Burger King

6452 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati
(513) 574-4900

Recent Reviews

Shirley B.

possibly the worst on west side.nobody ever answers the phone .they always forget stuff and the food is never fresh or warm even. i call today to see if there is any specials on fish and nobody answers.i called the other location on glenway in price hill,same there too.west side of cincinnati is terrible ,only 5 fast food places and a lousy frisch's and bob evans who are even worse at customer service and food prep .would like to have a sonic,dq grill and some independently owned businesses again,thanks corona

Kimmy Herold

I went here for breakfast and no one was wearing gloves. Really disgusting even if we weren’t in a pandemic. There was a hair in my food so I couldn’t even eat it. All the employees were on their phones. Even the guy taking my money didn’t even look at me because he was on his phone. I didn’t get my receipt.

Felicia Bolton

Waited a total of 23 minutes in drive thru. During that time the worker was yelling at other employees about the food not being labeled while her microphone was still on and we could hear everything they were saying. The young man at the window was very nice though.

Marty Schweer

The flavor of their hamburgers are the best, will always take flame broiled over a grittle fried. Plus they have more deals and coupons making them affordable.

Emily Prather

The food was just ok. The girl that was at the drive thru window was very rude. Had ordered a salad and an extra ranch dressing (the extra is .25)- so I paid for the extra ... I checked the bag, none. I had to ask for it. She only handed me one, had to tell her that I needed two. I asked for Zesty sauce and she acted like it was too much trouble to stop her conversation with her co-workers. She just didn't care if my order was complete or not. Just shove the bags out the window so she could keep on goofing off with co-workers . The food was cold and not that great. Just a bad experience at this location.

aaron donahoe

Most underrated fast food place out there! Download the app and get all the deals!

Bentley9 K

Nice place to meet and catch up with family. The bill was average for the menu.

Alfred Sanchez

Really enjoyed my visit to a clean BK.

Charles Wright

Best fast food prices in the Area right now.

FaZe A.

I wanted a Mini shake they had no mini shake I'm really sad.........................................................................................................

kill bill

They got my order wrong twice! I will not return to that location. Unbelievable!

Melanie Evans

Good food but they forgot an order of fries and we waited for order to be prepared.

Herman Duenne

I ordered 1 whopper. It was over$4.. It was ice vlod. Im so sorry i stopped there. It was the worst sandwich ive had in years. When the dining room is closed how could my sandwich be so cold. Was it left over from lunch. It was 7 pm. I will never go back there.and i will tell everybody how bad it was...

Charlotte Foran

Fast, acurate; sometimes the coffee tastes "old"


You must go inside to receive hot food. These managers, with the exception of Ashley, will give you anything to eat.

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