbie Young

Great food. Quick service. Clean store.

Christopher H.

I ordered a Whopper no mayo. The wrapper was labeled Whopper no mayo. There was mayo. Fuck you BK.

Cassie Baker

The guy asked me what sauce I wanted. I said mustard and then he didn't even give me any. Happens alot there.

Donna Riggen

I pulled in at 11:57 and the lights went out, but they still took my order and it was awesome....Thank you Friday night crew Great job!

Joseph Wendt

Typical BK. No good nor bad surprises.

Cindi Dobbs

They got our order wrong and we didn't realize it until we got home. When my daughter-in- law went back to get it corrected the clerck argued with her until someone came over and agreed that we were given the wrong food. The clerck then walked away saying she didn't have to put up with that sh*t. Very upset that they think they can cuss you out for something they did wrong. I went online to do the survey and never heard back from them with an applogy.

Steve Struckman

Never busy. Staff is friendly. High recommend using the app for awesome deals.