Burger King

3456 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland Heights
(216) 297-1830

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Nick Barylak

for some reason this location is often unable to take orders. Just close the location for good so people don't waste their time driving here to be told that they are unable to take any orders.

Rik Liu

This is one of the slowest Burger King out there in the whole North East. Ordered at 1:55, received item at 2:30. 35 mins! Wow!!! This happens almost every time I am here.

Wayne Leuck

8 30 PM , so far its taken 30 minutes at the drive through. 10 min waiting for someone to take my order, now 20 min in line waiting for my food. Turned my car off waiting. Gas is costing me more than the meal waiting.No one ever came out or explained, gave up after 35 minutes.Don't go here if your in a hurry, this isn't fast food at all, go to a restaurant it's faster.Whoever owns this franchise needs to give up their ownership to someone that cares about their business.Not the first time thus has happened at this placeWell, went back today, 330 in the afternoon on a Sunday. Only 2 cars in the drive through, waited for 5 min for someone to take my order, when I got to the window 10min later, took my payment, waited another 10 min whole they argued who had what order.25 min, really come on


They are never open on time. My husband and I went through the drive thru an hour after it was supposed to open and we got turned away. This happened last week. Today we go through the drivr thru this morning and it was closed for some reason and we had to go inside. When we go inside to place our to go order they only have a few select breakfast items like hash browns, French toast sticks, and bacon egg and cheese croissanwich... I don't know if they ran out or if they just didn't want to make any more breakfast items even though there was literally over an hour left for them to serve breakfast. But going by their attitudes there it would not surprise me if they just didn't want to make anymore breakfast because they're attitude was yucky just like the manager outside on hiwos phone smoking while taking orders with the headset on SMH... I wouldn't put it passed him if he didn't wash his hands, no one there had any gloves on so needless to say we left and gratefully so. We literally left and went to the Burger King in South Euclid on Cedar which this Burger King could take classes and notes from because the 2 young girls in drive thru had great attitudes and wonderful customer service skills. The food was good and they didn't mind making your breakfast with just less than 30 minutes before lunch time. We will definitely go passed this Burger King from now on which is closer to my house and go to the one in South Euclid because we have given to many chances to this Burger King in Severance and they can't or don't seem to care to get it together here. They must not want to stay open there much longer and I say that because you can't make money on bad customer service and food you can't or won't make.

tallguy central

Why is it that drive through takes 30 minutes of waiting. Last time i was here they had no cars in the lot and a sign the said they werent opening until 4pm because they had no staff.I visited today and after 15 minutes in line i rode somewhere else. Passed them coming back another 15 minutes later and same cars were all still waiting. Crazy to think its 30 minutes for drive through service

Shan King

They did me dirty. Ordered a whopper. Had no toppings nasty cold meat that was pieces not a patty. Really

Caron Williams

I wait 10 minutes for someone to take my order at the drive thru and it was only 2 cars before me one at the window where you received your food and one behind that suv and they were fully staffed.Food: 3/5

drew naus

First off I have given them many chances to fix there mess ups but, enough is enough I order food it’s either messed up or cold food. There drinks aren’t what you ordered.

Anthony G

Second time I get the same excuse computer are frozen so I pull around to give it a minute just to watch the same guy smoke a cigarette and laugh with a friend about saying we’re closed because he doesn’t feel like doing anything right now

Matthew F

Seems like a lot of the staff may be new, but they were doing a great job considering. It was crazy busy and the wait wasn't too bad. My order was correct and definitely made fresh. If only the patrons we're as good ...


I canceled because of the devilish, fast talking manager and the devilish workers that wanted to argue about what I ordered and when refunded and driving away...they were laughing!!! This is so typical today in the world from the UNGODLY who are without understanding of their duties when they report to their place of employment!!! When business owners allow and tolerate this type of wickedness it is just a matter of time the doors shall be closed, because prayers can be made in one's favour, but prayers can also be made against one!!! Amen!!! Because they know not the day of the visitation of the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Amen!!! Amen!!! They know not...so now the ball is in your court Mr/Mrs franchise owner... District manager, because truly in th name of the Lord Jesus Christ that manager does not value her opportunity to serve under he BG franchise!!! I told her I ordered a five piece french toast and was given a three piece and the computer backs up what I said... there shall be no argument when I am the paying customer... None...and rightfully SOOOOO...

Angel Rucker

Service and food horrible! Had to double back because biscuit was hard as a rock this am the the next biscuit there was no cheese The manager on duty was extremely rude and dismissive and offered no possible solution

Deven Bernadette

I see the nighttime’s reviews. Not my experience at 4 in the afternoon. I stopped here just to use the restroom, but ended up ordering a small fry and nuggets (hot and fresh) because of the visible oversight of the manager, Shawna. I’m not a big fan of BK because, let’s be honest, they’re not always kept up that well and the service isn’t always great. However, Ms. Shawna is running this place! It’s noticeably clean, even the food prep areas. The staff is hustling at her respectful, but assertive command. Nobody standing around idly or on their cellphone. And even though she’s giving orders and reminding everyone to wipe down surfaces and keep things moving, nobody seems annoyed by her leadership. She moved past her employees with a kind “excuse me,” and she was packing orders just like everyone else. Leading WELL by example. She’s 5-star kitchen style running this place. Great job!

Jonathan Doan

Probably the worst burger king I've ever been to. Staff sometimes rude, long lines, system down a lot, and in person dining not often times not available.

Person Her

I’ve ordered the five piece French toast multiple times and most of the time they don’t even put a single utensil in there not a napkin and not one single packet of syrup on DoorDash they don’t even allow you to do special request they don’t even allow you to choose any condiments that option isn’t even there and a lot of those things are poorly packaged like they just rush to put your food in a bag

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