Shake Shack

601 Euclid Ave, Cleveland
(216) 243-5023

Recent Reviews

Ba Chomp Ba Chomp Ba Chewy Chomp P.

I liked it!! I liked it a lot. The menu is on a huge board. So it's easy to decipher. Just hard to decide! They also offer a burger of the month and a concrete of the month - something you don't see to often at this type of a chain restaurant. Clean inside. Very friendly staff. Food was made to order, so it was piping hot!

Danielle S.

Oh you juicy patties of meat sandwiched (quite literally) between some of the tastiest buns I've ever had! They are lightly toasted, soft and chewy, and perfectly complement the gooey cheese overflowing the edges. Add that shake sauce my friends, because really what is a burger at Shake Shack without it? Not exactly like a Mac sauce but has that similar consistency. It's creamy and a little tangy and pairs with their burgers oh so well. I usually get a little extra for dunking. Don't judge me. Another star of the show is their crinkle cut fries with cheddar sauce! Listen up, I don't even like crinkle cut usually because they tend to be dried out, but not these salty potatoes. Soft yet perfectly crunchy, not hurting your teeth in any sort of way. Eat em while they're fresh if you can - our drive home was only 9 min away but I also stopped for those tasty Market Garden beers so I delayed us slightly. Still, the fries were okay. I just know that they can be better. The burger was still in its prime! This was a surprising choice for Yelp's Big Night in but my beau and I were in the mood for a burger so we went for it! Way to be, Shake Shack. When picking up, the 6 foot rule was enforced and we felt safe and sound!

Jay Wollin

Super tasty burgers. I can't imagine that anything about it is healthy as even the mushroom burger I got was deep fried! Fries were a little blah, but the burgers were great. Would give five stars but I feel like the price was a little high for the portions.

Martin King

Not only was the food delicious but the staff member helped me with my first time there. I had delicious food and I found out they have a foosball table. That was fun! It's a great place to go and eat some delicious food and hangout downtown. There are so many that they have, you should go and try them.

F. Gill

I visited this particular shake shack in downtown CLEVELAND, I wasn't too impress the food was good and fresh. The food is entirely overprice for me and my daughter the total came to $29.00+tax just because it's downtown not cool.....

Allen King

Fast and friendly staff with great products! Family friendly atmosphere in the heart of the city. Love it.

Lazar V.

Fast food heaven! Shake Shack is the east coast Inn-n-Out equivalent but better. Having one conveniently in Downtown Cleveland is the greatest addition to fast food yet! This newly open chain is perfect for a gourmet, quick bite and tops all other fast food burger joints in the area. Everything from the handmade milkshakes or frozen custard down to the burgers are fit for anyone. The burgers are mouth watering, filling and very tasty. The menu is simple to pick from and will guarantee to leave you full and happy.

Maggee K.

What an awesome staff this Shake Shack has! We brought a large group on a Sunday night for a work meet up and the workers were very accommodating to us! They even helped us judge our cookie baking contest! The food was fresh and very tasty! Do not pass up on their milkshakes, they're awesome! All around a great location with an amazing staff!!

Ashley S.

This place was a fun atmosphere. Burgers, fries, and shakes were delicious! Defitnely worth a try.


Tried this for the first time. The burger was really good. Fresh ingredients. I didn't much care for the shake sauce. The crinkle fries were hot and fresh. I will try again.

Mathew Lorince

Good burger but not worth the crazy hype. Not at all disappointed, but no "wow factor". Overall a tasty burger. Nice presentation.

Ted Tsevdos

Great burger and a good price and great service ... what more could you ask for?


This is our 2nd time visiting this location. Everyone is so friendly. Food is always hot and fresh and so good!! My favorite burger place for sure!!

Jill O.

First time at Shake Shack and it was great! Decent crowd but no line, and my food was ready fast, but not microwave fast like some other burger joints. Definitely will be back!

Sara Wohltjen

Delicious! Great atmosphere, friendly staff, and yummy food! The 'shroom burger (vegetarian) was amazing!

Vince Roberts

The atmosphere was nice and food good

Sheena W.

