61 E Gay St, Columbus
(614) 221-4040

Recent Reviews

Alyssa Sharp

The owner or manager who was there today is very nice :)

Johnathan Murr

Both me and my husband got food poisoning after eating food from here.

Micheal Arteaga

Rude and unwelcoming.

Ronnie Mcdaniel

Arrived at seven, it wasn't crowded. I will be bringing family next time. The bill was average for the menu.

T Robles

I was so full. The staff was sociable and attentive. The bill won't break you. Similar to a cafe in Las Vegas I loved.

Princess Dia

They never answer the phones

Lori Payne

Ordered on Mobile app and the order was wrong. I said no tomatoes and lettuce but sub had them. When I mentioned I didn't order them they said I did order them. I took the tomatoes and lettuce off myself and ate the sub.

Kyle A.

Nice place. I usually don't rate fast food places as you can easily have different managers, staff etc from month to month and year to year plus ingredients the same. This place is downtown Columbus - it's the only breakfast place I found open at 7 am in area. Guy working said he's worked here 13 years very friendly. I left and business I was going to was closed so I came back and am hanging out another 15 minutes before building opens. Really nice guy and good service and food you would expect from Subway.

Jackson Hogan

Fast and awesome customer service.

Bill Mcfarland jr.

Great food and service

Crystal Amesquita

Good food fast service friendly staff..

david crawford

Great sandwiches and service

Drew Palmiter

Typical subway.

John MacGregor

I eat lunch here nearly every day, and i am always blown away by how efficient, friendly, and consistent this location is. The make line is clean, the ingredients freshed, and despite being whisked along quickly i never feel rushed. This crew has clearly been at it for some time and have the Subway model down to a science--Ive never once finished my lunch and been unsatisfied.

Gustavo Barcenas

Godí³ good

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