Bexley Pizza Plus

2651 E Main St, Columbus
(614) 237-3305

Recent Reviews

Adam Minor

I do not recommend this place. Worst customer service EVER. I work in the service industry so I understand and Iâ??m very patient. I called and told employee on the phone my address, he said â??we donâ??t deliver there.â? I then responded with Iâ??m only two miles away and your website says all of *the area where I live.* the employee then said â??sorry my manager would get mad at me. â??I said thatâ??s ok I understand, but what I donâ??t is why you wonâ??t talk to your manger, you are losing business?â?? He then responded with â??I donâ??t care, we are busy anyway and donâ??t need your business.â? I was very shocked and will NEVER go here again!

Gigi G

It was okay for lunchtime..nice friendly staff member explain pizza options, which was very helpful! I would stop in againð?? enjoy the day!

Jerry Corrodi

They make good pizza. I prefer thin-crust, which they have but didn't offer when I phoned in my order. So, I was stuck with thick crust. I probably won't go back, because there's an attitude problem, not with the owner, but with the uncaring front-line staff (e.g., "If you want thin crust, you have to ask for it"). Also, they disappear into the back room too much, so there's no one to ask for help. They offer 8, 12 & 14-inch pies. Prices are moderately high. Product has tasty toppings. Handicap parking, entry, and restrooms. I would suggest changing the urinal insert to another color besides bright yellow. That looks like it is unflushed, which isn't the case at all. Outdoor seating and table service is nice on a beautiful day. Tables offered in the shade and sun.

Lisa Baker

One of my favorite pizza shops by far.The employees are friendly a nice clean environment. I place an order on a Friday night and sit outside at their tables and enjoy pizza.

Nordey McKier

Lol pricey but they got good pie. Great staff.

Makayla Buckner

Everybody is nice here! Great food and options. A little on the pricey side but itâ??s most definitely worth it, great portions! They also get everything done and ready to go in a timely manner. Also, to the guy who brought my pizza and salad outside to me while I was waiting in my car THANK YOU ??

Joseph Riley

Excellent food. Great service. Quality is undeniable. Takes me back to childhood.

Charles Johnson

Ok pizza...sauce is good...extra toppings a little skimpy...I've had better pizza

evan pulsinelli

Pizza is delicious. I used to get this pizza once a week every week with my last job. If I ever am in the area again, I make it a point to stop by and get some pizza.

Dessere Tyson

Their pizza's ate Simply Amazing, I love Favorite pizza place in Columbus, Ohio ð??

Ray St John

Pretty decent salad, on keto so I'm dying to try the pizza.

Amanda L

Bexley Pizza Plus is a fan favorite when we travel to Columbus. Their pizza is always tasty and hot and ready when we go there to pick it up.

Sandy W.

Ordered the 6inch Italian sub today. It was very tasty and delicious. The sub bun was toasted just right! The sandwich was filled with chopped lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers , salami, cheese and ham. All the flavors blended perfectly together! Did take out and my order was ready when I got there. Today I wanted to try their 'new' thin crust. I ordered the one item 8inch which came with a beverage. Not a bad deal for $5.45. I thought the flavor was tasty, pepperoni a little spicy which is a good thing however the thin crust was a little chewy and not crispy. Probably would stick with their original next time.


Had great pizza - the veggie with peppers, onion, tomatoes was hearty - at Bexley pizza plus. Got it as carry out. The crust is on the thicker side but tasty. Good portion of cheese. Would order again.

Shane Scheidig

This is the best pizza place in Columbus. Maybe even the best in the country. I work here and it's the only job I've ever truly loved. If you haven't tried it you gotta

charity kerns

Best pizza in my opinion. They have vegetarian options but if you are vegan you can order without cheese. It would be great if they added a cheese alternative to the menu.

L Garner

Wish I could leave 1 star. Been ordering here for over 3 years, and there customer service is garbage. Rude ads girl on the phone just told me that my order didn't matter then manager refused to get on the phone and relayed the message that they couldn't help me. Bunch of RACIST! IF YOU HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOURSELF, DON'T SUPPORT THESE PPL. THE PIZZA IS NOT ALL THAT BUNCH OF BREAD AND WHACK SAUCE NO TOPPINGS.

Debra W.

The pizza was great, but the dining room area was filthy and looked like a dump. I will not go back.

Marissa D.

There's nothing really spectacular about Bexley Pizza Plus. It's decent when you're hungry. It's definitely pizza but it never makes me wishing for more.

Matthew Wilkins

Fantastic Pizza! I've been there dozens of times to pickup my pizza and it's some of the best in Columbus. Keep up the good work.

Wade Roberts

Lived down the street for a few years and this place is good quality and a decent price. Iâ??ve been happy with there service and Iâ??m a regular customer.

Mbwana J.

First of all, if I am just rating pizza it is a 1 star and that is because that is the lowest Yelp allows. The pizza was like eating cardboard so I was not impressed at all. However, I also ordered a sub and that was simply amazing. I often find myself going next door for pizza and stopping here for a sub. I will come back here again and again for the great subs!!!

