2904 Short Vine St, Cincinnati
(513) 429-3674

Recent Reviews

Haley Noble

Went on 3/24/23 just to see a closed sign. Went again on 4/5 with the same handwritten closed sign on the door.

Bill D.

Had the gyro wrap from their food truck and it was delicious. Owners are very friendly too. Give it a try!

Preston Polen

Good food, fast serving times, large portions, affordable. I recommend it.Food: 4/5

Tom Pugh

The people are very nice. However, at Oktoberfest, I ordered the Redwine Sausage wrap. Had been looking forward to it. But for $7, severe disappointment. It was a sausage in a tortilla, with I think a few pickles and a little mustard. Willing to give them another try at some point, but just a disappointment.

Joyce Wismann

Small Cafe with delicious food, great customer service. Friendly staff.

Deron W

You have to try this place! Fast fresh food. Generous portions and very helpful and friendly employees who took time to answer all our questions. Definitely worth it!! Will be back.

Gregory McIntosh

Andy not only looks great but he serves up delicious food at good prices. Nice night for the food truck!

chris riley

Don’t do it. I overlooked all the other bad reviews and got their walking gyro at the Taste. Literally 1 oz of meat. I should have asked for my money back but there was a line behind me. This is my experience and their overall rating is terrible on google so I’m certain my review is not a 1 off. Go to Sebatians or Chicago Gyro.

Renae Tucker

I bought two gyros from you all today and both gyros were burnt and fries were not fresh because the grease was not and I was trying to support you guys very disappointing Gamble Montessori.

Ayana Evans

The food was horrible rice was hard and the cod is triangular shape flat not real cod and they sprinkle some red stuff on it as you see I only ate the salad

Sarah Mostafa

Shocked. This “rice bowl plate” is $10. About a spoonful of rice with a sprinkling of some type of minced meat on top. Will not come back.

Delaney Kirby

Amazing food! Served super fast! Would recommend 10/10!!

Meni J.

My favorite things about this place are the options; particularly the sauces, dressings, condiments...even the toppings. Secondly the fries are pretty good, they were still crisp after the drive home. Also, portion sizes are well worth the money. I still couldn't finish my pita after my son had taken out some of the meat for himself. Not the best Mediterranean food I've had, but everything works and invites a good experience! I'm not that familiar with falafels, but I thought these were pretty dry. *This was a one man show on the day I visited, so expect a wait or order ahead.

Tiffeny Bottari

I was charged twice for one transaction. I reached out to get the charged removed and never heard back from them. I eventually had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. Decent food but watch your bank charges.

Craig Froehle

I really wanted to like this place as I'm generally a fan of Middle-Eastern fare, but I just can't recommend it. I got the 4-sides sampler and some baklava to go and none of it was enjoyable. The pita was dry and tasteless, which is, frankly, inexcusable for this type of restaurant. The hummus was bland. The falafel wasn't bad, but it didn't taste like any falafel I've ever had before. Even the baklava was sad...a mushy, bland lump. The highlight was the french fries, which were decent. Friendly people inside, but the food just isn't good enough to bring me back. Sorry...I hate leaving reviews like this. ?

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