Fortune Noodle House

349 Calhoun St #1332, Cincinnati
(513) 281-1800

Recent Reviews

Richard M.

Everyone will remember 2020 when the stupid virus closed, take out only. Fortune Noodle House doesn't just have noodle dishes...if there is better Chinese food in the world, I don't know where it is...our family is a bunch of pigs, so we got a bunch...yeah, cumin beef, shredded porch with hot chili sauce, braised lamb with cumin...even doubled some of these orders. Good grief! Just blown away on the flavors, the heat (we asked for it)...the staff is great! Service awesome. We can't wait until the restaurants can take seated guests again! Can't go wrong...get your takeout here! Chinatown Chicago can't compete!!!

Dominic Cooper

They serve large dishes and for fair prices. nice owner. Great work.

Doyle Stewart

I just like their dishes. I always get awesome service there. The place is always clean and the workers are always very welcoming. Highly recommended.

Mary Y

Great menu. Very clean restaurant. Really enjoyed our food!

Jiaxing L.

Foods are over seasoning. Milk tea not taste good. Way more vegetables than the actual meat

Chunchun Fang

Ordered the claypot beef tripe and was not what I expected... soup itself is delicious, not too salty but the beef tripe itself felt fatty. On the website it says spicy but as you can see in the picture there is no spice at all... portion is big but tripe is scare. Doesn’t recommend...


You can watch then hand making the noodles here! If you like spicy food, get the hand pulled noodles with pork and jalapenos. It's the best thing on an incredible menu.

David Fisher

Great noodles, great food, reasonable prices. When travelling to new places always, we always look for non chain food local places. This is one of the best surprises we have had in a long time.

Liz F.

I was excited to try Fortune Noodle today for the first time. Everything I tasted was delicious. We had crab Rangoon and potstickers to share for appetizers. Both were reminiscent of a typical Chinese restaurant; very good and not too greasy. I had the pan fried hand pulled veggie noodles; the dish was full of broccoli, cabbage, onions, bok choy, and carrots, and covered in a brown garlic sauce. I ate almost all of it and my friend joked she wanted to drink the leftover sauce because it was so good. The service was fast and the seating ample. I can't wait to go back and try more of their dishes

Jennifer I.

We ordered carry-out via uber and for 67.00$ we were disappointed. The order was late and cool We only got one small container of rice for this order. Most restaurants throw rice at you but not this place. I was going to give the kids leftovers tomorrow and I will have to make rice and remember 67$!!! Not good enough. And the utensils Requested were insufficient. I may review the food later but the waste of time, money on food; that was late, cold, and with insufficient sides..makes me hestitate because there are a few good flavors but will write more when I can be fair. Too annoyed at the HORRIBLE presentation and lacking sides on Valentine's Day... they couldn't even make an effort? Just weird

Christopher Griffin

We like a lot hanging out. Yesterday we arrived in this magnificent restaurant which friends told us about. We spent a lovely evening there with superb meal and a courteous stuff and a great chief cook. We put this fine restaurant in our list and we will no doubt return very soon. Highly recommended.

Emaan Q.

I got the cold chili noodles with extra scallions and they were delicious! I picked it up as a to go order and everything was wrapped up perfectly with utensils packed which I greatly so appreciated

David Johnson

As you may / may not know, I love fresh noodles and Sichuan pepper (numbing vs hot/spicy). The Dan Dan noodle here was a great rendition of both their hand pulled noodle (have to substitute) and an awesome sauce. Prices are consumable by all. Service is good. For freshly hand pulled noodle the speed to table was awesome. Highly recommend this place for a weekend brunch spot. Order the crispy onion pancake to start and enjoy!

Stephanie H.