Paul T.

We've been ordering here for awhile. We bring friends here sometimes. We always get it delivered and always very generous with the delivery tipping because we own a business so we are compassionate with people delivering pizza in cold weather & such. As of now we will stop supporting this place. I'm going to make this short. I got hung up after checking to see where our order is after an hour of waiting. We have kids hungry & waiting & I explained to the person in charge what happen they said they will get a pizza out back in 25mins. Due to their mistake by putting in as pick up..(then why ask for address in the 1st place....very shady) free of charged but from the sound of his voice I felt uncomfortable with the pizza so I told him I'll pass & that's when he hung up on us. No apologies what so ever & it's the principle not the free pizza plus I'm paranoid about the free pizza since the outcome of trying to communicate with them. I use to like this place until now. They need to hire better staff & better management. Management here is very rude...!!!!! Hideous service. I hate to leave negative reviews but in this case it's necessary. Not the only pizza in town there's others to try like Rubino's & Amazing Harvest Pizza....:)

Andrew S.

Love this place. The lunch special is perfect and service fast. A bit small inside but thats cozy and fun. I really love the pizzas.

Danford Boyt

Pretty tasty pizza, good stuff! They should come out with a deep dish pizza! I'm not a any place pizza person, Ole World Style Pizza I prefer. Very hard to find a great deep dish pizza.

Amanda S.

Not the best service ordered 76 dollars worth of food and they didn't make the sub right. I like the amount of topping and don't mind that they are canned versus fresh but I don't care for the crust. I find it kinda bland and lacking in flavor. As well the garlic bread w cheese. I do appreciate fast service but friendliness is always best in the customer service industry

Annie L.

The employees are extremely rude, with terrible management. Would not recommend. Such a shame, pizza smelled good but we didn't feel comfortable to stay and dine.

W Preston

Good service, excellent pizza. I tried the new thin crust pizza & really like it. A bit pricey & took a while to get pizza for eat in.

Mark Kenimer

Incredible pizza- cozy little shop with fast service. The owner was there- was quite courteous as well as the other employees. The all meat was good, double pepperoni better- but the buffalo chicken wasn't to die for- needs a bit more pep for my taste


Being from NYC area, surprised to find a quality pizza in Ohio. Crust was medium hard with ample toppings and cheese. The staff very pleasant and couldnâ??t do enough for the customer.

Melissa M.

The best ingredents, best pie in town! Great place to eat in and order pizza with the family. Also have a great selection of beers!

Sandy W.

Ordered the 6inch Italian sub today. It was very tasty and delicious. The sub bun was toasted just right! The sandwich was filled with chopped lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers , salami, cheese and ham. All the flavors blended perfectly together! Did take out and my order was ready when I arrived.


The Greek Pizza at Bexley is the best pizza overall I had in all of my life. Crust is not doughy or greasy. It is well cooked with the right amount of crispiness. The toppings with feta, olives, artichokes and sundried tomatoes are superb. The sauce is great and it is cooked at the right temperature. This is the only pizza I eat here because the rest of the menu doesn't come close. This place needs to open a pizza school and base it on this special pizza.

Kelly S

Excellent food! Pizzas are great. Subs are awesome! The menu has lots of great varieties of pizza Iâ??ve never seen before.

Anna S.

Solid pizza. The crust is good, toppings tasted fresh and quality. I agree with some of the other reviews that the red sauce could stand a little more seasoning, some salt and garlic would prolly knock it out. Overall happy with it, would buy again. Especially the CO2. I appreciated all the different veggie options as well.

Andrew K.

BEST PIZZA hands down Bexley, and maybe even Columbus. I grew up in Bexley, and still live in Columbus, so whenever I'm jonesing for a pizza, I call us pizza plus. I've got family and friends that live in different states/cities, and they are always telling me how much they miss Bexley Pizza Plus, and are so jealous whenever I post a pic, or check-in here. Keep up the good work BEXLEY PIZZA PLUS!

Paige Fee

So far so good! Have gone here twice now since I have moved to the area and it has always been delicious. It reminds me a lot of a mom and pop shop from more rural areas (which is comforting since that is where I grew up). Overall great service.

KayDee Smith

I LOVE Bexley Pizza Plus. I either get the supreme or the three mushroom with white sauce, spinach, and black olives. I have always got great food and quick service. This is however where the 5 star rating ends. I give 3 stars on a good day for the attitude of employees. I know we all have bad days and get overwhelmed, but constant "you are an inconvenience" to my day gets old. Other than the I am better than you attitude, I highly recommend this place and WILL continue to get my pizza from here.

John Shaver

Always high quality ingredients. Great Italian sub in addition to very good pizza.

B I.

Have to downgrade my rating. Their delivery area is very limited. I'm less than 1 1/2 miles away and they won't deliver here. I'm trying other pizza places for now. Previously- Really tasty pizza. The crust is fresh. Not too thick, not too thin. Crispy and soft. We had the ultimate pizza - great if you love pepperoni and mushrooms. We will be ordering here again.