Little Kings Lounge

3009 Payne Ave, Cleveland
(216) 621-2888

Recent Reviews

Morgan Love

Coodive bar.l

Calvin Arnold

Friendly bar atmosphere

Norman Sampson

Some old women was nice but she short change me on beer

Arnita Everett

Cheap drinks! Great pregame spot.

Karen Goldston

We've been going to little kings since the '80s and Curtis is a great guy. Nice place for pool, motorcycle friendly safe bar near Asia town. Be sure to go to Tink Holl a great grocery store near Dave's.

Tim Kilko

Nice shot/beer kind of bar,

Russ Hetrick

All roads lead to the place you want to go.

Jerry Hall

Then bdt7hbbhgy I'm m

Jane Dabrowski

Good day hang out. Great pop cooler and excellent prices on drinks.

Amariyah Flawless

Nice place


Good day hang out. Great pop cooler and excellent prices on drinks.

LaQuita Mack

Small hot crowded and all you smell is cigarette smoke..if your not a smoker past on this place other than that nice patio out back

Steven Collins

Dont do it on a late night

M Doss

Love the bartender

Bobby A.

I haven't been here in a long time. I used to go to this cash-only spot when I was a student at CSU. While drinking here, with my fellow art students, we witnessed many a scuffle. Folks were always getting thrown out, fighting with one another, or shouting about something. Just like Thanksgiving dinner back home. The place is small, and so the action is always just taking place within a few feet of you. It used to be a biker bar/ mc club house I think. The mens' bathroom is wall to wall with dirty limericks and memorial graffiti dedicated to fallen bikers and their pets. If you want a generous drink, for cheap, and you know how to have a good time in a rough bar, you'll probably like this spot.

Jessy King

a surprise find for us. love this bar and the patio out back. unfortunately they do not actually carry little kings beer.