I've been wanting to come to Fortune Noodle House basically since I learned of its existence, and I'm so glad I finally made it out. We came around 2:30 pm on a Saturday to miss the crowd and were seated right away. Having studied the menu online in advance, we quickly placed our orders: hot green tea, a scallion pancake, Dan Dan noodles and the cumin lamb with noodles. The tea arrived quickly in its own little pot, which, quite frankly, I love. Nothing special about the tea bag inside but it was hot and a great compliment to both the rain outside and the feast to come. The scallion pancake showed up not long after and too hot to handle right away. We'd each gotten about one bite in before the main courses arrived. The noodle dishes were both divine! The Dan Dan noodles are thinner (I think maybe they are the knife cut ones) and come with a generous dose of sauce plus cucumbers, cilantro and a sprinkle of pork. The meat is more like a seasoning in this dish and it works just fine. The sauce is rich and a bit spicy, though I recommend adding a dab of chili oil to take things up a notch. The noodles with the lamb were thicker and chewier, and had been pan fried along with the meat and vegetables. There were plenty of big pieces of lamb along with onIon, scallion, bell pepper and dried chilies. Oh, and lots of cumin. If you've had ~those noodles~ at Xi'an Famous Foods, the taste is very similar. Spicy but with complexity and a slow-building burn. Yum. The scallion pancake turned out to be a great palate cleanser throughout the meal. Simultaneously chewy and flakey, it had a mild scallion flavor and came with a sweet dipping sauce perfect for cutting the heat. While all the dishes we had were great, I don't think I'm done exploring the menu. Next time I want to try dumplings and one of the noodle soups!

Sarah E.

Love the menu, lots of veggie, meat, and seafood options. Can't beat hand-pulled noodles! I ordered medium spicy fry stir fry, and the only thing stopping me from giving this dish 5 stars is there were so many inedible seeds and whole peppercorns that left my mouth tingling and numb (turns out I don't like peppercorns); otherwise this dish would have been perfect- lots of veggies, flavorful sauce, peanuts.. yum. Portions big enough for two, decent prices. And they have boba tea

Ron Klaas

Authentic Noodles, majority of the people eating there were Asian and English was their second language. If you want authentic Asian food go where the People that truly know the food go. I would have given 5 stars, but the service is a little slow.

Jen B.

Food was ok. My egg rolls were soggy but tasted ok. I had noodles and shaved chicken. The chicken was really good. I wish they had a description on the DoorDash menu. I would have ordered something different. I was expecting more veggies. I've had better Chinese food. I probably won't order here again.

Kathy S.

Fortune Noodle House is a nice dine-in restaurant for noodles. They also serve rice dishes and other entrees. But I think their specialty is their hand-pulled noodles. The food was good and the service was fair. Our party of three ordered: pan fried noodles with beef, pan fried noodles with shrimp and noodle soup with sliced beef. All of the dishes were tasty, but one in my party said the pan fried noodles had "too much oyster sauce" The dishes were about $11 each and the portions were generous. There is street parking available but it is a busy street with a lot of shops and restaurants. Be careful as the parking meters charge 25¢ per 12 minutes, but there is a 30 minute max. So if you put in 2 quarters, you'll get 24 minutes but if you add another quarter, you'll only get 30 minutes. There is an online parking app where I think you can pay via phone, but I did not try that.

Kathi Hughey

Crunchy chicken and green beans are what to go there for so friends and I went. Expect a long wait. Honestly Fortune Noodle House than what I expected. But service is very attentive and it's a good experience. The dumplings were bomb. And the chili oil went perfect with.

Eric Mattison

I always arrive getting some food here. I loved the swift customer service and well made dishes. They never disappoint.

Willie Esparza

I just love their dishes. I always get awesome customer service here. The place is well kept and the cashiers are always nice. Would recommend to others.

Frank Haines

They serve large portions and for convenient prices. super friendly staff members. 5 stars.


Dropped in for our Christmas lunch and authentic in every way. Service was great, food delicious and we’ll be back.

Karl Riddle

Not terrible. However they served food that tasted like it had been fried in very old oil. When I told them they simply said people have different taste buds. I have to disagree. The noodles were mediocre, nothing special.

