Rubinos Pizza

2643 E Main St, Columbus
(614) 235-0712

Recent Reviews

Alan Davis

Wonderful cracker crust They do not take credit cards.

Zac Crowley

Pickles on a pizza sounds strange - no doubt, but you gotta give it a try!! There salad is a great deal too!! Rubino’s is always a hit :)

Doug Chilcote

Hot as an oven inside but the pizza was excellent. Will have again.

Tom Camaj

Pizza looks nothing like the pictures. Got a simple, pepperoni pizza that came out paper thin and tasting like it was frozen a few minutes prior. Didn't even come in a box for takeout. Cash only, no delivery

Lisa Baker

Old school Pizza ! Thin crust crunchy reminds me of Zamarelli's in Grove City Ohio .The staff was very friendly place an order for takeout while waiting 10 minutes looked over and they have a Pac-Man game definitely had to play . There is a small dine-in area bring your family out highly recommend.

Paul A

The best, crispy thin crust, the best pepperoni and made with perfection.. Been going for 50 years and never disappointed.

Troy Peterson

Good crust. Need better Italian sausage. More cheese. Cash only : (

William Fisher

This is the best pizza in town. Period. Nothing else compares, after you’ve tried Rubino’s!!

William Roberts

3rd time there. Ravioli was good. Pizza was ok but not my favorite. Place is small, noisy and hot. Ringing phone is enough to drive you crazy.


I visited here for the first time, the pizza is thin crust, the meat sauce is thick and tasty, as well as the cheese. The inside was really warm even with the fans going. I recommend this place for good oven baked pizza

lynn oladunni

No air conditioner very hot and crowded on the inside. And they only take cash that's a No-No. Customers were standing around waiting on seats. Other than that service was great and food was good!


I visited here for the first time, the pizza is thin crust, the meat sauce is thick and tasty, as well as the cheese. The inside was really warm even with the fans going. I recommend this place for good oven baked pizza

Tramp Von Trickle

This is one of our favorite pizza places in town. Highly recommended. Small dining room, great staff, pizzas made right there in front of you. This place is a Columbus institution! If you haven't tried it, you'd best get about it!


Could not wait to have double sausage, double pepperoni, with double cheese pizza. Ate it in car. Had two more pizzas for family. The thin crust is tasty. The sausage has a great spice taste, it is cut thin in slices. Brings back so many memories. Always tastes the same... consistent.

Dan Petrovich

Everything is awesome, homemade and delicious

Karen Cooksey

Fortunately this shop is far away enough from me to prevent a massive weight gain, because it is my version of a dream pizza ! Thin thin crispy crust, plenty of tangy sweet sauce & toppings....FRESH raw mushrooms a bonus! This was my first time eating Rubinos pizza & rest assured it won't be my last! Even if it's out of my way, I'll be back. Also, the ambiance is intoxicating! Family operated & owned for 50+ years, it's a blast from the past that has transitioned just fine to the 21st century! LOVED IT! 👍❤️

t Money

Doesn't look like much but food kicks butt and very nostalgic since 1954.

Sarah Jax

Amazing, one of a kind. My husbands childhood favorite! Possibly the best in the world!

Cindi Clark-Gillotte

Best pizza around!!!! So good you get cravings for their pizza. Nice atmosphere & friendly staff.

Sally Van Eycke

Mega loud for dine-in. Cash only. OK pizza. No Hawaiian. Soda can vending machine. OK sized parking lot if all you are doing is picking up. Service was fairly fast, very friendly.

Stacey Winkler

Water was served in gross stained plastic containers. The pizza is ok if you like cracker thin crispy crust but the sauce to cheese ratio was way off. Too much sauce for the skimpy amount of cheese. Toppings were good and plentiful. The restaurant was smoky from the ovens. The bathrooms had inoperable locks and could use a good scrub. Overall it's not a good experience but the older members of my family grew up eating this pizza and they love it.

Charlie W Reichenbach

I never give a 5 but in this case I have to. I have been going to this place all my life. The food is always on point and the workers are amazing. I can not sing their praises enough. I would recommend getting it well done for the perfect chrisp bite.

Shari McMasters

Rubino's is the BEST! Their thin crust is always crisp, and they load their pizzas with toppings. They have been voted the best thin crust pizza in Ohio. Leave your credit card home, as they only accept cash.

Beth Suver

Best pizza EVER! Love the homemade sausage and small town feel!

jessica carl

Quite busy but pizza is great. Although definitely think that it's worth mentioning that they only accept cash for pizza. Or anything really I did not know this and I had to go to the ATM to get cash to pick up my pizza so I think everyone should know before that they go that they only accept cash.

Charlotte Smith

A fav location for tasty Pizza. Service is always prompt even when they have a full house. This place has an awesome feel to it.


I enjoyed this place, but more impressed by the prices. the small pizza was cracker crust which was fine, but it easily gets overcooked. Small salad just lettuce and dressing. This beats the chains but is more a college dive type pizza


Ate there last night after almost one year. So good!! Looking forward to Tuesday . This is the place for pizza

karen stahl

Good place and great pizza. Long wait but they only had one waitress working. She did a good job

Michael Weller

Good pizza. Great service. I love local places that have regulars. This is the place.

Brian Reese

This pizza was fantastic. Very very thin crispy crust. We got cheese pizza and pepperoni and sausage and they were both delicious. This place is like stepping back in time. They had rotory phones, a pay phone, pinball machine, and a miss Pacman game. It was refreshing to see someone not change what works. I wish this place was closer to my home. Definitely has to be one of the best places in the Columbus Ohio area for pizza

Nicholas Schuyler


Jeremy Jay

I can't say enough how much I love this place! It is just as I remember as a kid when my grandpa would take us. Pin ball and a Pac man video game! Even my dad says it hasn't changed. Pizza is excellent!

Amy Clodfelter

The absolute best thinnest crust pizza I’ve ever had. It’s been the same for at least 35 years that I remember eating it. You can’t go wrong!

Kasey Berger

Greatest pizza in Columbus!!! Been going there for 28 years! They also have the best staff too :) Make sure to bring cash, they do not except card.

Wayne Paul

Amazing food and great service. Recommend this to everybody

Caleb Sayre

Very old school! Great pizza, great service! CASH ONLY. They do not accept credit card but great for a planned afternoon. Would recommend for a casual lunch or dinner.


This is an institution in Bexley, and well worth the 'experience' -- a hole-in-the wall pizza place with the best thin-crust pizza in town. Bring cash -- inexpensive but didn't take credit cards when I visited.

Colin Flack

Not sure what the hype is about for Rubino's, it's good, but not 5 star good. I'm not a huge fan of the cracker thin crust, which it appears other people are.

john smith

Great pizza, family owned, thin pizza that is ready pretty fast, only downside is you have to pay with cash, but there is a bank nextdoor