BIBIBOP Asian Grill

1200 Brown St, Dayton
(937) 307-0826

Recent Reviews

Marvin Ziemba

I take my family to this lovely spot quite often! This is my favorite place to dine. I visit this place routinely. The meals are great, the crew is courteous and the charge is decent. I like eating in this place for a decent lunch.

Connie Zornes-Padovani

Such a variety of food and flavors. All coming together in one bowl. Never disappoints!

Courtney S.

I have never left a bad review before....ever...but this is the 5th time this has happened to me at this location. The customer service is awful. I order online and I always show up 5-10min after it says my food will be ready. But this is the 5th time my food wasn't even made yet and everyone in line was getting their food right away. I waited patiently at the pick up table for 12min and wasn't even acknowledged. Finally I walked up to the counter saying "excuse me...I'm sorry but I put in my order 42 min ago and it's not on the pick up table" and the person very rudely said "ugh....what's ur name?" After telling her she just said "we will make it...." and I waited even longer. After she made it I WAS THE ONE TO SAY THANK YOU but no one even apologized or asked if I needed anything else. Another time I waited in line, the person only put 4 pieces of tofu in it....I asked the person behind the counter very politely "can you add a little more please?." And she very rudely said "if I do then you have to pay for double protein" it was LITERALLY 4 pieces.. I get how sometimes people try to take advantage of that but I have never and would never. So I just said "don't worry about it" and walked away. I've worked in customer service for 15 years and have done almost anything/everything to make sure people are getting treated with respect and are happy with their purchases. I'm just very confused on why this location has such bad customer service. Please management talk to your employees about being respectful, acknowledging their customers, and just to be nice/understanding. However, the food is amazing. Just wish I could say the same about the customer service

Gary Champagne

I told my friends about this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The the cooking is great and the team is efficient and cooperative. Whenever we eat in this place we pass a lovely time. I recommend this place with pleasure.


Like others have said "Asian Chipotle". Flavorful and delicious. Conveniently located near many other restaurants and UD. Lots of healthy options and friendly people.

TyTakesOverTheWorld Walker

My best friend and I made a quick pit stop here because I had been craving it for over a week. Just like always they came through again. Then food was fresh and nothing was old or dried out. The staff members were kind and knowledgeable and they explained the new products that were on the line. The store was clean and well kept (I know this because I say several ladies cleaning and keeping everything orderly). The cashier blew my mind when she informed us that they were unable to accept our tips (corporate thing...).

Vincenzo Parker

From the moment you step in this restaurant the stuff gives you a nice feeling. Very warm crew, it is a friendly restaurant to go out with your friends or with your date. Great food, skillful chief cook and stuff, decent price and excellent service. Warmly recommended.

sherron bass

This place is AWESOME! I cant say enough about the better vege and sauces.. The bowl size fits your appetite. So good a must try

Kristi D.

The atmosphere is clean and bright modern minimalism. The flavors are up to you, of course, and I chose the noodles with spicy chicken and yum sauce. Very tasty!

Amy S.

My teen daughter finally got me to try Bibibop, her favorite restaurant. It was fabulous! You go through the line, much like Chipotle or Subway, but the choices are all healthy and fresh. I was really impressed with both the selection and the bold flavors. As we went to our table, my son noticed that all the sauces were available at the condiment table, so we got tiny cups of the ones we hadn't ordered to taste test. There was only one we didn't like! Free miso soup is also available. The staff at this location was very friendly, and the atmosphere was relaxed. My only complaint is that there isn't (yet) a Bibibop closer to my house!

Cory Cook

There food is always delicious and the staff are friendly. Since starting a vegetarian diet, this is one of the best places to go. Huge portions, a variety of different sauces to change things up, sides of kimchi and free miso soup. Love this place!

Jeri Osborne

Fresh, flavorful, very large portion for cheap that doesn't make you feel like garbage after! The meal you see was only $8.85 total. Free miso soup, refills on drinks so what more could you ask for? Stop in if you are craving something delicious that won't break the bank!

Will Soto

My experience at BiBibop today was great. It started with the super friendly staff. I tried a bowl with the Japanese noodles and it was outstanding. I had lunch with a friend and we spent a lot of time there. It never seemed hectic or loud despite the busyness. I love the free Miso soup. Awesome! This is an excellent location.

Sanford D.

This is 2nd visit in 2 days! Brought my daughter experience. Yes yes n yes please Oh get the pineapples thank me later. Great service amazing food. Lemonade is fire.


The food is very fresh and tasty. Sometimes it is very hard to get in because of students being there. If you go on an "off" time, you will be happy! The staff is great and explain everything to you!