Tom Thornton

Be prepared for something unlike Cincinnati. Felt like a street restaurant in China. Great food if your adventurous. Go for the freshly pulled noodle and be ready for great flavor. Don’t miss the string beans.

Evan Sommer

The place offers a vast variety of delicious food. I liked eating here. Staff members are always helpful, prices are affordable and the place is always neat.

Zhenling Liu

We ordered 5 trays food for get together with Chinese and American friends, everyone likes it so much, best authentic Chinese food in Cincinnati!

Shu Ju Y.

A little secret hidden gem. The ambiance is very family oriented with low to moderate of noise. The food is amazing and super flavourful. The spices are some of the most rare spices that I have ever encountered. The spice is called Sichuan that creates a spicy flavor in the mouth and then it wears off. We ordered the spicy stir fried chicken with Sichuan chilli, bokchoy, and chicken stir fry with broccoli. The dinner entree portions were super size. The dishes ordered were super fresh with authentic asian flavourS and spices. The entrees were made with moderate sodium. I highly recommend this location for authentic and fresh asian cuisines. The owner and staff were super friendly and took care of our large party of 8 people with happy warm smiles. The service was great!

Betsy Blair

Awesome food! Excellent vegan and vegetarian options! Looking forward to the next visit.

Jack Morgan

The place GETS busy but be patient and you will be rewarded with incredible food.

Karen C.

I'm a huge fan of their thinly sliced beef noodle soup! Fortune Noodle House makes their noodles from scratch. I like to stop by when I crave a good bowl of Chinese noodle soup. The only con is the soup is a little bit salty for my taste. However, the location is great and the service is always good! Parking can be a little tricky, but it's walking distance from the UC campus.

Ty B.

When I worked in the area, I would eat here at least one time a week. As usual, we didn't have to wait to be seated. Restaurant is clean and the bathrooms are always decent when I use them. Ordered 3 of our fave fishes: vegetable pan fried hand pulled noodles, mala bowl (broccoli, lotus root, cauliflower, enoki mushroom, white mushrooms and potatoes) and sautéed green beans. What can I say?! The food was EXCELLENT, as usual. This is one of my go-to restaurants when I'm in the mood for some really good Asian food. Service is always great. Let the owners know how much we love their food. I've been here plenty of times but never complimented them personally. They came over to our table to explain how they use authentic spices. The chef goes to markets in areas like Chicago to find the perfect ingredients. Really appreciated them coming over to offer a little insight as to how they are able to come up with such explosive flavors. We could tell from the "smile" on their eyes that they truly appreciated hearing how much we enjoy their food. Challenge to all: once a month, pay the chef or owners a compliment. I've worked in customer service and can't explain how good it feels to hear how I did something right vs the complaints. Recommend this place to everyone. Get the mala bowl if you like spicy dishes. But one other thing, they will accommodate your requests. If you don't want spicy, let them know and they will bring out the perfect dish.

Kristan H.

Over the past few years, Fortune Noodle House has become one of our family's favorite restaurants, both for dine in and delivery. We probably eat it every other week? (Sometimes more, haha.) Our favorite dishes are: - scallion pancakes - knife-cut noodles with beef - eggplant and ground pork - mala bowl - bubble tea We have also become familiar with the owners and some of the servers, who are all very nice. Also, a couple years ago when a bunch of my Taiwanese relatives came to visit us, this is where we took them, and they all loved it.

Timothy C.

Great Egg Rolls and portions! I had it delivered to my hotel and it just came with chopsticks. Great challenge for myself and allowed me not to eat as fast.

Sabrina K.

I had a chicken fried rice craving and decided to try Fortune Noodle House. I've noticed as a general rule of thumb that it's safest to order what the specialty is at any restaurant. In this case it would have been a hand pulled noodle dish. I was severely disappointed in the fried rice. The chicken was very rubbery, the dish was not seasoned, it was a little too oily, and I had asked to make it spicy, which it was not. I probably won't order fried rice here ever again, but based on all the good things people have said about the hand pulled noodles, I would maybe come back for that.

