Taco Bell

1312 W 5th Ave, Columbus
(614) 486-8891

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Fast food, but not fast service. Can you say they ALWAYS have a long line of 7 cards or more and you can't go inside.

David Zimmerman

Taco Bell is one of my favorite places to eat due to having food I love, an app that works, and the ability to order and pay through the app.

Allen Rich

Had uber driver take me there on the way back to my hotel, got a dozen tacos. Would love it if they were only 50 cents a piece though.

Carli T.

orders are inconsistent, cold/mushy and wrong almost everytime at this location. if you plan to order more than 3 things don't even bother because they will make it with wrong. never order anything with nacho cheese from this location either because they NEVER use it even though it costs extra for some items. better off going to a different location honestly.

Lemil White

It is an average solid Taco Bell. They get the orders right and are pretty fast.

Chelsy, LSW

I went to this Taco Bell around 8pm last night and a long line formed in back of me. No one responded on the intercom. I waited for a very long time. I eventually pulled off and went somewhere else to order food.

Josh Vanecko

We had nearly a 25 minute wait when we placed an order at the kiosk. We weren't checked on and had to go up and ask for our food. Although that was the case, our food was given to us hot and fresh! The team was very understanding and apologetic. They certainly fixed the problem and compensated for the inconvenience. So the main problem was the kiosk and not able to do what it was supposed to. Other than that we were happy with our experience and how the team responded to our situation!

Jordan Melas

Very hit or miss. The staff ranges from really great to hilariously bad at times. Definitely check your items before you leave.

Skyler Reimer

This Taco Bell is way better than the one near campus. Staff is always friendly and they make the food correctly and consistently.

Airiel Fields

Foods good needs better service.

Jeremy Schatz

They messed my order up bad. But what food they did give me was ok.

Meredith G.

order is wrong 50% of the time or an item is missing. the tables inside are always absolutely filthy.

Michael Murphy

Excellent breakfast options, especially they're mini skillet bowl. I wish they had better prices on they're drinks like McDonald's.

Marianne Morse

This Taco Bell really has great customer service and they get your order right, but tey do also fix it without any problems.

Sebrina Howard

Clean location with nicely put together food.

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