Carvers Steaks & Chops

1535 Miamisburg Centerville Rd, Dayton
(937) 433-7099

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Jason Phillips

Stopped in for a cocktail after dinner next door. The service in the bar was fantastic.

James Simpson

A GREAT experience. Food was wonderful, staff made us feel like family. Will definitely be going back.

Paul Roddy

Went to celebrate my wife's birthday and my work promotion. The staff was very welcoming and the food was great. To celebrate our special occasions with us, they gave us complementary desserts and coupons for future visits. We will certainly go again when we want something special.

john parker

Food was good. Felt a little over serviced. Was interrupted several times while talking. I'll go back.

Brian C.

Had been about 5 years since we'd been here, was pretty good last time, so we thought we'd give it a try! It was our date-iversary so we wanted a decent steak place, nice atmosphere, good service, etc. Well, Carvers definitely missed the mark on the good service, in fact is was a little weird. It wasn't very crowded at all and the service was just slow and on top of that, my wife and I swore that our waiter was high or drunk, or something. He was a little older, not a young kid so you'd think he'd have some experience and provide better than average service. He was just kind of off and would forget things but the worst part is that he lied to us a few times. We ordered a bottle of wine, about $30, he came back after a long time and said that they were out but offered us a bottle of $50 wine for the same price, which is great but the wine he offered us was on the menu for $30, no biggie but don't say it's something else. No screw top wine is going to be $50! lol! Also, I had ordered a special chimichuri ribeye, he joked about the name when he took the order and when it came out it was just a regular ribeye. I mentioned it to him and he said, oh it's supposed to come out with that on the side anyway, didn't sound right to me. What he brought out was cold like it was right out of the fridge and tasted like some kind of apple butter or something, not like any chimichuri sauce I've had, definitely not going on a steak. The food itself was actually pretty good, ribeye was tasty and well cooked and so was the wife's filet, the weird service just killed it though. On a side note, there was a large party next to us (22nd bday party) of probably about 12-15 people, they sat there for over an hour and when their order was taken, the waitress came back and told them they didn't have enough pasta for all of those who ordered it, they would have to pick something else. How do you run out of pasta at 7pm? Anyway, they packed up their balloons and I overheard them say they were going to J Alexanders, I don't blame them! If you're looking for a place for a special occasion, keep looking.

Raquel Bogan

Our steaks were great. My husband couldn't say enough about the clam chowder and my daughters lamb chops were delish! We will be returning. Thank you for making my sister's birthday Wonderful!

jerry harsh

Great food, The Chef knows what he's doing here and the service is outstanding. The bar dining area is my favorite part and the bartenders are great!

D Wales

Love Carvers! Never disappointed.

JB Johnson

Not what it use to be prior to Covid. They seat every other table which is fine but our waiter was not attentive and seemed uninterested in serving us. Prime rib was very cold and my wife's pork chop was very under cooked and had to be sent back. Cream brulee was very soupy. I know covid has been tough on restaurants but if your service and food is not up to par stop serving.

Eric Tomlinson

Fantastic dining experience for our anniversary. Service was excellent. Food was excellent.


Ambience was not. Wait stuff was great. Food was meh. Ordered a prime rib and it wasnt as flavor as it should be.

K R.

Excellent food, service, and they were very accommodating. Fantastic place.

Robin Vincent

Delicious!!! Hostess and server were very attentive. Nice atmosphere. Definitely will be back!


My wife and I are fortunate enough to be able to have a nice dinner out every Friday night. Normally we go to Firebirds at Austin Landing. On occasion we try other nice local restaurants such as Oakwood Club, Chop House, etc. We had not been to Carver's in a couple years based on a bad experience last visit, but decided to try it Aug 7th. Easily made a reservation by phone a day prior. When we showed up we were seated immediately which was good. All the employees had masks on, even though one served pulled his down below his nose when walking around away from his table. Our server "E" was fine, even though he did pull his mask away from his face when talking, and standing by our table. Pretty much defeats the purpose of wearing one. That made us uncomfortable. Never experienced that at the other restaurants. Our cocktails were good and reasonably priced ($7.50 for tanqueray & tonic). We had discussed earlier not getting an appetizer, but when "E" asked if we wanted one, we decided to try the calamari ($11.50). We both like calamari, but not the way it's fixed here. Fairly thick pieces, and consistancy of a grilled scallop. Fine for some, but we left most of it on the plate for the trash. I ordered the 8 oz filet ($29.00), and my wife ordered the 11 oz NY Strip ($26.00). Both med rare, which as "E" confirmed would be "a warm pink center". What eventually arrived for both of us was blood red...not rare but med rare at best. So both went back and came back brown inside. Rather than delay dinner any longer, we ate part of it and decided to call it a night. With my wife's $8.25 glass of wine the check came to $84.98 with tax (excluding tip) for a less than perfect dinner out. We won't be back. Hopefully you'll have better luck if you dine there. When you spend $100.00+ for a dinner out you expect better. We will stick to Firebirds and the Oakwood Club.

Edward Charlton

Surely a spot worth stopping by, the food is fantastic and fresh, the costs are convenient and it is consistently clean there. Keep it up.

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