Shake Shack

601 Euclid Ave, Cleveland
(216) 243-5023

Recent Reviews

Joan H. Rodriguez

chicken breast bites were excellent.

Susan S.

I don't like their shakes, if you can call mine that!  I ordered an orange creamsicle milkshake. They handed me vanilla ice cream in a cup and then told me to add the orange pop from the fountain machine.  I was expecting them to make the shake, since it's in their name . have never been back.

Mary Spohn

Was there yesterday evening, staff was very friendly and everything was fresh and delicious! If you get the hot nuggets though, beware they are VERY hot!

Brittan Brittany

Food is hit or miss, depending on the time of day. I wish I had a picture of the lettuce they gave me for my burger, a quarter was bigger... But the girl cashier always has an attitude and you can tell she clearly hates her job and people. All we do is say Hi and tell her we have an online order, give our names and she acts like we are putting her out because she has to take 2 maybe 3 steps. Lord have mercy if you ask for ketchup!!!

Falkon Vind

Efficient service and good food. Didn't have to wait long and they made the sandwich I ordered nice and spicy.

Lauren K.

This is a really nice Shake Shack location in downtown Cleveland! For where it's situated in Playhouse Square, you wouldn't expect the location to be so big inside.

To be honest, I had never had Shake Shack before this Ohio location opened last year. I immediately understood the hype. Sometimes it's just nice to have a greasy burger and a milkshake. The prices are super reasonable and the portions are huge, which makes it great for either a family or just grabbing a quick lunch with your super hungry significant other.

Friendly staff, clean restaurant and always super reliable. And I mean that in the best way possible! Once you have their original shake Shack burger, you'll kind of find yourself always thinking about it when someone utters the words Shake Shack. Check them out!

Elsa C.

I really wanted to give this place 5 stars because all the food I had was absolutely delicious (double Shackburger, bacon cheese fries, "fifty-fifty," and a vanilla custard cone), but the service was disappointing. The front end was quick and the 2 people I spoke to were very nice but the whole food pickup process is a big mess. Both times I ordered food they gave me a buzzer, and I waited awhile for the buzzer to go off, and both times it went off my food wasn't even close to being done. I just stood there awkwardly for another 10 minutes or so waiting for the guy to yell out my name. What's the point of the buzzers if your food isn't ready when they go off? But anyway, I will definitely be coming back to try some different menu options and hope for better service next time.

Anson Hill

My chicken dogs were overcooked, tough and dry. My cheese sauce for my bacon cheese fries could have been just a little bit looser, more liquidy. Wait time for my to go order wasn't too bad.

Mehak K.

Big fan of Shake Shack! Although it's a bit pricier than other fast food places, the food is great quality. The Shackburger and shakes are delicious. Recently I had the new hot chicken sandwich, which even at the lowest spice level was way too hot for me, so proceed with caution. Their seasonal pumpkin shake is a favorite of mine and I would highly recommend.

Vicky Miller

Customers service is good but they're slow food is okay well atleast what I ordered

Matt Harter

Was super good not worth the parking ticket though lol

Derek Brandon

Always 5 star food. Best fast food burger ever.

Elizabeth M

Food is great and they have excellent customer service.

Tracy Buga Maloney

Not rude employees, they need to be more attentive if all the self service areas are closed.

San B

My daughter works there, otherwise I probably wouldn't have tried the food because it to pricey! You couldn't take your whole family there without spending a grip. The burgers are nice when seasoned correctly. The chicken sandwich is great but a little dry. The shakes are the best! They have this cheese sauce for the fries that are a must try. Its always nice and clean and the customer service is nice. Again, they could go down on prices but its an overall good joint.

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