Taco Bell

8440 N High St, Columbus
(614) 431-1424

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Absolutely worst tocobell ever. Employees extremely lazy, absolutely worthless. Dont reccomend anyone going here. Unless u want your day ruined

Michael K

I lived near here for a while and was the closest Taco Bell. They are consistently out of things. I went one morning for breakfast and they literally said sorry we have no breakfast food. I have gotten more wrong orders than correct orders. Food is low quality, even for Taco Bell. I have gotten burritos with both ends falling apart. Whoever runs this franchise just doesn’t seem to care. Avoid this location

Rachel Hartman

They offer breakfast, but there's no posted breakfast menu. They listed a few things, but what they told me wasn't exactly correct when I got to the window. They gave me my food, but asked me to pull up for my coffee, but I said I'd wait. I know there's a time clock on how long cars are supposed to be at the window, but the entire point is to track how long it takes, not to lie by making customers pull forward or in this case around the building to their other door. I did it as requested last time I was there, but the way the parking lot is, it's much more inconvenient to drive around. They offered to refund my coffee, which I accepted, but they gave me less money than they charged me. When I showed them my original receipt as proof, they took it and ended up refunding the whole order (still short $) and asked for the food back, and refused to give me back my receipt. The employees were filming the situation with their cell phones, and the man I was talking with mostly, didn't wear a mask to cover his mouth and nose at any point during this interaction. We both called the cops because I refused to leave, and he refused to give me back my receipts for the purchase and the refund. I wish it didn't have to come to that. The cop said it was a civil matter, not a criminal one, and I needed to take it up with their corporate office. They open at 8am, PST.

Kobi Sethna

The reviews are right this is the worst Taco Bell in the area. Walked in to place a breakfast order before the cutoff and was informed breakfast was not available. Went to get a refund and the manager came out lecturing us about not wearing masks when there was no posted signs and blamed Taco Bell Corporate for being slow at sending signs and that it was "disrespectful" to even ask because "covid 19 has been going on for months" and "it's all over the news". Save yourself the disgraceful treatment and visit another location.

Nickalous Babics

First thing they stopped utilizing the drive thru because of a system glitch or something. After getting in and no one taking orders, I just used self checkout. To then be told that they’re still unable to make a pineapple whip freeze after I already paid. No one was changing gloves either and masks were not on properly.

Paul Kramer

Worst experience at any fast food restaurant. We ordered ahead to save time and then wait 20 minutes for 3 cars in line in the drive thru. By the time we got to the front, there were 9 cars behind us and they had us wait another 2 minutes before they could take our order. When we got the food it was getting cold and half the chicken was dried up. We have never had a good experience at this location and will not be going back there again.

Lego StarWars8

Tasted as if it was all microwaved. Lettice seemed like its been sitting out for a while. Sour cream was warm if not hot. Shells seemed soggy. I suggest going to a different taco bell for sure.

Ryan Hess

As the food is good most of the time the drive thru service is awful. Every time I eat here they are always so rushed and don’t even think about coming if you don’t know exactly what you want and what you want with it because if not you will be Ignored, sighed at and talked to disrespectfully.

Joe Brookhart

Me and my family have always had a good experience at this Taco Bell. However this experience today was different. I would call it an EXCELLENT experience. We had a large order, and JULIUS was the man to help. He showed us exactly what customer service is. For a fast food joint, he went above and beyond. Thank you for the pleasant visit buddy!!

Chelsea Marbut

80% of the time, they read the order back to you and it’s correct, then you don’t get what they said. 3-4 things wrong in almost every order we’ve had. Always disappointing to not get what you‘ve paid for when they have the actual order taken correctly.

Stephanie Wilhelm

Twice they have given me a free drink while I have been waiting for my order. They are so nice at this Taco Bell!!

Coen Solis

I go to this lovely place many times a year! This is my favorite spot to to have a good dinner. I go to this spot frequently. The food is very good, the team is welcoming and the price is reasonable. I like going in this spot to have a tasty meal.

Kyleigh Miller

Great taco Bell! I live right next to it, and they're are always having fun in there at night. Some of my food didn't make it in the bag tonight, and they gave me the rest of my food when I returned and also some taco coupons! Thank you guys!


Staff working here are really nice and always give good attention to special instruction passed with the order. Good People!! Keep it Up!. Thank you.

Kintesh Patel

Staff working here are really nice and always give good attention to special instruction passed with the order. Good People!! Keep it Up!. Thank you.

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