Taco Bell

4537 Mayfield Rd, South Euclid
(216) 382-2221

Recent Reviews

Halainna Dozier

Incase Peter Parker didn?t know I knew who spider man was @230am on 11.26.19. I had terrible customer service by the night staff.Mopping, cooking , and walking past the drive through window While we were waiting to be greeted. We beeped to change the order, by one crunch wrap and noticed the late shift was not cleaning the equipment that they were still using to make the food. Beyond burnt, beyond unkept, Tried to ask about the glove change from cashiering the previous order to making the food for our order. & the window was slammed in our face. Get your night crew together!!!

Sarah Warsing

Horrible. Wrong order in the drive thru. Went in to wait more than half an hour for the 2 chicken soft tacos they were supposed to give me in the drive thru. They, the second time, were in someone elses bag. A lot of people in there with the wrong order. They even threw away my receipt!

Nonie Stack

It's fast food ,quick service decent food

Lethaniel Ordell

To be honest I go there all the time when I'm drunk and they are always fun andgoofy. But typically I don't complain about the food in general they've gotten much better since the change of management. Speaking of management one night I went there and a girl that took my order said that the manager thought I was cute. I was flattered :-) overall very good place.


Usual Taco Bell, Chicken Burrito Supreme, Bean Burrito....too many beans, but overall good for takeout. The associate provided service with a genuine smile. That's always good.

Paul Crawford

Great service and the food always come out looking good. I will drive out of my way to enjoy this Taco Bell over the one on Euclid!

chevellia clark

Customer service was so bad. The young lady at the window taking orders was very rude and mess our order up. Then we got the order and went back to the window and let a different person know that the order is mess up and still mess it up and got an attitude because we point it out that the order is mess up. Well I am typing this I am still at the window waiting on our food. The food will be cold by time we eat. So disappointed

Tanesha English

Every time I order soft taco Supremes, I always end up with plain soft tacos. Other than that great service and I still prefer this location over 260th and Euclid

Lauren Roberts

This is one of the best Taco Bellâ??s. The people who work there are all super sweet, accommodating, and donâ??t seem like they hate working there. When I had an issue with mobile ordering (the apps issue not thereâ??s) they were genuinely concerned and willing to help however they could!! Great TBell!!

Claudia Albrecht

Good and friendly. Their drive tru service is fast

Contractor One

This is a nice Taco Bell it's one of the few in this area. They have a really nice menu pretty standard for all Taco Bells but I like it. The morning and afternoon staff are the best I tend to go here during lunch hour and they get you in and out pretty quickly. There is plenty of parking and it is located near other amenities ie. Stores, groceries, Pharmacy, gas station Etc. Downside is dinner time their staff seems to slow down not as accurate. But definitely a good place to have lunch.

Shar Lang

Taco bell usually never disappoints. Honestly never had to return items or have had any problems. I usually go late at night and the workers still have positive attitudes.

David Luberger

I don't care what jokes people make about Taco Bell. The simple fact is that it's the best fast food around, and the fact that everything is made to order means you can opt for fairly healthy meals. I personally don't ever eat the beef or chicken, but you can sub for potatoes, rice, or beans on anything.

Maureen McMahon

Quick fast food with a drive thru. Cheap and convenient. Open late.

Andrew Phelps

Its taco bell it tastes great in a hurry but will never beat a home made burrito.

Carla Calhoun

The dining room was dirty and when asked to have the tables cleaned..no one responded. Then the manager came out spitefully and cleaned the glass door but not the table. The food was fine.

Ashley R.

We came inside to eat. It's dirty in here and the staff is rude. The woman from the registers' excuse was "I've only been here for one day" ..... all I asked was if they had nacho fries... then we looked at each other awkwardly and I continued to order something else ? Okay then. I have never had such bad service. Sorry.

tonya ballard

Not clean tables or floor. They make there own rules when it comes to National TV and things they are supposed to do they don't. This store will be closed soon. They also do the friend food give away. Smh

Kimberly King

The place was clean when you walk in. The order was taken efficiently and was delivered to us in less than ten minutes.

Jesse P.

I'm a bartender and get off work very late at night, often times I end up at the latest open fast food place, Taco Bell. This is the only relatively close Taco Bell to me, and I have never had a good experience here. About 70% of my visits I end up having to go back through the takeout line because they forgot something or messed up. Every SINGLE time I order a dessert, it is forgotten, if they're even in stock. And I order a dessert about half the time. Taco Bell now just makes me miserable and I hate that it's my only choice for last resort. Edit: and my current meal tastes like hatred. The cinnamon twists I had to go back for have no cinnamon on them. And my one side taco, because I wasn't given my second even after asking twice, has almost nothing in it and the shell is stale. And lastly, my main course, the cheesy Gordita crunch; cheese isn't melted and there's no lettuce. Plus I hurt my tooth on the mostly-empty taco. At least I expected it. This will be my last visit

Ms Eubanks

The employees gave good service with a smile. I was given exactly what I ordered. Drive through service was slow. The employees were working hard. It didn't seem to be enough employees present to match the influx of customers.

