Sportsman Lounge

16367 Euclid Ave, Cleveland
(216) 451-5339

Recent Reviews

Verna Hall

It was a kool lounge. Nice vibe. Was visiting from Texas. Only problem I had was it took forever to get a drink from the bar

Sparkle Senaya

Had a blast here! Will definitely return whenever I’m in town

Thomas Ballard

Nasty and disgusting!!!! It should be torn down!!!!

Sire Cook

Great people. Good atmosphere

Anthony Grant

They need more help

lamar pollard

Cool hood spot but no drama

Laverne Oliver

Great place to be and friendly patrons.

Helen Wynder Harris

great bartenders and people

Freddie McFarlane

Very nice Prices, Security handling their Business. If you not a regular Barmaids will definitely overlook you.

Asaad Wayne

There were two bartenders one was visibly intoxicated hanging with her buddies and the other was planning a date with one of the customers I stood next to them waiting to place my order for 30 minutes the energy was so down in the place I even took a phone call while waiting she never asked my order so I just left.

Ryan Roberts Jr

The drinks were better a few years ago

Lakeitha Simmons

the bartenders like myself are fabulous and the drinks are cheap

Reb Funk

I had a great time. Fun crowd. Lively atmosphere and I must come back.

Polo Nius

Decent vibe. The staff and patrons were very friendly and respectful.

Jamar Hawkins

Nice priced drinks

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