17 S High St #175, Columbus
(614) 224-1976

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Mia Inc

I was ABSOLUTELY APPALLED BY THE CUSTOMER SERVICE ( or lack of) and professionalism extended by the employees on shift. I have personally been a restaurant general manager for over 15 years and rarely have I been treated so rudely. I will not recommend the BROAD STREET LOCATION NOR WILL THEY EVER HAVE THE PLEASURE OF MY FAMILY 'S MONEY OR PATRONAGE.

Lady in Red

Mac n cheese and pot pie soup is cool.. but how they dip it with those cups in unsanitary!!! Use the proper utensils Geesh!

Mike S

I stopped in this location for the first time. I had the Italian sub on the multigrain bun.This is by far one of the worst sandwiches I've had in a long time at any restaurant.The multigrain bum was hard like a rock it had been old is probably was past it's date by several days.Unlucky for me that I didn't eat it there and was able to complain. I brought it home with me a 10-minute ride. This is the hardest one I've ever had on any sandwich ever.

Patrick Hafer

I've been meaning to try this place for quite some time. It did not disappoint, I highly recommend the wreckFood: 5/5

Tom Whiston

A great Wreck and chocolate shKe.Food: 5/5

Cáterin Andrea Galindo Serna

It was the first time I knew this restaurant, it is delicious, the sandwiches are very very good and I fell in love with the milkshake, this place is very nice and the attention of the guys is great

justin thurston

Nov. 28th around closing time. Employee was very rude on the phone and hung up while I was in the middle of asking a question.

Anita R.

Toady I place an order for Lunch for my self and a friend total 42.35, Order was placed at 8:00 am for a 12:00 delivery, received confirmation that my order was received. About noon I called the store because I tracked the order and it was still only received. They said they have no control of when they pick up the order, waited another 15 minutes and called back was placed on hold and no one came back. It is now 3:17 and no one has called me back from the corporate office. They took the money out of my account but never delivered the food. The sad part is the food is good but the customer service is terrible. If they would have said I am sorry we will not be able to make the delivery I would have made other plans.


I called the High St location about my order that was to be delivered at 12:00, nothing received, the response was "We dont control when they pickup the order. Called several time and was put on hold. Tried calling back and they never answered. Took my money and never delivered my food.

Jon D

Not a fan. I had the BLTA which was really salty. The bacon flavor was lost in the sandwich. My wife had the Italian. She described it as "kind of dry". The dining area was clean and the staff was friendly. The sandwiches were not too expensive, but I would probably would take a pass.

Jeremy Roth

Solid lunch subs, and soup was surprisingly very good. At a lot of sub places, it's an afterthought.


Good food and one of the few restaurants downtown open past 2pmFood: 5/5


Very good food! Great service! Would highly recommend going.


Pretty tasty lunch. They are very busy at the typical lunch hour 12-1pm but get the line moving fast.Food: 4/5

Braulio Fontanez

Good afternoon to all..not sure where this will go or who is able to help me resolve what happened today Wednesday October 19th of 2022 at Potbelly. I deliver for Doordash and received a large order. Upon arriving I gave the name of the order and a young lady, who I believe was the manager told me it will be a while and I said okay. I also texted the customer to let them know that I had arrived at Potbelly.15 to 20 minutes later I was still waiting for this order...which I absolutely have no problem with that. I texted the customer once again with the status of her order but this time with a (Photo) of the place being busy, letting the customer know the reason I was still there.I believe the person who confronted me about the photo being taken is the manager which I don't have her name.. and she said to me that she did not appreciate me taking a photo of her employees and told me to delete it, and I politely said to her that this is a public place but I never got the opportunity to explain to her the reason of the photo. A few minutes later went by and the order was complete. As she gives me the three bags (same person I believe is the manager) she once again told me the same words as before, I guess to draw more attention but this time she said I was NOT TO COME BACK!!... don't know about you all, but that's not a good feeling. I work very hard at delivering for Doordash to take care of my Family... Can someone please get back to resolve this..No one should be told not to come to a business for taking a photo in public which is perfectly legal. Sorry for the long statement.

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