Flatiron Tavern

129 E Nationwide Blvd, Columbus
(614) 525-0091

Recent Reviews

Joe Heller

Flat Iron fries are for real, recommend a side of ranch to counter the red pepper flakes. Ribeye was very tender. Onion petals weren’t fresh, but, solid.

Janet Angell

I absolutely loved it. It is a great small tavern. There was no hassle and the staff was very attentive. I only got a salad today but I will probably be back tomorrow to order more while I am in Columbus for the weekend.

Angie Wilson

What a wonderful little spot, great food & service. We were in this afternoon, felt very welcomed in a place so far away from home. Will return again when we are in town next month

John N.

Reasonable prices especially for the area. Great burgers. Surprised it wasn't more busy at 9 on a Friday. Nice place.


We had a great dinner here! The bison burger was delicious.

Marion Owen

The wings were nice and crispy. I would get the buffalo rather than the Cajun dry rub. The dry rub was pretty bland and not worth it.Skip the flatiron fries - it's fries with cheese and balsamic vinegar.Beer selection was good and they have a full bar if you'd like a mixed drink.

Brian Asher

Great food, great service, great service staff and owners. We work across the street and love eating and visiting with them. Can't go wrong with anything on the food menu! All great bar foods!

Rudy Hernandez

Had a blast.. Waitress and waiter were friendly and happy..I didn't get my 4dlls added to my plate worth for the sweet potatoes. BUT FORGIVE THEM. lol

Kara Lauren

Had the Buffalo Chicken Sweet Potato Fries and they're delicious! Not a crumb left on our plate. It's got blue cheese and green onion. Table fries definitely worth a try

David K

Always forget about this place. It's been YEARS. Still a neat place. It's been around forever. Happy to know it's still up and running. Fun place to eat, drink and play Keno.

Doc Hollywood

Excellent food and service. The waitress that we had is very friendly and cared about her customers will go back there

Tom Thornton

Great fast service. Food was excellent. Loved the Cuban. It’s on the spicy side and went well with a side of onion petals.

Jacob Muskopf

After discovering Flatiron had reopened under new ownership, I decided to come in and check it out. On Friday 10/22, I arrived around 5:30, sat directly at the bar and eventually ordered a craft beer can and Flatiron Fries. Seemingly innocuous enough, it didn't register until later that the charge for those two items was higher than expected. Granted, the bartender scanned the beer and did say it was $7 instead of the $6 listed on your menu, let alone the $4 advertised for craft beer cans during happy hour. However, the fries apparently rang up at full price as well, rather than $5, despite being ordered before happy hour ended at 6pm. Individually, these things may not be worth mention, hence my agreeing to pay the $7 for the beer. However, the young man tending bar was clueless about the specific beers and beer styles, the menu, that I would require silverware to eat the fries, how long he should wait before asking if everything was okay, and eventually that I was waiting to cash out. A blonde woman instead cashed me out, so perhaps that is where the mix-up occurred in pricing. Including an obviously too generous tip, the total bill was somehow $21; for one beer and fancy fries, during happy hour, roughly twice what it should have been given the advertised pricing... Not to pile on unnecessarily, but in addition to those poor experiences, the fries were not nearly what I remember from the original recipe I had enjoyed since some twenty years ago. Clearly there is work to be done in terms of systems, training and customer service, and at this point I have no intention of returning any time soon. BTW, I already emailed "Rachel" with this same information but received no response.

Uriel MB

Good dinner done by Mexican hands in Columbus

Robb Smithson

Very busy but staff did a great job covering all tables. Meal was good.

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