Johnson's Real Ice Cream

2728 E Main St, Columbus
(614) 231-0014

Recent Reviews

Patrick M.

I've had their ice cream before and it's delicious but this review is for the lunch I had today. I ordered the Turkey Focaccia. It's turkey on French artisan bread. I must not know my breads because I was told the bread in the picture was French artisan. Looked more like 99¢ Kroger bread.

Cynthia N.

We had a milk shake and a brownie dessert both are good and tasty. This ice cream spot has been here for years . They also serve lunch and do parties. You will enjoy what ever you select I'm sure !

Betsy E.

Have been coming to Johnson's my entire life and I've yet to find better ice cream anywhere. My favorite is the Butter Fudge Ripple, but you can't go wrong with any flavor on the menu. Seasonal flavors are great, love getting cinnamon to go with apple pie in the fall and peppermint stick is my go to holiday dessert! Love that this is a family owned business and has been passed down to multiple generations. Hope they keep the tradition alive forever!

David L. Landefeld

Always great ice cream and friendly service.

Lisa Baker

Come here once or twice a week my family and I have nothing but good things say the employees are great clean environment highly recommend

Lori Silverstein

Visited Sunday evening and was warmly greeted by the teens working behind the counter. They gave us samples of new flavors and couldn't have been more friendly and courteous. Was surprised to see the comments about poor customer service as they were really personable and humorous. Ice cream, as always, was delicious!

Hannah Carrier

Donâ??t get me wrong, the ice cream here is fantastic. I came in at about 9:30 tonight (an hour and a half before close) and ordered two hand packed quarts and a hand packed pint. Iâ??ve worked at an ice cream store before, so I know how annoying it is to hand pack ice cream. I get that you donâ??t want to make it. However...when Iâ??m spending $26 on ice cream, I at least expect a thank you. I smiled and said thank you to each associate that helped me, two of which said nothing, and the third rudely said â??yup.â? You can tell the kids here donâ??t want to be there, and donâ??t want the customers to be there either. They definitely need to learn better customer service skills if they want this place to have a good atmosphere like it should. I didnâ??t feel welcomed. Still coming back for the ice cream though.

Bobbie Shkolnik

Johnson's Cappachino Yogurt is the best as are the Nutty Buddy's! However, I'm most often in there for their great tuna salad!!!

Christie A Cowen

They are one of the few places that have lemon ice cream, a true blast from my past!! Their ice cream was top notch!!

Kelly Brewer

Nice staff. Got the buckeye sundae. Too much everything but ice cream.

Linda S.

Johnson's Real Ice Cream is my all time favorite ice cream shop, ever since I was a little girl. And my all time favorite ice cream is their Peppermint Stick ice cream. It makes me a little sad that they don't offer that flavor all year round anymore, but I'm glad I can still enjoy it at least during the Christmas season (and now also in July). Whenever I eat that ice cream, it brings me happy memories of a much simpler time in my life. Yes, I know.....I'm a nostalgic dork. But, hey. That is perfectly fine with me.


Ate here for the first time and it was great, I had one scoop of their turtle ice cream in a cup and it was great.

Mark E.

Super tasty homemade ice-cream!! Pretty clean, huge menu, staff is friendly. They have places outside to eat as well as a private room for parties etc. $3.50 for a single scoop and over $5 for a small milkshake. Great for out of towners but too pricey for locals to frequent imo.

james walker

Went there 6/23 around 3. Had some angsty teenager give me attitude about how i ordered my ice cream. Asked if I could have mint chocolate chip and he responded "chocolate or vanilla" to which i responded I just wont normal mint chocolate chip is that what that is? And he goes "obviously not if I'm asking you if you want chocolate or vanilla" I go on to say I'd like 1 scoop of normal mint chocolate chip and he asks in a small or large cup? I say whatever cup one scoop fits in, he rolls his eyes scoops the ice cream and tosses it on the counter and turns his back to me...

Greg K.

Now that summer is here, it's always great to stop by Johnson's Ice Cream for fresh, home-made ice cream. There are a lot of flavors to choose from and I like the milk shakes too. The service is good even when the place is full of customers. We've been coming here for a long time!

E Summer

Extremely poor service. The young school boys working here do not know how to provide proper customer service. While standing at the counter for 10 minutes, I was completely ignored and neglected, without even a greeting while they continuously made eye contact with me for reasons I'm still scratching my head to understand. there's a pattern I've noticed here and the Columbus Ohio area. I would not revisit this location or any Johnson's locations again. The manager here needs to retrain his employees.

john plymale

GOOD ICE cream, the very Best all flavors

Marissa W.

I have always visited the Dublin location and was excited to try the original location! The Bexley location has a parking lot. We visited on a Sunday afternoon and it was not very busy, but the restaurant was pretty dirty. Service was prompt and friendly. This location offers a food menu in addition to ice cream, but we stuck with the ice cream. I love that they will server two flavors in one 'scoop' - this allows you to try more flavors but not increase the volume of ice cream! They have more flavors than the Dublin location. I think Johnson's has some of the best ice cream i the city but this was not my favorite location.

Megan R.

