Kabob House

530 Euclid Ave # 31A, Cleveland
(216) 344-1370

Recent Reviews

Chase Clayton

A favorite location for delicious Persian food. Came in on a Weds. I think I might become a regular. Prices are fair. Menu is like a cafe in Boston I liked.

Pete K

It's Lebanese food not Persian....

Peter Karman

It's Lebanese food not Persian....

Mickayla A.

Just a small Kabob shop in the mall, but the food is great & the people are lovely :)

Rohullah Nowaid

Rude & unhappy staff. They couldn't wait for me to show up! On the phone they told me that they don't have F...ing time.

Erick Walker

Best Kabob in Downtown Cleveland.

Grant E.

Another solid lunch spot nestled away in the arcade. Everything here is very homemade and authentic. The falafel were fresh large patties with a great crunch and seasoning. My main qualm is that the lamb wrap I ordered about half of the lamb was still very under done and inedible.

Cat Pace

The best falafel in America

Mela M.

Best lunch spot! It's quick, inexpensive, and a healthy option from a mom-and-pop shop. Cash only- so be ready! But would highly recommend!

Lori K.

The best! Downtown, cheap and delicious middle eastern food. It is a go to for my coworkers often. I love the falafel sandwich. I try to stay away from rice, but theirs is always cooked perfect. The garlic sauce is delicious too! The only down fall is parking if you need to drive there to pick up your food... what we do it 2 of us go, one of us stays in the car roaming around until the other person picks up the food... it works out well to get our delicious food. They only take cash.

Charlie K.

This place is a hidden gem. When I worked downtown I would eat here at least 4 times per week. Get the Chicken Combo - All Salad with garlic sauce. In addition to the great food, the family who owns and operates this place are as kind as can be.

Darius Tate

One of my fav spots for quality Persian food. Food was super flavorful. The staff was friendly and observant.

Mujtaba Soniwala

Wish they were open longer but great food

lake shore

Little amount of food. Many of their main dishes start at $13 or $14, but you get little amount of kabob peices, the thing that is not acceptable is that they give small portions of rice. Rice is supposed to be cheap yet they dont give enough rice...why??

Essber Essber

Delicious food and great service.

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