5th Street Arcades

530 Euclid Ave, Cleveland
(216) 583-0500

Recent Reviews

Astonoshine Home-Services

Absolutely beautiful architecture. Addies diner is awesome!

David A. Epstein

Did you know this place exists? I didn't. Stumbled upon it and had an awesome breakfast and a glimpse into some cool architecture and history.

Fred Pliske

Classic architecture, a really cool place to visit.

Phoenix Coursey

Super cute place to eat felt like I was in London

Jelly R.

Worth coming to see the building, architecture, etc. because they just don't build stuff like this anymore, but apart from that very disappointing. There are few, if any, businesses in here, and the ones that are were more destination spots (like going to your barber, etc.) than anything else. It's too bad they can't attract some interesting boutique stores, art galleries, and the like, and turn the place into something unique (like you'd expect given the architecture and history).

Marisol Arce

Had so much fun with my family!

El Choppo

What a neat arcade. There is a tea shop, a pet toy shop, a cleveland gift sending store, johnnyville wood bat company, we bleed ohio tee shirt company (best tees in Cleveland imo) a diner, and vincenza's, who have the best pizza in Cleveland. There only open for lunch though

Kimberly King

There is dozen kinds of shops as you walk through on both sides and a lot of them are super interesting.

Felicia Knight

Has some unique interesting boutiques and a few great choices for food! ????


Very beautiful shopping center. There are some very nice small shops to browse around. There are also some really cool restaurants around the area. I wouldn’t come here after 8 pm though, as the streets can be a bit sketchy.

john mytrysak

My cricket phone got ruined when exposed to water....was cheaper for me to just switch to metro in the arcade....free phone... No fees all free! Employee was very helpful/friendly!

Sonya Tinsley

Seems like a ghost town but it is a little activity. The scenery is the best.

Molly Parsons

Local specialty shops like a hatter, yes a hat maker. The proximity to restaurants and Rocket Mortgage center makes looking at the very different shops kind of fun.

Krissy Bunny

Beautiful building with many unique shops. Convenient access and location.

Melissa Medovic

Went to Colonial Jewlers-Gary is great,reasonabky priced

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