Taco Bell

5840 Memphis Ave, Cleveland
(216) 661-4857

Recent Reviews

Bean Casillas

Always friendly service but was a bit disappointed with my chicken chalupa. It was dry so had to use lots of sauce.

Susan Callow

Food is good, enjoy trying new items on the menu.

Jeremy Bender

It's taco Bell. Not the worst one I've been too.

Ruth Morris

Very friendly courtious and proffesional on Memphis Avenue in Cleveland. In and out in no time. Gets order right every time. Breakfast wraps can use a little more eggs. Otherwise very tasty. Always very clean as well. Keep up the great work.

Pat Randolph

Great place but you seem to be rise in the prices and getting Less meat

saxon Veverka

Not too bad service is decent food is decent could use some work on the drive response time but pretty good taco bell

Cathy Milam

Service was nice the girls very polite but they had no chicken

Big Meech

Food was good. They forgot to ask me if i needed sauce usually they ask

saxon marly

Not too bad service is decent food is decent could use some work on the drive response time but pretty good taco bell

Thomas V

We needed a lunch on-the-go so we took our tacos away and ate in the car elsewhere. They were pretty good, especially with the hot sauce.

moma flowers


Jim Santos

The best shopping place that I always shop at, good employees


Went through the drive thru. The cashier greeted us with a smile and was friendly, quick and efficient.


Picked up a 6 soft 6 hard box to bring home for lunch. Everything was good. Haven't been in that location in a couple months and it has improved

Grace F.

Beyond terrible Taco Bell. It's a freaking Taco Bell, so I already have pretty low standards and this is just the worst. Always mess up orders, long waits, closed for fights. Avoid at all costs

Lori K.

1. I was charged $23.58 for a watermelon freeze. Mistakes happen, I wasn't mad at the mistake, I did wanted the charge off my account, so YES, you need to get and tell your manager. I'm not paying over $23 for a sugar ice drink. It was a mistake, I wasn't mad, but the manager was so mean to the young lady that made the mistake... I felt bad. 2. I like the little candy pieces in the watermelon freeze... I work a lot and can't have caffeine anymore and eat well... need a sweet treat I get once a month and I want the easy treat made correctly. After the up-charge mistake that will be put back on my card in 3-5 days... no watermelon seed candies in my drink! Ugh! Now I'm sad with the up-charge girl.

Milton Taylor

I spent 20 minutes in the Drive-Thru to get some food and never got it I had to back out of the drive-thru because I was sitting in the Drive-Thru for 20 minutes for some food and I'm trying to get the regional manager to report them....

Jason Zimmerman

No one should have to wait for over 30 min in a drive through!!!!! Then I pull up to the window wait another 5 min with no apology or anything!! To top it off I hear their employees laughing and carrying on having a good old time!!! The dine in and line werenâ??t even that long to have that type of wait time.

Katie Gobel

Took nearly 30 minutes through the drive thru to get my food. Avoid the drive thru at all costs. Not sure if it's any quicker to go inside, but I'm not wanting to even bother.

Tiffany Bertok

The little girl behind the counter was the only good thing about this location. This young lady is to good of an employee to work there. She was running between counter and drive through taking orders and with a smile on her face and apologizing profusely to the customers. Unfortunately, it took 40 minutes!!! to get our food & of course it was wrong, forgotten item and cold â?¹? Will not go back to this location.

Justin Vaughn

Worst Taco Bell I have been too and that includes the one in the steelyard. When I got there at 10:00pm I was told it would be a 10min wait no problem I thought well need less to say had no clue what time is because it is now 11:03 and I just got my order. If you value your time NEVER GO to this location!!!!!!!


Horrendous.. waited for way too long for a small order in a dining room that literally had no other customers whatsoever.. Now I understand why.. my tacos had a few scraps of lettuce and almost no cheese what so ever, one had literally zero cheese and two little pieces of lettuce.. My only other item was a chicken quesadilla and it was missing the cheese sauce so it was bland and dry.. I will never go back to this location ever again!

Raul Bowers

Go to the place of consistency, love it! We go to our favorite choice to dine with variety. I chose this?

Catie Quinones

The service is ridiculous. So slow, they donâ??t know what they are doing. I couldâ??ve went and made my own tacos instead of waiting. Never again will i wait a whole 40 minutes to get some nasty, dirty, old, soggy tacos. Taco Bell is cancelled. Perioood!!

Memo S.

Employees are always in a bad mood for some reason and they are SUPER slow for a fast food restaurant!

Cynthia M.

Every time I go they're always forget something rather it's a whole taco or forgetting to put sour cream on my nacho SUPREME when I paid for extra sour cream!

Michelle Dickson

Mexican food... so fresh. I give this place two thumbs up. Bring your hunger - portions are filling.

Christina Anthony

I know it was 11pm but i ordered food, thank god tried one of my nacho fries before i left balecause they were stone cold. Then had to listen to the cook complain that i wanted fresh fries. I dont think thats to much to ask. Considering a few people came and went while i was there, they should be making fresh food not selling fries that have been sitting for who knows how long.

Memo Sal

The employees at this taco bell succeeded to send the term fast food to the grave -_-

x Kybur

Slow and disorganized as hell even when theyâ??re not busy. 20+ minute wait. Was given half my food and told they are waiting on the other half. So half my food will be nice and cold. Btw Iâ??m still waiting

Eric Lonzo

Great location, great and fast service. Employees have great attitudes. Also if your in the mood for a Mexican style alcohol beverage they have them at this location also.

Susan Massey

Taco salad was good. Service could've been better. I had to ask for a bag my order was to go.

Larry Blair

This is one of the best place for Tacos and nachos and various other snacks and drinks. Very nice ambiance , i love to visit this place with my friends. proper lightening and wonderful atmosphere.

Julie Simon

I had ordered 2 party packs and one burrito. When I got the order I only got 1 party pack and 3 burritos. We asked that there would be no sour cream on the tacos and she said they don't come with it. I get home and all of them have it on there. Never going to this location again.

Elisa Smith

Best taco bell in Cleveland hands down. Been coming here 6 years and the food is always fresh, orders are right and great price and most of all the staff is ALWAYS awesome! Went today and Crystal H. Went beyond great customer service!

Julia Shelton

This is my taco bell! Been going here since I was like 5-7 when they used to be the tiny hut down the street. Food is always good! Sometimes I've walked in here and the dinning room looked a mess, to be fair I could've walked in after someone's meet up. This is a very popular location for friends and family to get together.

Rich W.

This location has been suffering for a year. They have been bought out by a franchise. Good luck new management

Matthew N.

Wow, their service does get worse! Nobody in drive thru, nobody inside, go inside and nobody comes to greet me. Somebody finally comes up and they just stand there. I say hello, they go hiiiii. Continue to stand there. Some little girl needs a new job!!!

Jeanine Azzardi

Good service.. loaded tacos.. not skimpy on things. I drive to this one rather than the 2 by me cuz it's waaay better

Barbara Suttles

My son works here so of course its good food he makes it the best good job Ray nice place to eat nice prices too