Taco Bell

1312 W 5th Ave, Columbus
(614) 486-8891

Recent Reviews

Child Of Family Love.

Love the 7 layer burrito.

Jim Davidson

It's there when you need it. Here's hoping they bring back to double-decker taco.

Christopher Miller

It's Taco Bell - I always get the Beefy Five Layer Burrito w/extra beef + added Lettuce and Onions, and, I always ask for it "grilled".

Emily Fox

This is hands down the best taco Bell I've ever been to. I've been consistently going here since I moved to the area 6 months ago and the staff is ALWAYS friendly, food is always hot and fresh and the orders are always accurate even though I always have to customize my food. Thanks guys appreciate you all

Mystie Dragonfly

This location is usually clean and the food usually fresh. The shells are crunchy and rarely taste stale. The staff are usually very friendly. However, it seems that they are working with an extremely bare-bones crew

Gregory V.

It says "Open until 3:00am" on Yelp, and their website, yet when I walk up to the establishment at 11:00pm, apparently they've already closed their lobby. I do not live here, I am traveling and currently do not have a car. Therefore the only way for me to get food from this "Open until 3am" restaurant was to drive my non-existent vehicle through their drive-thru in order to get food. Awesome!

Christina Gibson

Fast service & order made right. Great service!

Bob Roehm

What is now a Taco Bell at 1312 W. Fifth Ave. had previously been a Zantigo restaurant that had been built in 1978 on the site of a former movie theater. My partner and I, who had lived in that neighborhood about forty years ago, had eaten at that Zantigo restaurant many times between 1979 and 1981.

Chuck Tenny

Wish more neans were spread out on tostada.

jack khoury

Put some cheese on your tacos, it's so hot and miss at taco Bell

Sharon Desarro

Food was good, but as always forgot sourcream

Emily Keener

Donâ??t get me wrong, I LOVE Taco Bell. But this location gave me ONE packet of sauce for three burritos and chips. Then the Crunchwrap Supreme had one little bit of meat on it, smaller than a penny. This location just isnâ??t the best.

Levi H.

Hands down the fastest I have ever been served at any Taco Bell! There was a line of cars that moved quickly. As soon as I got to the menu I was able to order without delay. When I got to the window, the crew seemed to be working together efficiently. The guys were super nice and the order was even right! Definitely worth the few extra minutes drive to save overall time and a boost of service from the other ones around Columbus!

Antonio Arrington

They were quick and got my order correct

Megan N.

Unless you are in the drive through, they don't care about you. Terrible service. Highly don't recommend.


Quick service, especially considering it's one of the only places in the area open past 10pm. Food is just like any other taco bell on the planet, but orders are always correct and staff is incredibly friendly.

Sam T

So much hot sauce what the heck

Matthew D.

As far as I'm concerned, this is the absolute best Taco Bell on the face of this planet. They hook up you up super fat with the sauces. Are super kind and helpful when it comes to ordering (made suggestions for my lady's vegetarian Crunchwrap which she loved). Great attitude and I love when the cashier says "have a blast" upon handing me my super crispy cold Baja blast. The best. Hands down.

Phil Pan

It's Taco Bell, not much to say. Identical to every other location on the continent. Workers were nice though.

Dustin Morris

Gave me diet Mountain Dew that was disgusting and water like. Mess up my order constantly especially if Iâ??m polite.

Johnny Vaught

Excellent service in fast food best Taco Bell service I've had in a long time everyone seemed like they were enjoying their selves but getting the job done

Kelly Loomis

A year ago I would have said this was the 2nd worst Taco Bell in Columbus. Back then the staff was rude, service was slow, and my order was incorrect every time. Tonight, my boyfriend wanted a Mexican pizza, and I didn't feel like driving through traffic, so I went to this 5th Ave location. Amazing transformation! Staff was friendly, service was super fast, and my specialized order was 100% correct! YAY! Thanks for working hard!

Annie M

Open late. Which is great when you're coming from the bar. Staff was really friendly too.

Tiffany S.

I want it to be known that I love taco bell. I know it's not authentic Mexican food. And I STILL LOVE IT! But this specific taco bell has the worst service I've seen. The past 8 times that I can remember, they have messed up SOMETHING in the order. It has gotten to the point where I sit at the window checking EVERYTHING before pulling away. Even when there are 6 cars in line behind me. Just recently, I brought this up at the window (nicely) and she said, "I'll double check and make sure everything is there". I checked the bag while waiting on our second one, and we were already missing something. I do not understand the disconnect here. Also, when ordering things such as nachos bell grande or the fries bell grande, the toppings are just scooped dropped on in one spot (especially the beans and cheese). So you can put in the work to distribute the toppings. I've worked in fast food service before. I think if they slowed down a hair to make things a bit more accurately (because no one is expecting perfect), they'd find customers much more satisfied. I'm willing to bet people wouldn't even notice the few second difference in waiting when they receive good service and their items they actually ordered.

James X.

I swear this place messes up your order on purpose. I don't know how else they could keep doing this over and over. This isn't rocket science.

Simeon R. Rose

Tacos were good. Apparently the burrito was good as well. Carmel Apple Empinada was somewhat amazing... So fresh that the filing about burnt my mouth! I ordered two- only got one... Closer check of the receipt shows I also only paid for one, for whatever good that did for the second person in the car whom was all drooling over my Empinada.

