Lexi's on Third featuring danny's deli catering & originals

Chase Towers, 100 E Broad St #150, Columbus
(614) 229-5394

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Mx. Catiko

Great service from the employees! Great location, convenient to the path I took for my day. The food and drink were amazing! I got the bacon hamburger with regular fries and a Dr. Pepper. Scarfed it down unlike any other burger! I recommend going here if you are near Chase Tower/the area.Edit: Forgot to add that the pricing was very reasonable! For the amount of food and drink I got, it was a really good price.

Justin Trembach

Great food, great portion sizes and very friendly staff

Adrian Vandenbout

Really great spot for lunch sandwiches; they have all the NYC classics. I recommend the Reuben and the New Yorker. The prices seem high until you get your food and realize they put like 3/4 lbs. of meat on each sandwich.

Jordan S

I've had a few menu items from Lexi's, all pretty good, but I HAVE to highly reccomend the Roast Beef Melt. It's hot, juciy and full of flavor. It's out of this world good. Seriously one of the best, if not the best, sandwich I've ever had!

Zachary Monhollen

Love the staff. The food is great and the menu is huge. The perfect lunch spot downtown.

E Steele

Ordered the corn beef hash meal on door dash. The menu describes the hash as being homemade. But, it honestly tastes canned. The consistency is similar to mush.Not sure I'd order it again. It would likely be better if they cubed the corned beef and used home fries for the potatoes.


Had the jawbreaker (priced at $19) for lunch and could barely finish it. The portion and taste were unmatched in any corned beef sandwich I have ever had on rye bread. I would strongly recommend this sandwich. Restaurant has outdoor seating and it was perfect on a sunny 81 degree day.


Best soup and sandwich for lunch. Love the chicken salad and matzo ball soup. Not a fan of the potato salad, but coleslaw is good.

Kirstyn Jones

I've been going here for years the food is Delicious. BLT on white bread fried mushrooms and cobb salad are my favorites.

Leslie U.

I got an Uber Eats delivery from Lexi's today. Uber messed up the order and refused to help me. I called Lexi's and they made it right for me even though Uber was at fault. I appreciate this level of customer service and will def give Lexi's my business again (but not through Uber!)

Phoenix_Sol_ Riseup

Tasty! I ordered onion rings and tomato bisque; both were good. I’ve ordered that combo a few times. Nice lunchtime option.

Tom R.

I've been going to Lexi's for breakfast and lunch since they opened. The team is pleasant and efficient- the food is fantastic- don't underestimate this place, it's full of variety and flavor.

Ichiroku Chan

Yummy! Gyro meat is indeed a breakfast meat. Also the Yummy Royale is the best BEC croissant ever created

Mike Ijams

The best Deli in Columbus

Susan Brown

We walked around aimlessly looking for breakfast and finally walked into a hotel and asked for suggestions. She said Lexi’s and boy was she right. It hit the spot! Although, my husband ordered French toast and he got pancakes, they were still tasty. They have Block’s Bagels and since we were visiting Cbus and we miss Block’s Bagels (we are from here), that was a nice surprise.

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Lexi's on Third featuring danny's deli catering & originals

Chase Towers, 100 E Broad St #150, Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 229-5394