Lucky Cat Dumpling

211 W McMillan St, Cincinnati
(513) 744-9800

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Nice dumplings. However, they often take forever to arrive and the waitress has been lazy, indifferent or rude on both occasions. She sits on her computer or phone when patrons are waiting and then gets annoyed when you trouble her for something. She clearly hates her job. Additionally, dumplings really should't take 25 mins to arrive when we are the only customers in the restaurant. Sort your staff out.


There is nothing healthy about their dumplings & management dont care. There is so much MSG in their dumplings I woke to a swollen face & lips and rash all around my mouth & lips, it took days to disappear. For me to get this reaction, there has to be a huge volume of MSG particularly as I only ate 5 small dumplings. When asked to see the ingredients, it's mostly all processed not natural food. See photo attached. Management have no intention of changing their supplier of dumplings either.....yes, they dont make the dumplings, they use some local Chinese supplier. There are much healthier food options in Coogee.


The food was pretty good - however it is worth noting that for a dumpling restaurant they do not make them on site but order them in. The service was lacking, with several orders mixed up at multiple tables, and some managing staff having the attitude it was the customer’s mistake. Drinks were delicious but overpriced. Overall not awful, but next time we are hungry we will be feline somewhere else.


The food was good and cocktails were delicious although $20.00 per cocktail is steep. We waited a very long tome for food and drink as they seemed very short staffed. If you like dumplings you will like this place. The menu is limited as noted in their name. We did enjoy the food. The restaurant is on a side road so no beach view.


We had been having a nice "mother and daughter bonding session", getting our nails done somewhere in town, and then proceeded on to the Lucky Cat for dumplings and cocktails. But we got very very drunk instead. We had a fabulous time. Hopefully we conveyed ourselves with enough decorum. We certainly ate, drank and laughed a lot. I decided to have a little session of cocktails, so we started with something called a Bruce Lee Tea. Yes it does have a sideswipe of a kick. We also had some dumplings, many many dumplings, of many delicious flavours mostly meat or seafood. We followed this up with more dumplings and a Yuzu Cheesecake cocktail, which I can honestly say I have never had a more delicious cocktail in my life. Intensely lemony, creamy, gingery and biscuitty at the same time. Fabulous. The staff were young , friendly and very obliging and efficient.


Cosy Little restaurant seating is quiet tight but otherwise very nice clean the staff are super friendly. Food is excellent you can taste the craft in each dumplin the variety and presentation is great. Also the drinks are unique and the staff are very good and giving suggestions. My go to place in Sydney.


I have given the Lucky Cat several tries since it has been open. This would have been my 5th visit since it opened over a year ago. I am disappointed to say the service is still not up to scratch. The food is great, delicious. And I love the concept. Dumplings, beer and wine. What more could you want? A great concept for a beachside location like Coogee. However, time and time again the service is lacking. Last time we were here, we were seated on the balcony and along with several other patrons sitting on the balcony, we felt like we had been forgotten with no one coming to take our orders (and it was not a busy time of day). We ordered beers at the beginning - which despite us asking and reminding staff about them, came well after our food had come (and we ordered the drinks before the food!). All of our food had come and was all eaten before the beers arrived to the table! Again this time, whilst it was a busy night, the service from the waitstaff was minimal. You felt like you were interrupting them by wanting to place an order. There was no co-ordination. No apology or explanation for a delayed dish. And no apology for a forgotten drink order when reminded. It is a shame - as the food is delicious - good quality dumplings. And such a simple great concept. I have given it many chances in the hope with time service would improve - but I feel I have been enough times over the past year with minimal improvement on this. I would rather sit at a place where I am not constantly feeling like I have to flag staff down to order food, drinks, and also remind them of forgotten orders. If they are struggling with table service - perhaps bringing in an ‘order at the bar’ concept would be more enjoyable for the patrons and staff.


Yummy dumplings, great service, fun atmosphere. We had duck pancakes, then duck and pork dumplings, lamb & garlic dumplings and prawn and chive dumplings. Of course we could have had more

Geoff G

If you love Dumplings, look no further. There is a great selection on offer and a goods drinks range also. The staff are attentive, although very rushed. The Mushroom and Garlic Dumplings are excellent.


Nice dumplings and wine but I thought it was overpriced for what you get and the experience. Bought a nice bottle of Henty Farm Riesling but at $60 a bottle, it seemed like fine dining prices for a casual dumpling bar. The waiter spilt the wine while pouring into our glasses and he didn’t even notice or apologise that our glasses were now sitting in a pool of spilt wine.

Liz W

I don’t care what anyone says, I had a wonderful time here and the service was amazing the food even better, the best restaurant we’ve been to in Coogee in a long time, I recommend coming here, in all honestly just like any restaurant: fair when it’s busy and be patient. 2. Understand the ethnicity of food that is on offer..sometimes dishes aren’t what you expect but that’s their style. I heard people complain about the sliminess of the dumplings?! Then eat something else. I don’t know. It was a great experience for us.


Food wasn’t bad, but we had a Scoopon and I would not have paid full price for it. Staff over charged us for our meal and upon pointing out their mistake the bartender was rude, passed blame and refused to correct it. Terrible customer service. Also a tip to Lucky Cat, if your prices are incorrect on your website, fix it! But until then you need to honour what it says and give your bartender a lesson in how not to be a c**t


Lovely meal for two, friendly staff, would definitely recommend if you are in the area. Very relaxed atmosphere.


Went here with my sister on Friday night using a Groupon. The cocktails were lovely (strong lol) and the food was great too. Best veggie spring rolls I’ve ever had. :)


Dropped in for dinner on a Saturday night for dumplings. Place was 50% full. When we arrived we struggled to get anyone’s attention to clean our table that was very sticky. It probably took 15 minutes... We finally got our table cleaned (though it was still sticky) and we ordered duck pancakes, chicken bao bun, scallops and prawn dumplings and curry chicken dumplings and a $5 Corona. The pancakes came out first. They were tasty and we enjoyed them. Then nothing... It felt like forever, 30 minutes plus and nothing. We wanted more drinks so I actually went to the bar and asked for them. When they arrived I asked if there was a problem in the kitchen as it was so slow. I mean it’s dumplings, they normally fly out! About five minutes later our food arrived. The bao bun was nice, the dumplings ok. We went to settle the bill and the young bloke charged us $10 each for the Coronas. When we challenged him on it he said he’d provide a refund but offered no apology which was really strange. In all, they may have been having a bad night, but really, it’s dumplings people. Simple food service rule - don’t make people wait for mediocre food.

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