Taco Bell

4537 Mayfield Rd, Cleveland
(216) 382-2221

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Lno Mname

Told we had to go inside if we have a large app order today... For the first time ever...in the middle of the highest covid numbers in months. There's never been a rule or suggestion about this, especially with such a negative, "you should know better" out of nowhere attitude. There were 2-3 cars in the drive through and no one inside, but we were told "a different line does those orders." Just have to laugh at that BS.

Melody Keegan

The food was not very good. Beef tacos had barely any beef, the burrito supremes did not taste right and they didn't give us part of our order. Generally we love Taco Bell, but we won't be back to this one.


I have a large family, so we had a large order. Everything was there except my husband's steak quesadilla. It was too far to turn back and have it corrected, so he and I split mine. However, the customer service was pleasant despite the growing drive thru line and the food was still good.

Andrae Eades

The drive thru line on late nights a crazy long, but the staff here are super nice!

Marc Liviskie

Walked in to order as there were three of us on seperate orders. The drive thru was prioritized over our food which took way to long for fast food. It did taste good though.

Kayla Penner

Contactless druve thru and the ling kune mives fairly quickly

David Guardalabene

Speed of service is pretty good, but the food is classically Taco Bell hit or miss. The only things consistently good are the soft tacos and a few of the burritos. DO NOT order a crunchwrap from here...you will be very disappointed. They are not crunchy at all and have almost half the filling you would get at another location.

Stephanie Whitacre

Taco bell is my favorite fastfood place by a longshot. But if the prices are going to keep going up like they do, the employees really need to make sure all of the items are being given. I've had several times where I've gotten all the way home and $5 item is missing from my bag. $5 is a lot of money to waste.

Jessica Wobig

Really bummed—we have frequently ateat this location for the past decade—tonight We ordered online for our vegetarian family, and 3 out of 4 meals were beef. When we asked to have the ordered fixed, were told that we would have to pay twice to get our correct order. Had to argue for 10 minutes forour meat-free meal. Won’t go back to this location again.


We came here tonight through the drive through and it was really busy. I was nervous that they would make my vegetarian food wrong by accidentally adding beef, but everything in my order was perfect! Best Taco Bell experience I've had. Thank you guys!

Paul NeoStormer

Good Food, Fast Service, unfortunately my soda tasted like cleaning product, I'll give it another shot and update later.

Christina Latsko

Doesn’t even deserve one star. This place is never open when it says they are. I have gone multiple times through DT when it’s way past their time they are open, and nothing. I shouldn’t have to walk in to order.... Go down the street to the other Taco Bell, they always take your order, are open when they say they are, and the food is hot.

Christina Weber

good taco bell location! self-ordering machines help staff avoid messing up orders, especially with allergies. I’ve always had issues here getting corn-free food, including replacing shredded chicken (corn starch) with grilled chicken. the machine is my new go-to for ordering! good stuff.

larry harris

Most fast food places has a turn over rate of out of this, so how it taste, and how much a person gets all depends on the management..something you have too figure out yourself...

Colin Henke

Good place, great for lunch a few days out of the week. Love the chalupa box and Doritos tacos! Employees are pretty good too.

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