Taco Bell

8440 N High St, Columbus
(614) 431-1424

Recent Reviews

Joseph Jessee

This afternoon I stop by this taco Bell to pick up lunch. I ordered ahead of time through the mobile application to save. Upon arrival, I went to the spot indicated for mobile pick up. I watched the woman make my order in the back, bag it up, and just set it to the side. Meanwhile, she went on to prepare other orders and would place then on the counter. The cashier finally looked at me and asked if there was something I needed, and I told him that I had a mobile pickup order. After my lunch sat there for a few minutes, he finally brought it to me.

Pawan Dhillon

This was my birthday and I think it was last 2 months and I had a great time it was fun

Paula Garfield

Excellent. I always go to the Taco Bell on 23. The quality of the food at this store is much better than the Taco Bell off of Worthington Woods. Service is excellent here as well.

Carrie C

I wanted to give positive recognition to the staff that was working around 9:45pm on October 16th 2019. I went through the drive thru and the person taking my order was very upbeat and friendly. When it was my turn to pull up to the window they were quick and my food was right and hot. Whoever prepared my food was quick and made sure they got it right. Thank you for being so quick and prompt. The whole staff was great!


I've always really liked Taco Bell, because it's a great place to get a reasonably healthy meal. This location is big on using the computer to place your order, and I like it. Clean, efficient, and it works perfectly!

Nick Patio

Food and service is good. Just can't figure out when is it open or close. This place has been getting lots of outside construction

Liz Roberts

I really do hate complaining because there are worse things happening in the world but feedback needs to be given. We had a horrible mobile order and customer service experience. Made a mobile order for drive thru pick up and was told to go inside without an explanation why. Went inside and still was not told why we had to go inside. Defeats the purpose of drive thru pick up. Then 10+ minutes later we received our food and one of the items was incorrect. I brought it back up to the counter (which I hate doing because it's a waste of food) and told them it was supposed to be dairy free because of a dairy allergy. They looked at me like I was crazy and I said I ordered it without any dairy through the app too. They reluctantly remade it and hopefully nothing was tampered with. Will be avoiding this location.

April Wycuff

It's a hit or miss... in terms of

Brittany W

The food was fine. It was the service. The service here sucks and I'm actually shocked because of the location.

Emily K.

Wish I could give 0 stars. Last night we tried to go at 1 am and they didn't give any attention to drive through, once again tried the next day and were "closed" over an hour before closing time once again. Drove through the window and they looked right past us and went and hid. I've worked restaurant/ customer service the last 8 years and have never had this kind of service. I will never be back to this location again.

Andy Thissen

Good service. The service crew was friendly and helpful. Made my special order correctly and gave me suggestions to streamline it. Really was a good experience.

Hannah S.

Steak Quesarito barely had any rice. This was all I received. I also asked for no sour cream (which I already tried to take out before the photo)

Ariel Roberts

This is one of my favorite Taco Bell's to go to. It's right on my way to Campus and the employees are always so upbeat and nice. Brings a smile to my face every time I go through the drive through. My order is always correct, and its quick so I know even if I'm running late I can still stop and grab a taco on my way to class. Great job to this location!

Tammy Noel

Employees were too busy chatting and forgot to fill our order until they noticed we were standing there waiting. Food was only fair. Person sweeping floor was banging chairs around we could not talk. I would go through the drive through and skip dining in.

Myrriah Clarke

It feels silly to review a Taco Bell, but this one is worth it. Iâ??ve been here several times and the staff are always pleasant and the food is always perfect. Iâ??m a vegetarian and order modified items and they never make me feel like itâ??s some sort of inconvenience. So many Taco Bells mess up my food, so itâ??s nice to have one that doesnâ??t!

Sarah C.

All the workers were so so kind and kept checking on us. They made sure we had everything we needed and helped us order on the kiosk.

Daniel Reynolds

What a disgrace of an establishment. Gentleman taking my order clearly didnâ??t like his job and made it very obvious and clear. To add to that completely butchered the order. I am unaware chicken quesadillas are made of steak now!

Marcus Too Cold

Staff were friendly. Restaurant was clean. Food was great.

Crystal Fobbs

The crew the staff whatever you want to call them was so honest and I'll give them 5 stars I left my change there and went back and they took care me, so awesome I recommend the Trust..... thanks to the guy in the Drive-Thru and and your management what a blessing!! Amenð???

D Fisher

Tacos have about a tablespoon of meat, no more. Mostly just lettuce and cheese in a taco shell. Avoid this one if you want to actually EAT something.

The Phalanx74

Once in a while, we get that special kind of hungry that requires Taco Bell. And when that happens, we order way too much. And because of that I drive further away to this location because the Polaris location has messed up 50% of our orders... and the food looks like it was previously digested. Anyway this location is pretty solid and messed my order up once this weekend. First in a good run of service over the months.

