Burger King

6452 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati
(513) 574-4900

Recent Reviews

Charles Wright

Best fast food prices in the Area right now.

kill bill

They got my order wrong twice! I will not return to that location. Unbelievable!

Melanie Evans

Good food but they forgot an order of fries and we waited for order to be prepared.

Herman Duenne

I ordered 1 whopper. It was over$4.. It was ice vlod. Im so sorry i stopped there. It was the worst sandwich ive had in years. When the dining room is closed how could my sandwich be so cold. Was it left over from lunch. It was 7 pm. I will never go back there.and i will tell everybody how bad it was...

Charlotte Foran

Fast, acurate; sometimes the coffee tastes "old"


You must go inside to receive hot food. These managers, with the exception of Ashley, will give you anything to eat.

Dennis Sark

Just no (they're not good late night) ? Taco bell is across street. Went at 6 pm last week and they were on point but proceed with caution late unless cold fries and globs of mayo are your thing

Judith Sellmeyer

I love their salads and their veggie Burger

Cassie Friesinger

U can't go wrong with a Whopper! The crew there (I was in at night) was so nice and helpful. We ate inside and it was the cleanest dining room ever! Great deals and everything came out great!

Joe Wanger

2 breakfast sandwiches served up in 30 seconds.

Chuck Easterly

this is one of my favorite fast food joints and they are always polite and fast.

Leonard Feldman

The meals and service were beyond my expectations. I really liked the environment of this spot. Extraordinary spot to take the family out for lunch.

Moe Gal

The impossible whopper is pretty neat, I definitely see myself eating there again

Chasity Reule

Just tried to go through their drive through on New Year’s Eve at 6 and they have the lobby doors locked bc their short staffed? Ridiculous. Should still have lobby open if you’re open till close.

Wayne Parker

The food is consistently well prepared and flavorful, employees provides excellent customer service. I loved the cleanliness and ambience. Worth a try.

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