After looking at all of the reviews for this place, I was super excited to try their ice cream! I was a little disappointed though. I was expecting a much creamier and rich ice cream than what I got. After trying a few different ice creams, I chose to get a scoop of the moose tracts and a scoop of the cookie dough. Both were pretty good overall. The moose tracts had a tone of chocolate and peanut butter cups which was amazing! I am a huge fan of a lot of "chunkage" in my ice cream! But the texture of the actual ice cream could have been better in the moose tracts. As for the cookie dough, there really wasn't a lot of it... I wanted more "chunkage" in this ice cream. The texture was much creamier in the cookie dough though! The service was very attentive. There were a lot of workers that were eager to take my order which I appreciated, however it was a bit much. I felt like I was being constantly stared down as I was choosing which flavor I wanted. I loved that this place felt like an old fashioned ice cream shop. It reminded me of childhood with the menu signs with the push letters and the welcoming staff. It also had all your classic ice cream flavors. One thing that I really wished Johnson's Real ice cream had was a case where I could see the ice cream as I was deciding. Overall I felt like this was just your average ice cream shop. It was classic and was great on a warm, summer night!

James G.

The black cherry ice cream was good by short on cherry flavor. The strawberry was delicious. The single scoop was very generous. The Sundae deluxe rather interesting. The family had fun.

Jane Heydinger

Great ice cream and outdoor seating!

Saphace A.

Really cool ice cream shop that makes their own ice cream in house! They sell their ice cream regionally in many restaurants, including in Cameron Mitchell restaurants. We came for a tour with the Bexley Parks and Rec Dept, so there were over 20 of us. They let us taste the vanilla ice cream as soon as it was freshly made. Whoa. It was creamy! You could really taste the vanilla! It's a family business that's been around for five generations. Very cool! Staff here is really nice too! Parking is ample and the place is a lot bigger than I thought. It's got an old school feel about it and you can sit inside or outside. They sell pints of ice cream. You can also busy sandwiches and chips if you want something savory. I'm not in this end of town much but I was certainly impressed! They've got all kinds of flavors and can make ice cream cakes for ya!

Justinne I.

Wow. Phenomenal ice cream but the service! Ask for Pam-- does she know ice cream! Scooper good!!

Luisa Flores

Best ice cream flavors in town and great service. Love the seasonal specials and the Lemon ice cream.

chris black

Been going since I was a kid made in house amazing ice cream

Tobias Simon

Always a jewel in Bexley, great place, great ice cream!

Marissa D.

Johnson's is a great place for some local ice cream! Their ice cream is always very smooth and creamy. My favorite flavor is their triple vanilla bean. One of the best vanilla ice creams I've ever had! Another great flavor they have to offer is birthday cake. Usually when I think of birthday cake ice cream, I imagine a super sweet flavor, but Johnson's version is just sweet enough, without being overpowering. You should definitely stop in and try a scoop!

Ashley J.

I always make sure to stop in at Johnson's at least once whenever I visit Columbus. The ice cream flavors are incredible and there are so so many! Honestly it's a bit overwhelming how many flavors they have because I never know what I want, but the employees are always patient and helpful. I typically get the blueberry pie flavor, and it actually tastes like you're eating a blueberry pie, just in ice cream form. I just recently got a sandwich from their lunch menu and it was good as well, but the real star of this family owned business is the ice cream.

Beth Bradley

Located on Main St in Bexley the Johnson family has made & served ice cream for decades. Great assortment of flavors and beverages. They don't have a drive thru but have limited parking with Handicap parking & access. You will move clockwise to exit. You can buy your ice cream to take home or eat in. They also serve a few lunch items. Sit at a table or in a booth. In the summer you can choose seating on their front patio. Historical pics & news articles can be seen on the wall above some of their booths.

Latoyia Smith

Customer service is always great. I tried eggnog flavor for the first time. It was delicious!

Miss Courtney Woods

Wonderful customer service. Very clean and peaceful atmosphere.

Erin Gray

I visit everytime I'm in Columbus. It is the best ice cream ever; plus the staff is always friendly and helpful with any questions I may have.


Wonderful experience and excellent ice cream at Johnsonâ??s. The people were nice and the locally made ice cream was extra creamy. Last August Johnsonâ??s operated an ice cream truck at a family event I hosted and they were a HIT!

Paul R.

Always wanted to try this place bc I LOVE ice cream therefore I ended up at this establishment in January! Lol Easy ordering with lots of flavors available and the service was good and expedient. Best part the ice cream was AWESOME! The neighborhood surrounding this place is quaint and adds to the atmosphere. I will definitely return in the warmer months to get the full experience.

Jeannie E.

While killing time before heading to the airport to head home, we came across this place. There looked to be a pretty good selection of flavors. I opted for two scoops of ice cream in a cup. My bf asked for an ice cream cookie sandwich (there are a couple different varieties of cookies on the counter and he was going to chose a scoop of ice cream). The heavyset girl behind the counter told him he could get a premade cookie sandwich from the freezer but she would not make him one! I told him to just get two cookies and a scoop of ice cream and we'd do it ourselves. At the same time, another male worker overhead and said he would make the cookie sandwich for us to which the girl rolled her eyes. Kudos to the young man who tried to make it right, but, if I lived in Columbus, I would find another ice cream shop because of her.

Seth Humphrey

Literally THE BEST ICE CREAM in Columbus

Daryl Wilber

First time here. Great ice cream. Will come back.

Amy Skeels

Nice, friendly and funny staff. Ice cream was very good.

Johannes B.

Best Ice cream in Town but not only that, sandwiches and soups as well, which are very good as well. Not only the ice cream is delicious but there are so many different tastes. A place to go for a long time already - I will be back for sure!!

Violet Jackson

By Far the Best Icecream Ever!.