Edison's Pub

2373 Professor Ave, Cleveland
(216) 522-0006

Recent Reviews

Aubrie Hattendorf

Love the pizza. The pepperoni is super crunchy, the crust is chewy and the cheese is salty and delicious. There wasn't much room in the pub, so if you would like to have a place to have a drink, be sure to get there a little early. The wait for the pizza should be this long because it is most definitely worth it.

Sara Hertel

Never a dull moment here. Awesome drinks, popcorn and the Pizza!!

Chris Murray

Great pizza and a great selection of beers.

Heather Hileman

Came here on Monday night and it was great. The vibe was good and there was open mic night. The bartender was fun. There's a pool table upstairs. Came in again on Wednesday evening and the bartender was this.short dark haired lady who didn't greet us.and was super rude when we ordered. Didn't make us feel welcomed at all.

Cashdude Video Productions

Met some really nice folks there!

Bobby A.

Second time coming to Edison's for trivia (see you there on Thursdays at 9pm!). Great atmosphere, but be sure to get there at least a half hour early to grab a table - trivia night is hoppin! The four of us ordered off the nightly draft list with each beer around $6. If you get hungry, the attached pizza joint is amazing!! A large slice of pepperoni is only $4 and you will not regret it (this very well may be the best pizza place in Cleveland). If you're looking for a no-frills bar with a friendly atmosphere, look no further than Edison's!

Kathleen Thompson

Yummy bourbon mule.

Cleveland Airport Taxi Tommy 216 570 6571

Friendly neighborhood bar best pizza by the slice huge greasy salty smothered with pepperoni THIS MUST BE HEAVEN!

Lauri J.

Cute place, low key neighborhood bar. Only one tv so maybe not the best place to watch sports. We came here to see a band and the bar was packed, trying to get a seen to get a drink at the bar was quite a feat, we asked about ordering pizza and were instructed to go outside and go next door to a different shop, when we later learned there is a window for orders within the bar. This really bothered me, he could have easily directed us to that window instead of having to go outside in the cold.Once we moved to be seated at the bar we got prompt attention. My drinks were strong and good. Extra love for the paper straws.

Matthew Hesson-McInnis

Fun dive bar, good pizza, friendly staff

Lauren Keating

Edison's is the best grandma style pizza I've ever had. When I order a slice I always add feta and sundried tomatoes and they put it under the mozzarella, which is genius and way less messy. ? the atmosphere here is lowkey on weekdays but it gets packed on weekends. When I order a full pie I get a pesto base with feta and sundried tomatoes. Trust me, ADD THE HONEY. You won't be disappointed.

Robert Paul Vance

great ambiance, good pizza and a typical joint in Tremont. seriously, are there any places over there that aren't great? this place is awesome for a few reasons especially for me. reminds me of a place I grew up with. pool table, art on the walls and delicious food! I'll be back for sure


Amazing pizza, slow service, not much to do while you wait an hour for your pizza. But the pizza itself is delicious

Eat Meat

Amazing pizza! Nice dive bar. Looking forward to a night of trivia. I haven't experienced that yet. Best idea ever was getting their pizza for work Christmas party.

Leeann Jeske

Great beer selection. It's got a great vibe. The bartender was very nice. I definitely recommend.

Michael Henry

Great place to hang out, grab a beer, and shoot some pool. Not to mention the pizza is confidently top 3 on my all time list. Will definitely be back.

Keith Russo

Best pizza in Tremont!

Anna H.

I found on Yelp and we walked from our airbnb for drinks and pizza. We saw that Edison's Pizza was next door, but went in the pub and grabbed a seat by the window. We went up to the bar for beers, and asked about ordering pizza. There is a window from which to order in the back and to the left. I was told it would be an hour for a medium pesto pizza, so I said ok, and ordered a slice of pepperoni for my husband who was hungrier than I was. You pay at the window when you order, and they give you a ticket with a time to return. Great beer selection, cool bartender, and wow was our pesto pizza the best ever. It came with a packet of honey ? so I asked the bartender (we moved to the bar for more space) if honey on pesto was a thing. He said to save it for the crust. So good. The pizza was worth the wait. We actually returned the next night to find the pizza shop closed up (Labor Day), but we didn't feel like drinking more, so chalked it up for a next time visit.

Chris T.

There's punk rock playing thru the whole bar. There's pool & darts. There's a covered patio to smoke. Pizza is the absolute best I've found in cleveland. Drinks are reasonable. I'm in and free popcorn!!!

clanmaccomb .

Great place. 100 beers of the world.

Matthew Horwich

Great late night pizza!

Bob T.

We came here for the pizza- which I rank as some of the best in the Cleveland area. The bar was crowded but the bartenders were excellent- very efficient. Good selection of beers also.

Steve Dobbins

great pizza! friendly service..

Joe Bostic

Great pizza, nice outdoor patio.


Great place. 100 beers of the world.

Gia Gia

Edison's is iconic! Great atmosphere and energy. Such a cool joint. The bartenders are the BEST around for sure. Great drinks, great service, nice out side, pool table and pizza! Not pretentious in any way- just fun. Plus live music on most weekends. A must go to spot in fabulous Tremont.

Jon Sarrocco

STILL the best late night pizza. Delicious!

Alicia Nechvatal

Love Reid Project when they play up there.

david kelly

Good selection of beers decentcservice nice patio

Jack W.

Don't go when they open for the day. The pizza kitchen is great especially if you like a ton of toppings on your pie. Went to the pub to grab a beer and the bartender is rude as hell. So you would think a bar that has only craft beer on draft would have a bartender that knows a little about what they serve but she had no clue. When she suggested a beer to a patron looking for a cider i suggested to them something else i was berated for my comment. I would be mad if a bartender suggested a drink that cost 7 dollars that was nothing like i would want. Never been there at night but would not recommend it as a happy hour destination unless you want to grab a quick beer while waiting on your pizza.

Susan Hertensteiner Butler

Great pizza and fun time, as always!

Alicia Nechvatal

Love Reid Project when they play up there.


Pizza served with honey was different. Fresh toppings, great customer service, be prepared to wait for 60 minutes when you dine in. The bathroom is in the basement with very narrow steps. Be careful on how much you drink. Outside dining located in the rear. Free popcorn is a plus while waiting for pizza, wings, or salad. Pizza sizes are medium and large. The house salad is loaded with mozzarella cheese which is delicious!


Small and tight but they bang out the best pizzas and if you need to wait just go right next door

Arnie Taylor

The pizza is really good, and I love the atmosphere. One thing that bothered me some though is they serve pints of draft beer in 13 ounce glasses. So really you get about 12 ounces, not a pint.

Arnie Taylor

The pizza is really good, and I love the atmosphere. One thing that bothered me some though is they serve pints of draft beer in 13 ounce glasses. So really you get about 12 ounces, not a pint.

gideon berry

Always liked it, the pizza is Always good. Chill patio and decent beer list. Pool table in the back & free popcorn. Bathroom is is the basement probably the only issue I have, those stairs are steep.

Jamed Beardson

Awesome cheap bar with cheap drinks in Cleveland. This is what you think of when you're looking for a dive, friendly bartenders, cheap drinks, and a bunch of wooden tables and a billiards table as well. Would totally highly recommend this place and will keep coming back for drinks.

Sable Carter

Nice place with a very comfortable feel. Be sure to try the pizza next door

David Mattai

Chill spot. Awesome beer selections, good music without needing to feed the jukebox.