Tea n Bowl Asian Food and Bubble Tea

211 W McMillan St, Cincinnati
(513) 744-9800

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This place is a hidden gem. Amazing!! It’s so unassuming that when I walked in, I wasn’t sure if I was in the right place. But don’t let the decor fool you…the food is amazing, service is good and the place is clean. The menu is sooooo big and has so many different types of food (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc) that I was worried the food would just be ok…because they can’t make everything good, right?? Well I was wrong. The food was absolutely delicious. I ordered eggplant in garlic sauce (served with white rice) and my husband ordered beef pho. Both dishes were amazing. Admittedly, the pho was a little different than Vietnamese pho, but I think I like tea and bubble’s version of pho better than the traditional pho. The eggplant in garlic sauce is also a little different than how the dish is traditionally served in China, but I had no complaints! Soooo good! My husband liked the eggplant in garlic sauce better than the traditional Chinese version. The serving sizes were very big and the total was $26. Please go check this place out!!

Ranjiv Subramaniam

amazing food and service. Ryan and Yvonne were friendly and attentive.We had some dietary restrictions and appreciated that they were thorough and also asked questions to clarify.I have a chicken allergy/sensitivity (picked up later in life) and General Tso chicken used to be a favorite dish of mine. I was pleasantly surprised and am so happy that Tea n Bowl serves and that I tried the General Tso Breaded Beef. It was seriously one of the best things I've eaten (at ANY restaurant)!Vegetable Roti Canai was superb and was a perfect appetizer on a chilly December evening. Both Spice Level and Temperature were just what the night needed.We took some Nasi Lemak and shrimp curry home to share with family. Both were packed well and were still hot enough to eat when we got home (about a 30 min drive).Overall we had an awesome experience.Oh yeah; and there's boba!!!

Nathan Wei

Most authentic chinese food on canpus! Love them, highly recommended!

Aubree McKee

A staple in Clifton for ages, I hadn't been back in a long while but made the trek. Intimate setting with a massive menu full of authentic Asian foods and an extensive bubble tea menu. I had the phó noodle soup and it was fantastic. My friends had hot pot and a tonkatsu noodle bowl and they loved their food as well.

Vickie Luhring

Great place to go! Awesome service Definitely will be back!

Natalia Rosiles

My family and I were looking for a new restaurant in our area to try and we were pleasantly surprised with our experience. Although there is limited seating, the incredible food and drinks made up for that. There are a lot of menu options and we went with the Mango Milk Bubble Tea, Steamed Dumplings, Spicy Pepper Chicken, and Beef Brisket Noodle Soup. All of them were delicious!

Sharea Bryant

I love the strawberry boba tea ?

Natalie Kachadurian

Menu for online order did not indicate proteins that came with the dish (not did the regular menu) but I recognized it as one that's typically served with only pork. However, there was shrimp in it instead, buried under sauce, resulting in my having an allergic reaction after 1 bite. I'm sure the food was delicious, but PLEASE indicate ingredients on your menu so your customers aren't left guessing.

Sofia Ajmal

Idk if it was bones or something but there was also something hard in it

Jonathan Tan

Located on West Macmillan and next to the University of Cincinnati campus, Tea n Bowl is one of two restaurants in Cincinnati, the other one being Citrus & Sago (Sago Cincinnati) -- also reviewed by me -- in Mount Lookout where a Malaysian American like me can find authentic Malaysian food. Originally featuring Chinese American cuisine, Tea n Bowl added Malaysian cuisine when they brought in a chef, Ryan, from my hometown, Ipoh in Malaysia. Folks in the know would be aware that Ipoh is the unofficial food capital of Malaysia and Tea n Bowl features the diverse range of Malaysian cuisine, including Ipoh, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Southern Malaysian style dishes.The menu does not separate the Malaysian cuisine from the broader Chinese American and fusion Asian American cuisine, but rather scattered across the menu. It would be nice to have a separate Malaysian menu for ease of ordering. Those of us who are Malaysians and Singaporeans would ask what is available that isn't listed in the menu.During this visit -- see photos below -- I had the Malaysian teh tarik, the Hakka yong tau foo (or yong liu) -- which is not on the main menu and which you would have to check with the kitchen for availability, and the Ipoh-style kon loh (i.e., dry rather than the Hong Kong soup style) wonton noodles with char siu (Chinese barbeque pork).The teh tarik, i.e., frothy Malaysian style black tea sweetened with condensed milk is just right and not too sweet. I love the yong liu, comprising yong tau foo, tau foo pok, fu pei, and stuffed red chilis. This is traditional Hakka street food and as a Hakka myself, I can attest to the authenticity and taste of the yong liu. If you are interested to try this, check with the kitchen since it is not listed on the menu. The kon lor wonton mee is served with seasoned soy sauce and wonton and char siu. I love the Malaysian style dry wonton noodles over the Hong Kong soup-based wonton noodles and this dish is authentic and tasty.

Sarah C

Amazing place, limited seating and space as it was hard to get a stroller in and out but the food was amazing! If you're out for asian food week this is a definite stop to make!

Brian Frey

Some of the best Asian food I've had in Cincinnati. Delicious bubble tea too.

William Rogers III (Will)

+ Best panang curry in town+ Super friendly staff+ Boba is made fresh and so tasty+ Mmmmmm sticky rice!+ Crazy cool atmosphere!+/- Very few tables, but always found a spot to sit at (Spring '21).+ Bike parking outside! Ring racks on sidewalk.

lux owens barnhill

everything was delicious! they are very proactive about covid precautions and the staff were all very kind and friendly ?

Taylor Edwards

Incredible bubble tea and amazing service!! This place brings back memories of my amazing time studying abroad in China. Definitely recommend.

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Tea n Bowl Asian Food and Bubble Tea

211 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 744-9800