Linda Smith

Love the taco salad there. Service is good

Gabrielle H.

I am writing this as I am currently waiting on food... and have been for awhile. I tried to use the new order system and it said breakfast was all day.... it isn't. So, I ordered and then had to reorder. They were kind about giving my money back and providing refills for the freezes for my cousins. The food took forever.... the chips are stale... IT IS SO HOT IN HERE.............. definitely will not be returning.

Cici M

The new close time for this Taco Bell is 11pm. I arrived at 9:45pm. The lights were out on the outside but the inside were dim and the drivethru light was on. I pulled up to order and was informed they were closed. I informed them they didnâ??t close until 11pm and was ignored. Last time I visit

Pgw G.

We tried to go in to the dining area and they are closed at 645p on a Monday. We went to the drive thru and the woman at the window was so rude with her tone, and a very nasty attitude. Ofcourse she also messed up our order and we had to go around a second time. Not a pleasant experience at all!

Julie A.

Location was closed at 10pm on a Friday night. The week before it was closed at 11pm on a Sunday. This is a frequent occurrence.

Jamie Thompson

This is the best taco Bell I have ever been to! After almost a year of avoiding the company because none of them seem to be able to get an order right, went out on a limb after I was told this one was good. They were amazing. We got everything we ordered, nothing was missing or messed up, tasted great, and the people were amazing! This location needs to train the other locations in the area how the should be doing business!

Ryan S.

This place has very inconsistent service after midnight. Don't waste time going out of your way to stop here late, even though late night food is supposed to be something this chain is known for.

Matthew Bell

This Taco Bell was Awesome. It Totally Stands Alone From The Other Taco Bell's I have been to. I was greeted right away with a hello & a smile. I had a large order, everything I order was repeated back to me, when I got my food everything was correct & DELICIOUS. I was there at 11am Saturday 3/9/19. Keep Up The Service & Thank you.ð??ð???

bradley warchol

They said that closed at 2am when it says they close at 3am on the building and online. With that said when I lived around here I don't remember them ever being willing to help customers after about midnight.

Lauren James

Best customer service for a fast food place. I have never met a nicer crew.

Leigh Pierce

Everything came as ordered and was given to me promptly. Thank you!

Brian Reese

Good as always. The very tall man cashier who helped us was very kind and helpful, I wish knew his name

Joseph Manley

Drive thru says open until 3am. We pull up at 2:20am and were ignored. We drove around to the drive thru window and the workers ignored us and kept their back to us (despite being able to clearly hear us). If you want to close at 2am, change your hours.

Leonel Bello

When I pulled up through the drive through the women that took my order was very rude. All I ordered was a 7-layer burrito and a cheesy bean and rice burrito but when i got my food it was by far the worst Taco Bell food I have ever had. The rice was like hard rock that were kept on the line to long. They were poorly folded I don't think I will ever go back to this Taco Bell location ever. Worst customer service and food quality ever.

Maria D.

Wow. So I have lived across the street from this location for at least 15 years so i am sure there have been multiple cycles of management within that time frame. I order the cheesy gordita crunch, which on most occasions very delicious! However, unfortunately they have forgotten to put the sauce on before; so since then I have requested extra sauce to ensure that they do not forget to put it on. This time, I really am not sure what happened, maybe when I said extra sauce they thought I said extra spice. The sauce quantity was the same as when I usually order extra sauce. However, it was at least 4x spicier than normal!!! Not sure if it was a different sauce or they messed up the recipe for the normal sauce. It was so spicy I almost could not even eat it and had to throw it away. Typically highly enjoy my experience here but really quite disappointed this time.

Caleb White

The food was typical Taco Bell. It had been 10 plus years since we had eaten there, but the food really hasn't changed except for some new items. However, the service SUCKS! The guy who took our order couldn't even tell us what was on the menu items and then charged us for a large iced tea we never ordered.


Was faster then most taco Bell that I've been to. Food was right so no complaint from me

Valerie C.

This location always has a line around the building for the drive through. We went inside to enjoy the $5 double chalupa boxes! We also got a side of refried beans for our daughter for 50 cents. She loved them and also enjoyed the cinnamon twists! The taco was nothing special but the double chalupa was great! The cheese sauce on there added flavor that the taco was just lacking. The store was empty when we arrived but several more people came in while we were there. They have both regular tables and bar height tables, which is pretty cool. Also they had a couple high chairs, so that was good.

Kevin C.

stopped in today for the Double Chalupa box. Taco Bell is pretty good and dependable fast food tastiness. The store was a bit dirty and empty when we placed our order, but since we are so cool the place started to fill up soon after we sat down to eat. I'd like to think we had control over that haha! The taco was nothing to write home about but that double chalupa was super tasty and hit the spot. I loved the mango brisk iced tea, very delicious!