Thai Express

213 W McMillan St, Cincinnati
(513) 651-9000

Recent Reviews

Steve Wood

I've loved Thai Express for over a decade. Very authentic and delicious. Spicy level 10 could legit land the initiated in the hospital though so don't over do it!

Joe Cassady

I have eaten here off and on for a while and I always liked the place but WOW tonight I found my dish! Green curry chicken spice level 7 with a side of eggrolls. Best Thai food in Cincinnati.

Damien Peteet

I love this place. Everything is freshly prepared right in front of you. I've been going here for over a decade. It's a must for Thai lovers.

Jay R

I have loved this place since I was in college at UC!... which has been awhile ago But the dish I always get is blk pepper garlic stir fry

Charity Bonapfel

Casual, inexpensive and more importantly delicious Thai. Spring rolls and Pad Thai were fantastic. Authentic and cooked to order, plus the little older lady at the counter is adorable and sweet. Can?t wait to get back!

attas al

New students in UC, this is the place for a nice reasonable Thai food. Don't plan to eat inside. No space, it is design for a takeaway . Taste very good and the owner is very friendly. One shrimp pad Thai, two spring rolls, one fried rice with chicken satay ended with only $32

Kyle C.

Quick service, large portions but very bland flavor. Thai food usually has bold flavors but my black pepper garlic chicken was very bland. Maybe I need to try something else next time I visit, but stay away from the black pepper garlic chicken.

Michael Berger

Possibly the best restaurant in Cincinnati. If they have the Khao Soy on special, get it. They do the classics better than anyone and have awesome specialty dishes.

Otto FixItShop

Consistently excellent. Everything Iâ??ve ever had here was fantastic. The omelet and pad thai are my usuals but wonâ??t find anything you donâ??t like. The staff is always nice.

Zaria D.

Went to location for a carry out order. I called it in and was told 20 minutes. When I got there, the order hadn't been started. It's a small space that doesn't hold many but clearly popular. I ordered two fried rice with low spice. He cooked the food while there. When I tried the rice it was definitely more spicy than my request. The peppers were clearly visible and took away from the flavor of the rice. I didn't enjoy it as much as I would have, had there been less pepper. It was good and flavorful. I would return but would not get peppers in my food. I want to enjoy the taste and flavor of the meal. Staff was nice and clearly from the customers that they have a following.

Emma C.

I normally don't leave reviews but this place is bomb!! I wouldn't dine in, but I loved the food. Can't wait to eat again.

Ash Roper

Authentic thai cuisine. And beautiful familiar faces

Keith S

An authentic Thai restaurant in Clifton that serves up great meals at affordable prices. It's a take away place so pick up dinner on the way home, or grab some lunch and eat in the park.

G Nicole D.

I wish I could give this two stars but seriously the food was subpar. Pad Thai is probably one of the easiest dishes to make yet mine tasted and smelled like old oil, flavorless and loaded with red pepper flakes. Last time I checked pad Thai should not have that much spice to it. I know it's located in a college town so it's fast and convenient for the students but the reality is just lacked flavor.

Tasha M

Let me start out saying that the staff was incredibly sweet. Great customer service. This was my first time going to this restaurant.The food was fantastic.

Martha Dua-Awereh

The food is authentic and so good. It's better to do carryout because there isn't much seating area here.

Amrutha Hiremath Mallikarjunaiah

Most welcoming atmosphere. Best Thai food I've ever had.

Heather E.

The place isn't much to look at but the food is good. I had the Shrimp Pad Thai that could've used a little more sauce, but was overall good.

LaPaul Russia

most of all my friends are Thai when I go to their house they always cook Thai food this is just like that I love it

Dinah P.

Best Thai place ever!!!!! I love there food. Right when you walk in you smell and it smells amazing !!!! The people there are amazing and everything was amazing. I recommend!!!!

Jim M

We've been getting takeout from Thai Express ever since moving to Clifton four years ago. What an amazing place! The menu has the perfect range of noodle and rice dishes, stir-fried and curry dishes. Our favorites are the ginger beef stir-fry and the basil chicken stir-fry. Enough food for leftovers every time. This place has the secret to success down pat. Hope they never go out of business or get too ambitious and move into bigger (and more expensive) digs.

Eric K.

The food is definitely delicious -- a bit saltier and dryer than other Thai places I've been too, but for a fraction of the price of those places, I will take it! I had the drunken noodles, and even at a 4 out of 10 in spiciness, they definitely had some kick to them! (Not at all overwhelming, though.) They can make nearly any dish gluten-free, which isn't obvious from looking at the menu. However, they don't seem to clean the woks much between orders, so I imagine there is a fair amount of cross-contamination that might give people with really severe nut or gluten allergies pause. There is very limited seating, but there is no air conditioning and the cooking process is pretty loud, so I wouldn't plan on "for here" if you have a choice. Definitely really great for a quick stop when you don't feel like cooking, though!!

Alexander P.

They have gluten free options! I can't say that I'd trust that no cross-contamination is happening (I don't think they specifically clean the wok between sauces), but they do make an effort to highlight which dishes can be made without gluten. If you're not super gluten-sensitive it's a safe enough bet. They have two tables inside to eat, but Thai Express is mostly a place for carry out/pickup. They certainly live up to their name: I came in without ordering ahead and was impressed that the food was still ready in under 10 minutes. There's parking in the Willkommen Clifton lot next door (bring change) or on a nice night like tonight you can carry to eat on UC's campus.

