5th Street Arcades

530 Euclid Ave, Cleveland
(216) 583-0500

Recent Reviews

Lisa Sweet

No lines. Good service

Steve A.

Cool old buildings. 5th Street Arcades are two old malls. It used to be common to call malls "arcades," and these didn't have any video games in them. Around downtown there's a few still open for business. The stores are okay but there's not that many good places. A lot of people walk through just to get to the next street because it's convenient. It stretches between Euclid Avenue and Prospect Avenue, with an entrance on each end. The malls have lots of natural light. Some of the stores are pretty boring. Many sell lots of cheap junk and stuff. It actually is two malls. Walk east on Euclid and you come across the northern entrances of these. First you come across the Euclid Arcade. This has a half cylinder shape. Second you come across the Colonial Arcade. This one looks a little fancier, with gold trim and some more open space. In these are a few interesting places to eat. Probably the best restaurant is Barrio, which is Mexican. There's also the usual fast food, and there's clothing and jewelry in most of the other stores.

Franklin Ritter

Nice place to experience some different shops. Need a haircut, Bobby C is the place inside the arcade. There are specialty shops and a small food court.

Gail Bostaph

Very shiny. Very pretty stuff. Nice warm stroll in winter.

thomas nebesar

A scattering of odd local retail shops. The Indies cuisine is ?.

Deone Johnson

I was born in 1976 so it was a lot of stores in there when I was coming up but it's still nice to visit. Always nice and clean and quiet.

Julie Helsel

Went on a walk at lunch. Walked in the arcade. Outside of a store named CoCo there was an artist with a ton of paint and supplies. He asked if I wanted to make a painted tile, coaster. Definitely! So, with him providing step by step instructions, he made a budding artist out of me. I was able to purchase the two tiles I decorated. So cool!

Jeffrey Bednarcik

The candy store had a lot of flavored taffy. Older candy was also available there. Worth a stop enjoyed my visit....

Darrell Watson

An eclectic mix of stores and restaurants. Some excellent values can be found here.

Stephen Nicholas

This is a sweet local mall with a variety of retail shops right in the middle of the downtown area. I was visiting the area for two days and found this mall when I wanted a barista to make my morning coffee. Their shop is a part of the mall. Give them a visit!

Kevin M

Cool arcades built back in the 1890s. Some interesting shops inside and connected together

wannie davies

Winterfest was WONDERFUL! The lights! The events and then the Arcade!! If you have never been to Coco’s Chalky Paints inside the Arcade you are missing Cleveland’s Hidden JEWEL! The lower level is pure fascination. The decorations, the furniture, the peopel are all so amazing! WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!

Wendi Thumudo

A nice space that I wasn't aware of. Some nice looking shops with local items available.

Nicole Amundson

The 5th Street Arcade was a great place to hang out for an hour or so. Decent amount of shops, and plenty of places to eat. The Tea Lab was one of my favorite shops.

Debra V.

I love the nostalgia I feel when walking through the 5th St. Arcade. There are two arcade aisles connected by tables for diners. The small stores include a Scottish theme, a shoe repair man with a shoe shine chair, antiques, cupcakes, Cleveland gifts, small diners, and lots more. The Residence Inn is the anchor on the Prospect St. side. Pour Cleveland and Colossal Cupcakes anchor the Euclid St. side. Take the time to linger and shop.

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