My first visit to Shake Shack was an okay 3 stars. I arrived with some friends on a Sunday evening before a show at Playhouse and from the experience I had I just didn't understand the hype. The guy at the register was pleasant enough, but that's it. I had ordered a side of cheese fries with no salt and a fried chicken sandwich. I was called to the counter for my sandwich and was told it would still be a couple more minutes for the fries. Why would you give me half of my order? Why didn't you cook the items so that they would be fresh and ready at the same time? I'd rather wait for the whole order than get parts of it and eat things separately. Annoying, but not a big deal. The bigger offender was the lady at the counter who seemed like she was done with the world and wanted to go home. Not personable at all. So I'm almost finished with my sandwich when the counter lady finally brings over my fries, but they don't have cheese on them. So she huffs and goes back to put cheese on them. Again, not friendly and no little apology for their error. This has got me thinking that my fries took so long because kitchen didn't pay attention to the order and made me salty fries, had to fix it, but didn't pay attention a second time/didn't care and forgot the cheese and had to fix it again. It's fine if a mistake is made, but be friendly/apologetic about it, not act like I am inconveniencing you by having you do your job on a slow Sunday night. As for the food, the fried chicken sandwich was okay. Nothing to write home about. The fries were good though with a crispy outside and soft inside. I liked the little wooden poker thing they give you to snatch up a cheese fry without getting your fingers messy. Portion size is big enough to share. My friends got a hamburger, cheeseburger, regular fries, and a root beer float. They originally were saying how Shake Shack has some of the best burgers, but this night they left saying it wasn't as great as they remembered. All in all, nothing bad about the food, but I think the competence and attitude of the staff affects your experience a lot. ***After this visit I went to a Yelp event at Shake Shack and it was a much better experience that I really enjoyed (maybe because management was there so staff was on top of their game?). Both food and service were excellent. So I've got two different experiences, looks like I'll need to try this place out a third time.

Nancy K.

If you're craving some comfort food - a big juicy, greasy burger with all the good flavors an indulgent burger should have - this is the spot for you. So excited to have one in CLE. They're known around the county for their tasty helpings of burger goodness. The location is super convenient for anyone working downtown. Parking, of course, is a little tricky as is the case with anywhere in downtown CLE. But I see they deliver via Yelp, if you're not able to get there on snowy, rainy or lazy days :) Welcome to CLE, Shake Shack!

Josh Moore

The smoke shack burger was awesome and so were the nuggets and loaded fries. I feel like I could have gotten more food for my money elsewhere, but I still really enjoyed this and plan on coming back.

Angie Pro

The food is delish and the employees are super nice! Very helpful and kind. I'll bring my family here over and over. ♡

Morgan P.

I really enjoy the food at the new Shake Shack downtown. It's in walking distance from my work and makes for a great spot for lunch. My one issue is the wait time - it's not as fast as you expect and I've seen swarms of people waiting for their food. Love the stuffed portobello burger - a great option for vegetarians (not for vegans! It has gooey, delicious cheese.)

Jimmy James Hewitt

Very Good Food! Great people working there!

Queenie T.

Excellent as always! With chain restaurants, it's usually difficult for all locations to taste amazing but Shake Shack has done it again. As a New Yorker, eating Shake Shack is in my blood and I have always been nervous about trying it at other states but this location is just as delicious! I had their shack burger, fries and chick'n bites and they were absolutely delicious! For dessert, I had their chocolate milkshake and it was the perfect way to wrap up this meal. Well done, Shake Shack!

Mason F.

If I order from here it's for work and typically order for 4-6 people. I've had a great experience so far with the mobile order app. Speeds the whole process up. Parking is an issue though. If you're not able to walk there I wish they had spots available out front or would validate for the garage next door. That's my feeling. Food is high price for the size but it's the quality you should be paying attention to. Good place... bring your friends and coworkers.

Brian Abbott

This was my first time to shake shack and o enjoyed it. The burger was fresh and the crinkle cut fries as solid. The kids had milkshakes and they enjoyed those as well.


This a relatively new option in Cleveland, and they have some really good options. Quick service and great Cheeseburgers. I'll keep coming back.

Ashley O.