Donald Hightower

It's Taco Bell. No one should eat there. Buying for someone else who wanted. I would say disappointed but you have to be appointed in the first place. I had no expectations of hot, fast, or fresh going in.

Elizabeth Sturdivant

I'm calling corporate ASAP!! Everybody that works there after 9:30pm needs to either be fired or re-trained!! This was the worst experience I have ever had at a taco bell, AND I USUALLY EAT AT THE ONE IN EAST CLEVELAND!! East Cleveland has way better customer service and their managers aren't nearly as ignorant and under-trained!!

Stephen H.

This taco bell continues to struggle with staff, cleanliness, constant turnover and replenishing of staff who are unknowlegable. It has been this way for years. The time to clean is before guests arrive, not sweep underneath their feet. A few classic items they refuse to make. The bathrooms are generally unkempt. Slow business comparative to other locations. Takes the workers 4 minutes to figure out your standing in line because they're too busy lollygagging. There's this one tall girl with curly hair who works the drivethru on Sundays. This is the day the restaurant usually falls apart. She calls everybody 'babe.' Rude, snarky. The better location is down the street.

Nathan Gehlert

This location is clean and the staff is friendly. Food is consistent and matches what you'd get from other locations. Taco Bell restaurants always feel a bit dated on the inside, but it makes sense that they don't upgrade because the vast majority of customers are carry out. At night, the drive through line at the location can be very long. But that's par for the course at Taco Bell.

Marco Carter

I went last night around 12:00 midnight waited 15 mins only to get up the window to find out they were only accepting cash so obviously did not get my food I drove off. Call today to ask manager what happen because I am there three four times a week he stated the server went down understandable but no apologize instead he ask was there any thing else? I will never go there again never bad service and with that type attitude they need a new manager.

Emily Bunner

If I could leave a 0 star rating I would. A woman named Toni is a manager there and she is rude and completely disrespectful. Another manager by the name of Lakeisha is even worse, made me leave and stand outside in the cold, pouring rain with my 1 year old son for 15 minutes until my ride came to get me. Wow.

Sammy Steele

Got extreme attitude from the guy at the window, and didnt even get all my food. Came back around and they took my food inside. Who knows what they did with it. Didnt have any sauce. Horrible experience. I would give no stars but I have to give a star.

Nathan P.

Honestly worst Taco Bell I've ever been too, these guys will make you wait as long as physically possible for your food. They're rude, slow, and just absolutely awful. This place should shut down. Absolutely embarrassing.

Dr. Nathan Gehlert

This location is clean and the staff is friendly. Food is consistent and matches what you'd get from other locations. Taco Bell restaurants always feel a bit dated on the inside, but it makes sense that they don't upgrade because the vast majority of customers are carry out. At night, the drive through line at the location can be very long. But that's par for the course at Taco Bell.

Howard Ward

*Expect to wait for online orders. Confirmation of order ready, will be sent to your phone, but order will not be ready. **Employees will not greet you, you will stand while they look directly at you, then turn away. Wait times are much longer at this Taco Bell (Mayfield Rd in South Euclid).

sarah Cochran

Did drive thru, food was ok at best, everything was cold, nachos and fries thrown in my bag, fries were hard and cold!! Lady at the window was not very personable at all. Highly disappointed this has happened so many times and I keep hoping for better. I won't be back.

John S.

This is literally just the worlds worst Taco Bell. Literally in the whole world. The slowest and the worst. If you get in line at this drive thru please bring a book. Maybe a bible. This place needs Jesus.

Leandra Calhoun

Very good experience. Nice, freindly, polite and patient. Order was Perfect, no complaints! Thanks!

Jae Evans

The drive thru is always long on late nights. But the service is good and my food is correct.

tracey goode

Supervisor was real nasty our order was wrong and she didn't want to fix it the boy n the window was rude several people were complaining inside and the food was hard and cold. Worst experience ever she threw our food on the counter when my kids complained so I came n and she hide in the back and wld not come out I was a manager at taco bell years ago and never treated anyone this way.

Jared Thomson

Decent taco bell I go to on my way home from

Jeff H.

Waited in line for about 45 min or longer. Finally, I was only to see that on the menu, after all that waiting, it was "cash only" with no apology or explanation. I love Taco Bell and only support them for fast food. However, we will NEVER support this particular store ever again.

Patrick J.

they didnt have any mild sauce. how am i supposed to eat a mexican pizza without any mild sauce.

Anthony G.

Terrible. If you can go anywhere else, I would suggest it. We should have know it would be a problem when we walked in and someone was complaining for their money back because they were waiting 20 minutes for their food. Not busy at all but service was terrible and staff did not care. We waited longer than normal to spend $20 for poorly prepared food, wrong order, and bad taste. Our fault for picking the Bell! Long wait for fast food. Taco Bell is always a great idea until you get there.