Graeter's Ice Cream

11511 Princeton Rd, Cincinnati
(513) 771-7157

Recent Reviews

M Teresa Trascritti

We enjoyed ice cream with special dripped cones. Love the different flavors!

Courtney N.

Had the Madagascar vanilla bean and the maple cinnamon crunch. The maple cinnamon crunch was one of the best flavors I've ever had. The texture of the ice cream is really good (solid hard dip). Similar to Jenis.

Kevin Gwin

It’s 8am and people are in a hurry to get to work. 2 guys standing around doing things other than waiting on customers. FYI, there is a Dunkin on the next block.

Destiny Marie

James is a helpful and majestic creature.

Paul Cottingham

They have the best ice cream.

Brent Morris

Great chocolate chip ice cream.


Graeter’s does it like it should be done. They use the old fashioned French pot small batch process. Many convenient locations. Love the Dutch Milk Chocolate. Their Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Salted Carmel are very good.

Victoria Ponce

Don't come in of its close to closing or you'll be denied. Why even have a closing time of you reject people before hand? Get a pint, 15min before closing, and got turned way. Such rubbish.

Priscilla Steele

I had no idea what I wanted and Norman quickly helped me figure it out. Norman is personable, welcoming, and so very helpful! Two thumbs up and 5 stars for Norman.

Megan Hanmore

Best ice cream love this little place

Chelsea E.

Oh Graeter's how I love thee!!! So yeah I am obsessed with Graeter's and have been going once a week lately. I live in Columbus but was visiting my grandparents who live in Fairfield and I told them I wanted to go to Graeter's after a true Cincy dinner at Skyline! They humored me and we went to this location since it was the closest to their house and somewhat near the Skyline. This Graeter's is pretty big! A lot more offerings than what we see in the Columbus locations! They have various candies, chocolates, pastries, frozen cakes, tons of apparel and of course....the best ice cream known to man! I knew I wanted a triple dip cone with double chocolate chip, vanilla and strawberry. To be honest, I didn't even think I could finish it, but I straight up DEVOURED it! My family couldn't believe it. I couldn't quite tell if they were impressed or disgusted (keep in mind, we had just come from Skyline, so it's not like I hadn't eaten all day). It was so satisfying as I knew it would be. The staff here was also super nice. I love Graeter's so much that I came prepared in my Homage Graeter's t-shirt and signature Graeter's hat! The associate scooping my cone was like " really came in ready for this." lol! They probably thought I was a nerd, but that's ok. We sat in one of the many indoor tables as we enjoyed our treats. My cousin had never had a milkshake from Graeter's before so I urged him to try one. He said it was one of the best shakes he had ever had (duh!). All in all, I have never met a Graeter's I didn't like and this one is no exception. Keep scoopin the good stuff and I plan to be back soon!

Tamara Cooper

We know their ice cream is excellent but their Customer Service was excellent too.


I really like their ice cream but $4.00 plus for one dip is pricey. No Consistence. My friend got a dip that was much smaller. Just young kids running the store. Columbus customer service seems to be better.

Kelly Kramer

Great ice cream! Thanks for the sample cookie!

Gregg Johnson

Great place to gather with friends and share memories.


Best ice cream anywhere! Of course I an a coffee flavored fan! Most love the big chocolate chunks! Yummy!


had to get ice cream to cool off. this place hits the spot. also sells chocolates and bakery goods. bonus

Elizabeth Smith

This Graeter's location has excellent service!! And, as always, excellent ice cream! Isaac, James and Rick served us tonight and were friendly and helpful and prompt! Great bakery items too! Excited to eat my donut for breakfast tomorrow morning!

Elizabeth Medley

This Graeter's location has excellent service!! And, as always, excellent ice cream! Isaac, James and Rick served us tonight and were friendly and helpful and prompt! Great bakery items too! Excited to eat my donut for breakfast tomorrow morning!

Ashley Garcia

Always delicious! The price is worth it. Employees could stand to be a bit more friendly, anytime the manager is there they seem quite uptight and the dips are a little smaller. I wont complain but I do notice the difference.

Timothy McCracken

Amazing! I love this place.

Kimberly Abner

Super friendly staff. Best ice cream, cookies and treats in town.

Aiden Thell

Delicious. Had a Maple-Cinnamon shake, was the best shake I've ever had

Micheala Graves

Friendly staff, great place overall

Steve W

Another great Graeters. Almond coconut chocolate chip ice cream is amazing!!!

Ray Robinson

I love this ice cream parlor. The black raseberry chip is to die for.

Scott haungs

Best ice cream in Cincinnati and a great atmosphere to enjoy it in. Very family friendly!

paige pankey

Banana split with butter pecan & vanilla DELICIOUSNESS

Heather L.

What a great location! I stopped in to use my birthday reward before it expired, as the location near home is closed for remodel. Everyone working here was so friendly and sweet, including the manager! It is pretty big on the inside with a bakery area, ice cream counter, and several seating areas. There is plenty of parking as it has its own parking lot. I had the S'more ice cream which was delicious!

Harold Malaby

Princeton Pike Graeter's has wonderful customer service and makes their customers feel welcome. Ice cream is always the best. We pass three other locations for this store because the service is just as important as the taste.

Quentin Davis

Chocolate brownie ice cream is the best. Chocolate on chocolate. 😁

Margo Young

Best ice cream EVER! Favorites are: black raspberry chip, double chocolate chip, and mixing the peanut butter chip with the double chocolate chip. Best sundae is the buckeye sundae- not to be confused with the buckeye ice cream, the stores dont have it listed anymore but you can still get's not made with the buckeye ice cream, but rather with peanut butter chip, hot fudge, choc sprinkles...sometimes the workers get confused & make it with the buckeye ice cream ( not how it's made, if i haven't stressed that enough, lol) it's to die for, yum yum...oh and thank you graeters for the valentine treat! my valentine (husband) & I enjoyed it very much!


Amazing baked goods, chocolate delights and Ice cream. Outstanding Customer service consistently everytime I visit.

Karen Isaacs Phillips

Best ice cream in town! Coffee cakes ( recommend the double butter) and custom cakes & donuts! Don’t take my word...try it yourself!!

Venitra DeGraffenreid

Love this place! So clean, organized, and full of tempting treats. If they could make some ice cream with a nut-based milk I would be in heaven!


As a connoisseur of Graeter's ice cream it is very clear that this location gives the smallest ice cream scoops of all the locations. $3.75 for a marginal 3 ounces. I love Graeter's but not this much for a spoonful!

Kevin Sims

Very nice spot. One of the original Graeter’s locations.

Megan R.

I go here to work out of the office and to hold meetings. Nice, quiet place in the mornings. Staff is friendly as well.

Judy Z.

One last stop before our flight back home to Atlanta. We've heard good reviews from our good friend about their ice cream. I decided to go for a milkshake instead of a scoop of ice cream. Definitely worth my money! I choose the Vienna coffee flavor and vanilla syrup. It was a lovely combo which turned out pretty fantastic! Good spot for desserts and nice service.


Still my favorite ice cream after many years unusual seasonal ice creams and favorite classics. Plus chocolates, and their Easter candy selection is nice too.