Taco Bell

5840 Memphis Ave, Cleveland
(216) 661-4857

Recent Reviews

Josefa Cedeno

Make sure to take your time and check your order. I always do but didn't today.? This store always messes up and manage to give you a totally different order. so irritating! UHG!

Leslie Boehnlein

Tacos shells were fresh and they were packed with meat and sour cream


The manager “DeJanae” charges people $5 to use the bathroom. It is closed to the public, a simple “I’m sorry but it is closed” would be sufficient. Since this location is downtown, there are no public restrooms nearby. She then bragged about how she made $50 in 3 days and that the other employees get their cut so they do not rat her out. There are pregnant people and elders who can not hold it in sometimes. That should be illegal and she should be fired regardless of how many years she has been working there.

CC Love

Great place and good company!


So why does this place have a sign that says breakfast on it when it doesn't open till 10?

Tenitta Franklin

Quick response had all ingredients to pineapple freeze My favorite with the whip! I would love to watch them whip & watch them nay nay! Just what world need right now happiness & them Pineapple whips!

Sonia Morgan

I like that your order is always made fresh.

Michael Craycraft

It sucks never had such incompetent service, will never go back again and encourage everyone to do the same.

Veronica Davis

Very friendly crew and fresh hot food! Love it

Dee Gem

Absolutely horrible prep of food. I didnt pay for a taco i paid for a shell. The taco was only filled a quarter of the way. During these tim es right now businesses want us to help by purchasing food to keep them afloat but thisplace didntjust givevyou scraps. place Will not be returning.

Ryan Nester

Quick due to no line. Food was great.

Kendra B

Service is typically good, although they sheets close the drive through at weird hours it seems

Kim Johns

The Manager Tay,, was awesome i love her spirit ,,her patience, she had with me while i try to figure out the menu .My food came fast love the way i was treated in there

cory altemus

Dirty smelly store but food was good

Lee Rodriguez

A light & good fast food spot

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