The Walrus

143 E Main St, Columbus
(614) 817-1710

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Emily Comerford

The evening staff was very friendly when we stopped in for cocktails. We went back the next day and the hostess, with short hair, yelled at us to put facemasks on. We didn’t know they were requiring them since we didn’t wear a mask the night before. That hostess needs to be trained on customer service. We ended up leaving and going to the barbecue spot up the road. It was delicious.

chan Sasquatch

Server was a sweetheart, drinks were amazing. Reasonable price. Sweet potato tacos are new to me but it wasn't so bad

Mateah Kittle

We called last minute and asked how ling the wait for a table of 6 would be. The woman was super friendly and said “come on in, I’ll get the table ready now!” Sold. The food and drinks were really good, cool atmosphere with sports & walrus videos on TVs. Definitely recommend!

Sara S.

The waitress was super friendly and helpful in making my drink selection. I tried the sweet potato tacos and the Wally Smash, which were pretty tasty. We had to wait a bit for the food, but not too bad for how busy it was. It was noisier than I'd expected, but still had a relaxed, fun atmosphere. And since it was nice outside, they had the front open.

Ayana Wilson

It is truly the end of an era. I used to be a regular customer The Walrus and one of its most loyal. But the last time I went into there for brunch, I was stolen from. When my bill arrived, I tipped a little more than average, because like I said, I'm a loyal customer there. But when I looked at my credit card statement, the staff at The Walrus had decided to change the tip that I had added, made it more, and then charged my card for an amount that I did not agree to pay.I didn't know it was a thing for anybody to change the amount of tip that a customer left. But, trying to be the good customer that I am, I called The Walrus and attempted to have this taken care of. I was given a lot of lip service and promises of resolution, but eventually had to go to my bank in order to get this issue resolved. The result is I will never be going back to The Walrus and I don't know that you should be either.I have always been the type to go to a restaurant for decent food but excellent service, which is what The Walrus is. The food is okay but now I know that the staff is full of thieves. So, if you want to go there, I guess be my guest. But I would suggest bringing cash every time!

Lance Eskridge

Great food and bar scene. I went multiple times week I was in Columbus. Staff at Sheraton made recommendation and I was very pleased after a short walk. Shrimp Poboy my favorite, but burgers and salads good too. Highly recommend.

Craig Ashford

Overall? A pretty good place.I had the sweet potato tacos. Some of the potatoes were cooked all the way through and some were not. My brother had to send back a salad that had way too much dressing. But the atmosphere was solid, the TVs were plentiful, and most of the food was pretty good. A decent selection of healthier options, lots of the traditional sports bar fare, and some creative items on the menu as well. Overall, I'd say it's above average even though there were a couple of hiccups.

Lyndia Talley

Lobster Rolls were delicious and filling! Tried out the Red Cream Soda beer on the draft list, pretty tasty!

Lee Mortensen

My wife and I were in Columbus (from Indy) for an errand and Yelped for a place to eat lunch. Terrific find. Great restaurant bar. Super service. The Maple burger is fantastic and the portobella mushroom fries appetizer were terrific.

Brad Bucy Shellenberger

Paul and Alex and Brian are fantastic. Food and drink are delicious

Michael Trotter

Food And Ambiance were a great scene for downtown

Lucy Balivia

Great food and service. Definitely a new favorite of ours!

Teretha L.

First time coming to try the lobster roll . I thought it was good not what I expected it to taste like but it was good. My husband got the sweet potato fries that he loved. The place was very loud inside and busy but it was a Friday evening so we opted to sit outside. The downside of sitting outside is all the harassment from homeless people while trying to eat. We a number of homeless people walk up and ask for money while we were sitting outside enjoying our meal. The staff were very friendly with the homeless people. I would definitely attend again to try other options on the menu.

Matthew Wolfe

Friendly staff, a bit of a more upscale dive bar, if there is such a thing. Karaoke Wednesdays are a blast, with great specials. Convenient location away from the crowds in Short North, but close for German Village and Downtown dwellers.

Kerstin M.

This place was okay. We really didn't not care for the apps or drinks but the atmosphere and people were great.

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