Tucker's Casino

15532 Euclid Ave, Cleveland
(216) 451-7613

Recent Reviews

Charlene Fips-Jones

Great karaoke but drinks are watered down. Please pay with cash bcus they stroke you if you use your card ijs

Erika Fitzpatricl

I always have a good time there.

Myra Pittman-King

I had the best time lol!,

Nucc Cleveland

The best place to go with friendly faces just call it cheers in the hood absolutely ? no drama love it there

Chamarro Caldwell

I had a blast.....got to sing The Way by Jill Scott and had my bestfriends with me

Rechelle Williams Rechelle Recycle Reuse

Karaoke night was fun and entertaining. Hard to ignore the sewer smell

Charmaine Sims

Grown Folks is were I wanna be around!! Salute to the Brothers ❤

John Moody

I would say I had a goodtime on karaoke night and the drinks were reasonably priced

Edna Austin

Nice place to visit ?

Tawnee Norman

Nice atmosphere, very nice staff, and the Owners are So nice and Friendly, and The Kareoke is Great. No Problems, escorted to your car, I had my 60th Birthday Party there, Niceee!!!!

Maria-Lynn Ogletree

Can't go wrong for KARAOKE

Mister Love

Females kept getting into altercations ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

TheThrowDown53 LLC

Went to the bar part only. Long Island Ice Tea ..$17 I refused to buy an 8 oz drink at that price...Even the bartender said "you don't want to buy that!"

Rebecca Moore

Nice bar and dancing

Billy Wagner

Great place.

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