da wei co

88 E Lynn St, Columbus
(614) 227-0070

Recent Reviews

Jacqueline P.

The pork shoulder sandwich is amazing. I love the avocado salad. This is a great downtown lunch spot.

Sy C.

Came to Columbus for a work trip. Some of the folks that work for COTA Maintenance at the garage, said to try a sandwich from this place. None of us actually tried the sandwich recommended, which was the meatloaf sandwich. We did however, try others with success. I tried the pork and pork which was delicious. This is the sort of place where you order and then grab your food when they call your order number, so you're basically your own waiter, which is fine. Just remember to pick up after yourself!

Ashley A.

Always love their sandwiches and pasta salad, but this time I opted for an empanada. I was impressed by the filling, but the crust was lack luster. It felt soggy with oil and not crispy. My small green salad was nothing to write home about. Not my best Si Señor experience.

Richard S.

I love this place. The sandwiches and salads are all incredible, but for me the star of the show is the fried plantains. I'll go here specifically for them. This is a great lunch spot in downtown Columbus. I just wish one was closer to me.

Shavonne M.

This place is sooooooo good! Its authentic and the customer service is amazing. The food is filling and the favor is 10/10. I definitely recommend if you're looking for a cultural food place or in the mood for quick Latin cuisine!

Brittney A.

I got the jumping beef sandwich. It was really good and juicy. I'm vegetarian now so I will try the portobello sandwich necks I hope it doesn't Disappoint

Eric M.

As far as lunch sandwiches go, Si Senor has got to be my favorite place. I don't eat any of the meat versions, so they are probably even better than the veggie ones I get. But the sauce. Their sauce is just so good. Great value and great food.

Scott R.

Having just moved away from Columbus I finally feel okay shouting from the roof tops about the magic the is Si Seí±or. Whether you're in Grandview or the downtown Gay St location (avoid this M-F 11:45-1:15, but great any other time) it's probably the single highest value lunch in Columbus. The three pork, the Jumping Beef, the Peruvian Club; you cannot do better for a $10 lunch nearly anywhere. The cilantro pasta salad was so good it was a recipe I realized I needed to master moving away from Columbus.

Dawn V.

Delicious!!! The roasted portobello sandwich is wonderful. It's the toppings and the dressings, all house made, that really make this place special. You won't find the same anywhere else because it's their own twist on Peruvian flavors. This place is a must-try!

Matthew H.

Excellent food but the wait is far too long for a lunchtime sandwich shop. After two 35+ minute waits in a row, I had to remove this from my lunchtime rotation. Their Grandview location is much faster.

Sean W.

Was in Columbus a couple of weeks for work and happily made the long trek from my office to this alley-facing sandwich shop multiple times. Had the Chicharron, jumping beef, and pork & pork sandwiches, along with the empanadas. Would definitely recommend the Chicharron, a tender and flavorful pork sandwich, and absolutely recommend this spot to anyone looking for lunch in downtown Columbus.

Sky W.

Really delicious sandwiches in an excellent location for workday lunches! Having been here several times and trying a good bit of their menu, I can say with confidence that Si Seí±or deserves all the hype. A few days ago I ordered the Pork & Pork sandwich (again) and it was absolutely delicious as always. The juicy pork loin complements the flavorful chorizo really well, and the bread is wonderfully toasted but soft. I finished the meal off with some Tres Leches cake, which has a very nice, moist texture. However, the bottom was a bit too sweet for my taste due to the condensed milk sinking through the cake. Other sandwiches I've had before include the Jumping Beef and the Chipotle Chicken, both of which are also very good. The price points are very reasonable, with all the sandwiches under $8! That's honestly what will keep me coming. The service is kinda like Panera where you go up and order, then once they call your number you go pick up your food. That's fine. I got my food within 10 minutes of ordering. But I would say the space is kind of small and seating is limited during lunch rush. I'm also not a big fan of the lime green walls (sorry if you like lime green) which makes the place feel kind of...strange. But I guess I can't be too picky when there's good food.. Overall I'm very pleased this establishment is close to my workplace, and given its downtown location and quality of food, the prices are incredible. Food: 4.5/5 Ambiance: 3/5 Service: 4/5 Price: 5/5 Overall: 4/5

Erin D.

I'm slowly making my way through their menu and it will be easy given the close proximity to my office. It gets pretty busy at lunch but the lines moves pretty quickly. They also offer online ordering. My weakness is the pasta salad. So tasty I could almost eat daily. I like their chipotle chicken. The meatloaf is a unique take with chorizo. So tasty d filling.

Eric T.

So I've had this place a few times, and I've tried a few different sandwiches. The Chicharron Peruano Sandwich is always a classic. The pork had great flavor and the pickled onions gave it great texture. Eventually, I graduated to the Meatloaf sandwich. The meatloaf had a great spice and taste given that it was chorizo. The tomato jam absolutely made this sandwich though. Perfect addition of savory and sweet. My new absolute favorite though is the Grilled Cheese. Perfect amount of cheese and the bacon gives it a great flavor. Again, the tomato jam gives it a great savory and sweet. The jalapenos give it a great spice. This place is amazing.

Taylor T.

I just had my first visit to Si Seí±or and it won't be my last! The empanadas are out of this world! Mine was still nice and warm when I got back to my office, the pastry was nice and fluffy and had a bit of sweetness which went well with the spicy sauce! Everyone was wondering what it was and where I got it! The sandwich I got was also full of flavor and delicious, although it was clear they rushed making it which is I'm sure due to the time I went. The only negative I had is that they were really busy during lunch which meant a long wait but also a rushed product. Half of my sandwich was really delicious and the other half was just okay bc it was mostly sauce and onions. If you order online you get a 10% discount, it would cut down on the wait, and I'm sure you'd have a better product! Or, my usual advice is just to go outside of the 12-1 rush!

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