Tiffany C.

Yesterday was probably the coldest day so far this winter, and it was snowing for the first time all season. All I wanted was comfort food, and that for me is a steaming bowl of hand-pulled noodles. I didn't even think that Cincinnati had authentic noodles made in-house so I was pleasantly surprised when I came across Fortune Noodle House. To share, we ordered the green beans, my absolute favorite. Mixed in with Sichuan chili, garlic, and ginger, it was definitely comforting on the cold day. I also ordered the hand-pulled dan dan noodles, which comes in a peanut-garlic-beef sauce. Dan Dan noodles are one of my favorites, and although it wasn't the best I've had, I did enjoy it. My friend ordered the veggie noodles, which had a great ratio of vegetables to noodles. The portions are generous, which means we both had plenty to take back home! I'll be back to try the different noodles again, and maybe even some of the heartier items like cumin lamb and Sichuan eggplant. It's such a comforting restaurant and I imagine I'll be craving their food all winter long.

Jon Meyer

Fan-flipping-tastic. I had the pan-seared hand-pulled noodles with beef; my wife had the same, but with seafood. It was delicious. If you like a little more spice heat, I recommend adding some of the chili oil (on the table in what appears to be a silver flip-lid sugar bowl) made the dish even better somehow.

Athie L

Oh. My. Goodness. Most satisfying and delicious HAND-PULLED noodles ever.

Benjamin Bass

Only place I know of to get fresh hand pulled noodles. Everything here tastes amazing.


The five stars are for the kitcheners, waiters and the owner, and the minor two stars are for the ingredient buyer. They have delicious food and reliable delivery time. They also have an honest and trustworthy owner that being responsible to any sudden situations. The waiters are all polite. This was the only Chinese restaurant that I dined in and ordered delivery frequently until last time. It should be a five stars if I didn't have the experience follow: Few days ago, I ordered a mixed spicy pot as usual and the bean curd sticks tasted wired. I'm familiar with this bad taste because I'm a vegetarian, and I deal with bean curd sticks for my protein almost everyday. This taste had never appeared in this restaurant either. For me the the beancurd sticks had gone bad obviously. As I came frequently and didn't want to make anyone look bad, I didn't ask them to redo anything or cancel the order, instead I quietly asked the waiter to tell whoever bought these beancurd sticks to get some other good of them next time. Then the buyer showed up with a beancurd stick and asked me to smell it, to proof she didn't do anything wrong. I smelled it and it smells just like what I tasted just now. She claimed that this is what it should smell. I told her that I've been dining here for so long and I'm pretty sure it is different. She then said: "Fine, you say it is bad, then you say it." Then she grabbed everything on the table and leave, without allowing me to say anything more to her. I've been dining in so many different restaurants and this is the rudest attitude to treat a problem I've ever seen. NOT LOOKING AT A PROBLEM AT ALL IS NOT A SOLUTION, ESPECIALLY FOR FOOD SAFETY. Nobody is saying there's anyone kept the beancurd sticks for long until it went bad, and it is totally possible that the goods have already had problems before entering the restaurant, and nobody noticed. It is whoever on duty's job to make sure anything with a bad smell or taste is not entering the kitchen. I gave them an important info of food safety as a customer without asking anything back and I had been treated very rudely without any solution. I'm very disappointed for this result. All I wanted was not to have the same issue again and this is a reasonable request. I don't dare to make my health relying on someone who don't even dare to admit such a small mistake without any economical loss. It is not fair to bet on someone's risk of health to make your personal reputation look perfect. The other staffs are good, but the buyer lost my trust on her food safety control. Now I started to cook myself instead of going to there. I won't go there again until I'm sure I will not be treated so rudely when I find a problem next time.