The Chop House

7727 Washington Village Dr, Dayton
(937) 291-1661

Recent Reviews

Michael Bell

Prime rib was excellent. Salad was lacking. Great service.

Mz Ann

My birthday dinner was Wonderful!! The staff was attentive and courteous. The food was Excellent!! If you're ever here, try the lamb chops.


Food was amazing. Service great. Had enough time to eat our salads prior to entree.

Larry Rover

Came here with my wife on Valentine’s Day. Service was not great at all. Ribeye was supposed to be medium but was closer to more well done. Deviled eggs were great. Disappointed today...

Bob Palmer

Awesome food ...awesome service...beef medallions with lobster tail and brittany as our service make for a meal that can't be beat....thank you so very much !!

Julia Peppo

We come here often. They’ve been open until 11 even through Covid. But tonight, my husband called at 10 minutes til 9:00 and asked if there was a wait, and the girl who answered said 29 to 30 minutes, but did not bother to mention that they are now closing 2 hrs earlier. But when we got there at 9 this young girl with a very snotty attitude said “Are you trying to come in? We’re closed for husband said: “It says 11:00 on your website”. She says “we changed it and it’s posted on the door!” Her attitude was very rude and disrespectful. And it still said “OPEN” on the website. So two things: 1. Of your slashing your hours 2 hours PUT IT ON THE WEBSITE!!!2. Tell your your people to SHOW A LITTLE COMMON COURTESY AND RESPECT to your customers who have loyally patronizing you through these hard times. So, I guess it’s time to try some other restaurants.

David Gaines

Had dinner there last night. Prompt friendly service and the steakburger was outstanding. Chicken tortilla soup is one of the best around. Looking forward to the next visit.

Jeff N

Haven't been here in years, decided to try it again after a friend mentioned it. Great, reasonably priced dinner. Chopped salad was delicious, full serving of ribs were great, and I love the sweet butter and bread. Will be back soon.

Tanya Oglesby

The service was excellent the food was GREAT. IT WAS the best 1st anniversary present for my husband. He had never been there he said he will love to go back

Aissa H

Steak was tougher then usual. Spinach dip was runny. Usually I get better food from here but they were a little off that night. Pleasant staff as always though. Definitely will return.

Joe L.Tindull

nice cozy atmosphere, food is good.

Astrid Whitfield

This place was awesome. It will be on our list of places to come to in the future. Also, the employees were so great about wearing their masks correctly. No ones nose sticking out. Great food, great atmosphere despite Covid, and great service.

Chris Wurster

the service and the steaks were amazing atmosphere was friendly and spaced out for precaution

Christopher Vance

I'm originally from TN and love this place back home. I was only disappointed that they don't serve tea sweet here. I'm like, you a company based in TN, how you not gonna serve sweet tea.


Food was adequate, but everything seemed out of sync. Odd timing of arrivals of food and beverage. Forgotten wine order, incorrect side order. Overdone steak.

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