Drew Rose

The building is in a great location, right off of 5th Ave in the heart of Grandview. The staff are actually pretty good workers, fast at their jobs. Kinda rude when under pressure but who isn't? The facilities were clean and overall a great 1hr wait in line @2am was still well worth it!


They're alright. The dollar menu burritos tend to be the smallest here of any TB I've visited. I don't know if this place makes them the right way, and other places overfill them, or this place makes them small. Everything tastes fine, and is hot, though.

John Schneider

Tried the limited time rolled fried chicken tacos. Awesome, best new item ever. Should add to permanent menu

Josh Dill

Food came out fast and hot... But tasted weird . I get the same thing i always get. Double decker tacos. Couldn't tell I was eating taco bell by the taste. The food even left a strange taste in my mouth after eating it. The meat in the tacos looked differently than other taco bells I have ate at as well. Let's just hope it was a bad experience and not something worse like food poisoning. If it is ill check back in about an hour ð???

The Wheeler Team ..

The people at this Taco Bell are amazing. I've never met an unfriendly or unhappy person while there. Thank you Taco Bell employees for always giving me my nacho supreme with a smile and positive attitude! You are appreciated!

Jordan H.

Their service is terrible. They closed 10 minutes early and wouldn't let me in. I tried going through the drive thru and they wouldn't serve me. They just wanted to get out of work early and they were extremely rude the whole time. Don't go to this Taco Bell.

Eric S.

I arrived at the restaurant at 2:45am when the lobby was open until 3am listed on the front door. An employee was standing in the parking lot stating that his manager instructed him to lock the doors while we reminded him that we arrived 10 minutes before it closed. We were then instructed to go through the drive through, which we complied with. While waiting in the drive through a truck's battery died in front of us which prevented us from driving through the drive through. I then got out of the car asking if we could go inside to order as it was still 2:54am at the time, 6 minutes before they are scheduled to close. The manger, standing outside at the time, proceeded to tell me that he will not let us inside and we must wait until the truck was fixed and moved before we could order our food. We then backed out and went to McDonald's down the street. If management from Taco Bell reads this message, I highly suggest you fire the manager that was on duty. He clearly shut down the restaurant before the proper time. The employee that told me his manager instructed him to lock it early appeared to be nervous and uncomfortable telling me that the manager instructed him to close early when we stated that he closed early. This is terrible customer service and extremely frustrating that we were legitimately told we would have to wait until a car was fixed and capable of moving to be order food. I hope this reaches the proper authority level to make a service better for this store.

Kirsten W.

I have gone to this location a few times now to get breakfast and every single time they have said that they aren't ready to take orders for a while...after they're already scheduled to be open. It's been the same guy working as well. It's getting rather annoying. If the guy can't manage to get to work on time then maybe he needs to work a different shift.

Eric B.

Are you ready to think outside the bun? Yes, this is a four star review for a Taco Bell. The food is a pretty consistent two to three stars, but the staff here were just super friendly. The inside is pretty small, but it seemed clean and well maintained. They do have a drive thru which seemed pretty busy though inside it was empty at lunch time. I don't go to Taco Bell often, but I do sometimes get a craving for their crunchy taco. It's a basic but solid fast food taco with seasoned beef, lettuce, and cheese in a crunchy shell. It won't change your world, but it's not bad. The staff here were just extremely and genuinely friendly. Lots of smiles and positive attitudes which truly impressed me. Give this location a try when you are ready to think outside the bun and go south of the border!

Daryl Vines

The food is ok ( if they get the order correct), but the service is horrible. They have done online orders correctly a couple of times for me, and the food is usually good. Today I made another order and they didn't add extra quacamole or extra beans. ( I get the same thing every time ) when I called to complain they asked if I had a receipt. They never give a receipt when I ordered online. Two different people told me I needed a receipt, and to call back when the manager is there. " probably about like 4:30".They will also ignore you when you walk in the door. No one is ever at the counter to greet you or acknowledge your presence. You have to basically flag someone down from the kitchen to get service.

Michael Fetch

Over food was good, service fast and polite. Would be nice if you brought back the baja beef Gordita with corn salsa. And provided more beef than a tablespoon. But its still Good.

Ryan M

The lady at the window / intercom was extremely nice and friendly, food was hot (and they didn't rip me off on portions like every other Taco Bell) and really good, a solid 11/10, everything from the window/intercom lady to the food was exceptional. I'll definitely be back, happy I found this location as it's right by my office. Lady at the window deserves a raise, Taco Bell should be very happy to have someone so positive and kind working for them

Rocco Greco

In this day and age, it is a wonder how the Taco Bell organization is still in business. There was a time, many many many many many moons ago, that Taco Bell actually served great food and provided great service. Taco Bell has done a wonderful job over the years in cutting and reducing quality, service, cleanliness and training to their employees. Close the doors and go away. Taco BellYour service is terrible. Your food is garbage. You are a 'has been' organization.

Celtic Dolphyn

It's not great but better then most I have been to. Most of the time my order is just thrown together, but the people have been very polite. Good Customer service makes the food tolerable.