City Barbeque and Catering

1631 S Court St, Circleville
(740) 217-8020

Recent Reviews

Karen Rinehart

Tried on a busy saturday night. Minimal wait, easily found seats for the three of us. Brisket sandwich was delicious that I had ordered, 2 other parties had pulled pork sandwiches, which they both said were also delicious. I tried the coleslaw as well, loved it! Definitely will go back!

Karey Leist

Yes, they are new and having growing pains. I was super impressed with the staff and how they stayed un-flusterred in a high stress, high demand day. We got a large to go order on Mother's Day and even though we had to wait a bit they were always attentive and kept us informed of the progress. Food was Awesome and we will be back!

Andrew Speelman

Customer service was great, I will give them 2 stars for that. Seems to be a well organized establishment. The food? Let's just say if I wanted that taste in my mouth I would chew on a salt block. I will give them a few months to work out the details, being new and all. I will update my review then, if better. I had my hopes up for a BBQ place for when I'm feeling too lazy to do my own. But for now, thats not happening!

Sandy Bennett

We are so glad you heard our request to open up in Circleville, we love the food and atmosphere and will be back often…Thanks !!

Autumn Stone

I was really surprised to see this has such a low rating after like.... A week?? It takes every business a moment to get things organized, and these reviews are like sharks to blood. They will only get better with experience, I'm sure. I thought the food was delicious. The drive through was about 15X faster than anywhere else I've been in town. Food was good, service was good, location was amazing, and I can't wait to go back with my husband and pretend like I've never been there before!!

Kendra Wiley

Customer service & service overall was great. Food? Eh…could be better. but I am willing to try again!

Tonia Sue

5 Star price for 1 star quality food. What a rip-off!!!!! Buyer beware.

jeff massie

They earned my business today. Food was great all 6 of us at work liked it. Had an issue with an online order and had to rush due to other responsibilities at work needed done and I didn’t have time to wait around so they told me they would make it right and bring my staff and I lunch. I was skeptical but being true to his word ( which is how business should be done) they earned my business. Thank you City BBQ for taking care of us it is greatly appreciated. We will be back to see you all.

Jeremy Woelfle

New Location Great BBQ! A must stop! Friendly staff!

Christen Cooper

Everything seemed on point til u took a bite of brisket GREEN BEANS was like biting into salt I’m salty now but hope u get it together 32 dollars for 2 nasty meals

Melody Finley Frye

Delicious food. Great prices. Ms. Bs service was beyond expectations.

Jayme Palker

Jarrett, (sp) one of the chefs in the strongsville location, is amazing and what every any team would love to have for great client service.

Kina Watkins

Ordered food for a meeting. They sent the food via DoorDash (which is the most ghetto, unreliable service). The food ordered for 14-16 people NEVER ARRIVED.

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