Hadley's Bar + Kitchen

260 S 4th St, Columbus
(614) 222-3022

Recent Reviews

Lynne Johnson

Customer service was great. My meal was good.

Monique Crawford

Brunch chicken and biscuits were delicious! Mimosa special was a great value, $15 for bottle and OJ. My friends and I enjoyed ourselves. In addition, the staff provided great service. It was easy meter parking on Sunday but they have parking lots close to location.

matt bruno

Food was alright but the service was horrible. I understand the difficulties with staffing now but it was the worst service I've had even mid pandemic.We got quoted 20 min wait for 4 people, that turned in to an hour wait - annoying but understandable. We got sat and ordered drinks quickly which was nice (though the coffee was horrible). After we ordered and got the food, we the server never came back. I eventually flagged one down to get ketchup and order another drink for my friend, but the server never came back (my friend had to go to the bar to get her drink that was made but sitting on the bar for ~10 min). Getting the check took a really long time too though it looked like a few big tables might have been paying too.I understand it's a difficult time but even still is expect at least a check in from the server at least once during the meal.

Amber Maybe Nikki

Me and my friend went for Sunday brunch. The floor under our table was filthy with food from previous guests. My friend grabbed the broom and swept it herself. Ordered mimosas with our breakfast and there was 8 of us at the table. When the waitress brought us the champagne glasses, ALL 8 WERE FILTHY!!!! One glass still had a damn lip print on it. But the waitress ended up saving the day with clean glasses. I ordered the doughnut French toast ?. It was amazing! And I got a taste of the chicken and biscuit with gravy and that was delicious too! Food was a slam dunk. Just needs detail etiquette for that specific waitress.

Cequence Harper

Seen a picture of the donut french toast on instagram, went the next day and it was so amazing that we continued to go back every weekend.. literally. Last weekend, had my moms birthday brunch there & ordered the french toast, again and it was VERY runny. tasted like i was eating the mix they used to make it. tasted my girlfriends to see if hers was the same. & it was cooked perfect. Asked the waitress if she could take it back to the cook to maybe cook it longer. in NO way was i wanting this to be a free meal, simply just wanted it made longer & she stated that “the manager” who never left behind the bar, stated that they wouldn’t do it because “it’s made like that every weekend” as if i’ve never ate it before & made the server bring it back to me. needless to say i paid for a meal that i didn’t eat AND still tipped. BUT, i will not return. i’ve been a complete advocate for this business, with my friends and family but this establishment will no longer receive mine, or my families money! poor customer service. no other resolutions offered.

Joshua Reyes

Cailyn H was awesome!!! The food and drinks are so good! For sure we will be back. Awesome brunch menu!

Sharon Bunnie Moore

I was in Columbus Oh for a special event. We were excited to go to Hadley's for Brunch. We arrived at the restaurant at 10:35am and was told we could have a table for 4 but must be gone by 11:45 for someone who had a reservation. We placed our order quickly but at 11:20 we still didn't have our orders. We finally got it but were rushed through. I will never return to Hadley's. Not a good experience!!


One of the best burgers in Columbus. Their truffle fries, deep fried cauliflower and sweet potato fries are also must haves. Best fry sauce I’ve ever had!

Margay Mumy

Ellie was our server! Thank you, love!!!! xoxo! Columbus is pretty awesome for little places like these with such company like beautiful Ellie!

Zheng Hong T.

$15 bottomless mimosas! Do I need to say more? But Harleys is always a nice brunch place, with it being located next to 16-bit and that makes for an awesome afternoon of drining then gazing

Tiffany T.

Great brunch! Their Oreo alcoholic milkshake is the best boozy milkshake I've had in Columbus. I like that the taste of alcohol isn't overwhelming. They have special mixers for their milkshakes too. The eggs Benedict was good.

Dean M

My Coworkers and I went there for Dinner. Our Server Ellie was friendly and helpful. I highly recommend the Hadley's Diner Burger. My Vegetarian Friend loved the Grilled Cheese and the Pickles.

Monica Lewis

My experiences have all been during the pandemic. The staff was always friendly and helpful on both carry out and dine in orders.

Grace W.

Had a fantastic brunch here! The staff was accommodating for my larger sized group and they were very kind. Best thing on the menu is the chicken n biscuits-- they're cooked to perfection! On their website they offer a lunch menu but when I went around 12:30 only the brunch menu was available, so if you're wanting something off the lunch menu just make sure they are serving lunch at the time you go.


Came for Happy Hour with my co-workers. We started at a hightop near the door but the sun was in our faces so we asked to move to a booth near the wall. Staff was very accommodating and our server was attentive the whole time without hovering.I showed up late so I didn't catch his name, but my receipt says Bryce.Happy hour was always great here and I'm happy to see that hasn't changed! We split a few of the 1/2 price apps between us had a great time! The Nachos are huge!Hoping to make this our regular spot again now that returning to the office is in our near future :(Thanks for the great experience!

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