Juliette Killen

Tasty food, great, healthy selections, affordable! Would definitely recommend! Black tea with currant is amazeballs! Miso soup is all you can eat and super satisfying!

Tammie G

Food was delicious! Every employee here was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this food. All of the different sauces they offer are amazing. Will definitely go back.


The healthy food & drinks were Great tasting. Definitely will be going back on the regular. Good service too❗

David T.

Wow, words can't even describe how awesome BIBIBOP is! I tried it for the first time a few months ago and now I will go every week. The food is fresh and tastes amazing. Workers are very friendly as well!


Usually when we go to Chipotle or Hot Head, my fiance gets 2 bowls... He got only 1 here. The portions are massive and delicious - only for like $9!! Plus it's easy to stay within your macros and make healthier choices.

Tammie Gibson

Food was delicious! Every employee here was very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this food. All of the different sauces they offer are amazing. Will definitely go back.

Dave Spencer

South Korea blinded with American fast food. I got a bowl with a mix of foods that I chose. I don't know what some of it was I just pointed at things that looked appetising and mixed with spicy chicken.

Mindy Mullins

my daughter and I have mom daughter dates here, it's the best we really can't wait to go here on our date nights

Josh Walk

One of my favorite places to grab some fresh delicious food. Huge portion size, extremely fresh meat and veggies. Can't say enough good things. Staff is friendly and fast.

Thomas Wolf

The food was good, and there was lots of it. I recently decided to give the plant-based diet a try, and it was nice to have so many healthy choices. I didn't have to really choose, though, since you can just try a little of everything. I left quite full.

Joseph Player

This spot is worth a try. They have big portions for reasonable rates. Regularly neat and with fantastic vibes. I highly recommend this place.

Heather F.

The chipotle of Korean food. I recommend the purple rice base. I am not a huge tofu fan, but it was really good as they let me try a bit. My boys especially liked the potatoes. One thing I didn't really like/need were the sauces. None of them were that necessary or tasty in my opinion, but that being said, the bowl didn't need it! We will be back!

Rebecca Lykins

Omg you need to try this place !!! Excellent food and a really nice dining area. Beware though, the bowls are big. Very good prices for the amount of food you get.

Calvin Oliver

Great healthy food, large portions and I love the passion fruit lemonade

Philip Buck

The place serves large dishes and for affordable prices. very nice owner. Keep it up.

Boofin AintFree

I could eat here everyday! Purple rice, the purple cabbage (steak bowl) and the passion fruit lemonade (pink colored lemonade) are some my favorites from here. Really tasty clean eating!

Jeffrey M.

Awesome, asian fusion, chipoltle style bowls! This is a fantastic resteraunt and a one of a kind!

Charles A.

This place is absolutely amazing, best place to eat on Brown street. The food is amazing and healthy. You really can't beat it

The Euway Experience

Probably the healthiest fast food I've ever had.


We enjoyed the choices, the quality and the quickness of getting a meal on our first evening in town.

Chase R.

This is my favorite ingredient bar style fast food restaurant. They have so many healthy options. If eating this place makes you fat, it's your own fault. Tons of fresh veggies and delicious proteins. Great asian sauces to add at the end. My favorite is the "Korean red" or "gochujang" sauce. It's a staple Korean flavor that's sweet , spicy , and a little Smokey. This place is the bomb. All the people that work at this location are very sweet too. Check it out!

Julia R.

I'm giving 3 rather than 2 or just 1 star because the first time I went in a few weeks ago I had such a positive experience; today was like walking into an entirely different business and had I had this experience the first time I never would have come back. The portion serving was incredibly skimpy, (again, comparing thus to last time), the miso soup on the floor was nearly empty and cold (wasn't replaced for 20 minutes, after I asked if I could have some), and members of the team just didn't seem to be enjoying work or each other. Disappointing because I had such a positive experience last time.

Pamela R. Fisher

Cute little Asian style made to order place. Always delicious, fresh, and fast. The tables and self serve drink station are always clean. The staff are welcoming and pleasant.

Valencia Bruno

I like the food a lot, I love the rolls I heard from a little bird that the rolls might go away. Please please please please dont take the rolls away. I love the rolls so much dont take them away. I love your food in the rolls please don't please take them away.

James L.

Great for a fast meal. I go for the salad bowl, and love that they have free miso soup... although sometimes the soup runs out and they don't always replace it quickly. A minor complaint (especially because... hey, it's free!). I've had some issues with accuracy ordering online, but it's so quick to just get it made when I arrive, there's not really a benefit to preordering anyway...