Taqueria El Monarca

11449 Princeton Pike, Cincinnati
(513) 771-8226

Recent Reviews

Kenzi W.

This is my go to spot on taco Tuesday! The barbacoa tacos are my favorite. I love their salsas, guacamole, and street corn as well. I haven't had something I didn't like from here! The restaurant itself looks very clean and is decorated nicely. I would definitely recommend this place!

Kimaya P.

Love this place. I wish it was closer to where I lived because I'd go there way more! The elote is what I get every single time I go. I personally prefer the al pastor for whatever I get but I have tried the chicken and shrimp and they are good as well. Not only is the food great but the atmosphere is a great as well. The murals are beautiful and I love the music. They have a bar too but I've never ordered an alcoholic drink from there.

Jeff S.

Without a doubt, our go to spot for Mexican food. I had never had street corn before, and now it's a regular thing. The corn at El Monarco is always beefy and the spices are an amazing combo of lime, spice mayo and cheese. I could certainly eat two of these in a sitting. As for the main course, I go for the shrimp bowl. We're not talking about little baby shrimp here, there's a nice serving of good sized shrimp, cooked on the flat top along with fajita veggies. Then pick your toppings (Chipotle style.) It's as good as it gets. You can't go wrong here. Just go!

E S.

AMAZING! Some of the best Mexican street food I have had in a long time. HUGE portions and cheap prices what more could you ask for!

Simeon Duncan

So the food was great. But the waiter was not. We never got refiles, some of out food we had to ask her to get and it was cold. I'll get up next time.

Drew Staudenmaier

I really love their food a lot, but the service is so confusing that it's just a hassle to eat there. Like do you seat yourself or wait to be seated? Do you order from the counter or grab a table and wait? I've seen people just get frustrated and leave because they weren't getting served. I've seen people wandering around trying to get service and it's hard to watch. Last time was we went was probably the last time we're going just because of how confusing it was and how they kept messing up our order because they are so disorganized. Really disappointing for how good their food is.

Rick Jocko

Awesome food and a great restaurant. It’s like they took an empty chipotle restaurant and used it to make GREAT authentic Mexican food! Well done! Great restaurant, highly recommend!

Deanna Simmons

Great food. Their barbacoa is so delicious. You won’t be disappointed.

Alex Steinberg

Best tacos in Cincy. By a large margin. Also amazing tortas!

Ramon Ramos Torrech

I love this restaurant. The food is very delicious and a big menu. The staff is very friendly. Highly recommended.


We had the Huaraches and they were excellent We'll be coming back for sure to try more of their menu. The restaurant is clean and everyone was very nice. I highly recommend it

Matt F.

Place is well kept looks nice and new on the inside. And all of the food was amazing I wish there was one closer to where I lived.

Lauren G.

Probably the best tacos I have ever had. Super great price and AMAZING flavor. Al pastor was a little dry but the carnitas were a knock out. The salsa is SO GOOD. My favorite spot for tacos.

Carlos Raymundo Collado

This place is so good! I go at least once a week. Best Al Pastor tacos I’ve tried and I’m a pretty picky eater. Try them. They won’t disappoint.

RobertsMom NC

Had 2 pork tacos and a side of black beans. It was delicious- especially the black beans. I love that the tacos are made w 2 corn tortillas so they don’t all apart.

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