Ordered catering for a work event and it was phenomenal. Staff could have not been better. Everything was prepared on time and boxed beautifully. The manager on duty was incredibly helpful. I love it all so much, I went back last week to try one of the new shakes. Drink was awesome, but it took quite a bit of time to make it. I'll be back!

HondaDave08 Guess

I ordered a double cheeseburger with bacon, a plain Hotdog, Fries, and a large drink. Honestly the burger is good, the Crinkle cut fries, and hotdogs are good, but the prices are a little higher than I expected. Might go back another time to see if the prices change or a discount is offered like a COMBO Meal.

Chris Orlando

Food was very good, although a little bit pricey for fast food. Love the burgers and fries!

Alex M.

This place has been on my mind since opening. I walk past it almost daily as it next to my work. As a mushroom lover, I was torn between the Shroom Burger or the Shake Stack. I tried the Shake Stack, it was gigantic, definitely didn't need THAT and a side of fries. But I did it anyways, and not just fries, CHEESY fries. I ate a weeks worth of calories in a meal. The fries are good, the cheese sauce is thick and creamy, definitely eat them hot, once cold I wasn't as into them but I think thats all cheesy fries. The burger was good, almost too cheesy actually. Very greasy, very messy, not enough bun to contain everything on the burger and I actually wish their was more of their signature sauce because I couldn't actually tell if it was on there or not. My verdict is, its good, might not be worth ALL the hype but definitely a good splurge meal once in a while. Next time I'm trying their Shake Burger with extra signature sauce so I can get a real feel for it!

Nicole Lasorella

Thank you Kyle and your wonderful staff for providing lunch for our employee appreciation lunch. Thank you for being kind professional and accommodating in a short period of time. Food was delivered hot and as ordered. Thank you for helping us set up as well.

Tony O.

Greeted by a nice gentleman at the counter ordered an ice cold beer it was pretty good! Got myself a cheeseburger and my Mom ordered the chicken bites and a shake. Pretty good food! I love the interior design here it's all great woodwork in a minimalist sort of modern layout. Very cool

John M.

I've never been to a Shake Shack I didn't like - and this one was just as consistently delicious as all the others. Spacious, modern, simplistic interior. In a great corner location of the Euclid Ave area. The beef is some of the most flavorful I've had on it's own. Mix that it with their sauce and cheese, and you got an amazing burger. Good came out fast, hot, and delicious.

Clara videos

Thank you Kyle and your wonderful staff for providing lunch for our employee appreciation lunch. Thank you for being kind professional and accommodating in a short period of time. Food was delivered hot and as ordered. Thank you for helping us set up as well.

Nancy Townsley

Fast service great food friendly staff

Ashley R.

Honestly. I had no idea that this cleveland location could live up to other state locations. If we had more restaurants like this, it would surely draw more attention to the city. Back to the review! I am a frequent traveler, so this was a huge surprise to hear and actually see that it happened and it here. Now that it is I am SO BEYOND HAPPY. The fries, burgers AND customer service are all up to par. I base my reviews heavily on customer service, it's something that most businesses lack these days and they did a fantastic job. we ordered a few shack burgers, double of course! with regular fries and cheese fries. YES GIRL. SOoo good. Soo yummy. I have never had cheese fries like the fries I had at shake shack. I don't know how they do it !? Food warning; The burgers can be greasy. I personally don't mind because I only eat this every once and awhile. You can always ask them to make it less greasy. I will be back again. Thank you.

Linda F.

Pretty expensive for 6 chicken bites. Disappointed. Probably won't be back. Positive........they were cooked when i ordered so they were hot.

Matt B.

Not having a Shake Shack around, I was excited to try it out when recently visiting Cleveland. The price is a bit high compared to other fast casual burgers but the quality of the ingredients and flavor profile left me so impressed that I stopped at the food court at Hopkins Airport the next day to have a Shake Shack burger despite knowing it probably wouldn't be as good as an actual standalone location.


A lot better than all of the competition, McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, and all the rest. More expensive, but a lot better.

Valentin Eng

The shakes were just alright; but the food is what makes Shake Shack stand out. This chain has pretty good fries (crinkle cut), and a rather unique burger option that includes a cheese-filled fried portobello mushroom.