Mai Hang Phuong N.

The food was alright but I always come back because of unbeatable price. Great for take out! Shrimp pad thai and tom yum is my go-tos.

Lauren R.

I'm not a Thai food specialist so idk if this is authentic or not - but I do know DELICIOUS food and this is it... very flavorful! I highly recommend the pad Thai and satay. Be sure to check the white board up front for specials! The 4 people who work there are mega friendly and the prices are incredibly affordable. The restaurant and kitchen are also very clean. Be sure to tip well as every order is made to order with a clear care and respect for their craft. There are two tables inside of you want to eat in - they only seat 3 though. My only sadness is that they use styrofoam to go boxes... given the option, I'd definitely pay an extra $1 for a more sustainable option ::hearts:: Is there better Pad Thai in all of Cincinnati? Probably. But this definitely hits the spot and the price is unbeatable. Bottom line, if you decide to stop in, I don't think you'll be disappointed! P.S. I ordered this at a 2 today (out of 10) and it was flavorful and tolerable, with a touch of sweet - but not overly sweet. All y'all getting a 5 and saying it's too sweet... do you gargle with ghost peppers in the morning or what?!?!

Yousef H

My favorite food spot in Cincinnati, and I've tried well over a hundred here.

Jay S.

This little hole in the wall is as good as it gets. With an open kitchen you can see the family you are supporting as they prepare your meal in front of you. The flavor is delicious and authentic, and the price is super affordable. While it is mainly a carryout place, there is no other place I will get my Thai food.

Justin H.

This restaurant doesn't seem like a lot, especially since it's more of a take out place with very little seating, but the food is still authentic and delicious, and reasonably priced for the portions they give! Sometimes this place is packed and the wait times can be long, but that should tell you that this place is popular! I'd also like to point out that this is an immigrant owned restaurant, which should also be an indication of how good the food is. You definitely need to check this place out for Thai Food, and I am always happy to support the people running this place. Let's hope this business stays for a while because they really do deserve some recognition for great Thai Food!

Kyle Wilson

I have eaten here several times and really enjoy the food. You get a big meal or two moderate sized meals for a reasonable price and they make it to your spice level. I've tried something different each time and have yet to find something I wasn't a fan of!

R McBride

Great food and excellent service,it was cooked to order. It was tasty, flavorful. I'd highly recommend.

Nick R.

Pad Thai was incredible. Has a lot of flavor and got it at a 6. Watch out for parking in the lot next to it. If you don't quickly put a quarter in the meter the parking people will come after you. Will be back.

James S.

Still the best. I loved it 10 years ago, and still love it now. My favorite Thai place in Cincinnati. Went back and got two orders of Pad Thai, two orders of chicken spring rolls, and an order of Thai beef jerky. All of it was top notch. If anything, the flavor has improved even more over the years. If you like Thai, you owe it to yourself to try this place.

Jane S.

My favorite Thai restaurant - it's worth parking in Clifton if you don't live or work in the area. It is primarily carry-out but the team who runs the restaurant is kind and you won't mind waiting. I especially like the Pad Thai and Khao Soi.

savannah gordon

I personally always get the Chicken Pad Thai (Spicy Level 2) but the staff is ALWAYS so sweet! It's usually a bit of a wait but they're making the food fresh and you can see them cooking it. I love it so much and will forever go there for all of my Pad Thai needs :) HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jon Breiner

Carryout thai food and among the best I have had.

Carlitos G.

My friend and I decided to stop by in the mid-evening after a class because we had heard much about it, it was on our way home, and we were craving Thai food. The place is small and it was a bit crowded, mostly due to the fact that there isn't really space to wait around. It took a bit longer than expected to even place our order, but we waited a loooooong time to be given our food. During our time we noticed some strained relationships within the food staff, which was entertaining. The biggest bummer was that they had run out of Thai tea, which I was really looking forward to. The food itself wasn't spectacular, but it was flavorful. I do want to try it again soon, but might call ahead rather than go in.

Sawsan F.

The place is overrated. We were so excited to taste the food after reading all the reviews. It was a disappointment. We ordered the beef jerky, mango salad, Pad Thai chicken and sweet basil fry with beef. The proportions were good. All of them spice level 5, (after reading the review) which is very mild. Moreover the sweetness of the pad Thai was too overpowering, had to stop eating after few bites. My husband took the sweet basil fry and he found it okay. He liked the mango salad better. But nothing extraordinary.

Rainbow Of the dragon

This place is great. Very tasty and the people are very friendly. We always order the black pepper and garlic stir fry with tofu. The only suggestion I have for them is to keep stocked up on Brown rice. We've wanted to place an order twice in 2 days and haven't been able to because they were out of it. It's so good though that we ordered anyway and will just make our own Brown rice at home.

Craig Beringhaus

I have been coming here since the early 90s when walls used to be wallpapered with their constant awards for quality food. I've never left unhappy. Love this place.

alma lares

Although they have two little rounded tables only, I recomend to take your delicious meals for to go. They have different menu options at a very reasonable prices making this little "restaurant" one of your favorite thai food places.