4000 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid
(216) 691-1077

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Tierra Carter

The burgers were too salty. I wanted to cry too salty. Horrible. In the line too long... over 15 mins in lineFood: 1/5

Queen magenta Cat

Don’t go if you hate greesy food but it does taste good but line is long sometimes

kevin gibson cooper jr

Good food when nothing else is open, especially after a long night.Food: 3/5

Robert Weppler

They declined to honor their offer for completing their customer survey, saying the rules were changed after I was emailed the QR code. Strikes me as fraud. I left without buying anything.

Deontay Foster

Got in line and ordered no issue. Only problem is I didn't recieve complete order. I was missing the Brownie Cookie or whatever it's called. I don't stay out that way but work in that direction. I kept calling and nobody answers the phone. I could've came and gotten it on my way home from work tomorrow. I hate paying for food and get all the way home to realize something is missing.

Sharrice Taylor

They took a long time to get the food out and my order was not right. I have food allergies and they did not remove items that were requested to be removed.

Darion Foster

I recently tried to make a online order through the app upon arrival in the pickup line so it can be ready when i pulled up, when i got there they made us sit at the window for 8 minutes(there was no line). When someone finally came they told us there were no online orders that went through. So next I was just going to get in the line because it was only 2 cars waiting in the other drive-thru lane. I pull around it says they close at 4am on google, and soon as i pulled back around somebody got on the speaker and said “we closed”.. apparently they closed early at 3:40 because they didnt want to make my order

Kat M.

Good drive thru and fast enough. Fries are good. The entire menu is not diet friendly. It's good though.Vegetarian options: It's a burger joint. They did have a veggie burger.


Been awhile since I'd ate there, burger and fries were good, not sure why I don't frequent it more often.

Daniel Bourque

takes 20-30 minutes to get through the drive thru line, staff clearly doesn’t want to be there and are rude, place should be shut down honestly.

Quentien Starks

This is the worst Rally's ever every time I visit this restaurant they never get my order right I asked for two deep-sea doubles at onion extra tartar sauce when I got home and opened my food there was no onion and no tartar sauce and the fish was very greasy there's always something with this restaurant my son got a Rally Burger and we requested no tomato no pickle and there was still tomato and pickle on the sandwich it's almost like the workers don't care I will not be recommending this restaurant to anyone

skiizer meek

Typical fast food..nothing outrageous about it..doesn't really taste like it use too, to me growing up..idk

McGhee, S.

I was in line for over 30 minutes and the food was cold & tasted old. The staff was nice but the food was awful!

Hayward Hanna

Horrible service...workers moving extremely slow ..supposed to be fast food ...they make everyone pick their food up in the first line to keep the drive thru line clear which is very misleading...now I have already payed for my food and I'm stuck in line in the heat for well over 30 minutes... The slurpees I got for my family from 7-11 melted and all I wanted was 2 burgers....the worker atthe cash register had a terrible odor and the other workers had a terrible attitude when I asked why they even did the pickup line....if it had been one line and I saw that many cars I wouldn't have pulled in and payed...Thanks rallys for making me late for work

Ted Copperman

I went there at 1:00 am this morning. 4 other vehicles in line. It took them over 20 minutes to serve 1 vehicle. 2 people had us back up and pulled out of drive thru line. When I finally got my order, they forgot my fish sandwich and the fries were absolutely cold and mushy. Horrible service and not pleasant or friendly at all.

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