Oakwood Club

2414 Far Hills Ave, Dayton
(937) 293-6973

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Robert Saunders

The Oakwood Club used to be our go-to for special occasions, anniversaries etc. for probably 30 years or more. 2 years ago during COVID we made reservations for our anniversary. They sat us at the last booth by the women’s restroom and the kitchen, we asked for a different table, were told that was all they had. Well, we should’ve left but we didn’t. My usually delicious prime rib was tough, I sent it back, we spent our dinner watching people come in and out of the restroom & kitchen, the server was great but we swore we wouldn’t be back. Fast forward 2 years, we decided to try it again. I requested a booth not by the restroom & kitchen, guess what- that’s where they sat us. Yes, we could’ve left, we didn’t. My wife enjoyed her meal, mine not so much. The server came back one time to see how our meal was, once to refill our water. That was it.It seems if you aren’t a regular customer, they could care less if you eat there or not- particularly the maitre’d and hostess. They knowingly put us where we asked not to be without even asking if the table was ok. In the past, we’ve had great food, atmosphere & wait staff but the last few years it’s changed. We won’t be coming back- there are too many other restaurants we can patronize.

James Williams

Always a great meal. Had the petite surf and turf and it was fixed to perfection. One of the best places in Dayton to get a fine meal!!!

B Brew

Dining out doesn’t get any better than this. My husband and I had dinner there while visiting from out of state. It was the best meal I’ve ever had. Everything-food, service, variety of food options, atmosphere was perfect.


1st If you have a large frame forget about setting in the booth 2nd Steaks where ok a couple things where luke warm Drinks where good should be for 12.00 a piece. 3rd This place use to be just as good as the L'Auberge it's gone, same with this place.


So disappointed —DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY Was very much looking forward to this dinner with a very good friend. Drinks at the bar were way overpriced—$12 for a martini is ridiculous in Dayton OH. Dinner tasted good but $33 scallops were served on a 8 inch plate with a metal dipping sauce dish with a tiny portion of vegetables in a side dish. Like we were at a Ponderosa. The mushroom pasta special entree was at least in a nice shallow white bowl and tasted good but looked like something I would make at home. No presentation whatsoever. Server was efficient and pleasant but just like the Pine Club acted like she was doing us a favor vs offering truly interested service. The Paragon, Chop House, Carvers or Flemings are much much better.

Dan Hauser

The Oakwood Club always has great food! I love their prime rib. My daughter & her friend both ordered the shrimp & tenderloin and both really enjoyed their food. The onion straws are always a hit, I shared mine. They take reservations Tues thru Thurs, I think. They seated us promptly. Great place. I perfer it over the Pine Club!

Michael M

Food is good, not great -- they don't treat new patrons very nicely, and don't respond to large party reservations at all -- good luck trying to get someone on the phone. Steak joint with an attitude! They need some competition -- some good quality steaks with great customer service would eat their lunch and dinner -- in a Filet minute, JMO. It doesn't operate as a public restaurant -- but more like a Private Country Club; hopefully, you have a better experience. One of their competitors at least offered to do a private catering event -- and they returned calls -- imagine that.

Michael K.

Basically the best place in Oakwood. For a traditional old school steak/seafood experience that will blow your socks off!

Amy Duemler

Awesome atmosphere, salmon and house dressing! A classic long standing club!!!!!!

Lynn Menard

Always a wonderful dining experience. It is one of the very few restaurants that has escargot, which is my husband's favorite appetizers. Last night they didn't have it, so he got the bacon wrapped scallops and he said they were delicious.

Thomas Penny

I would give you zero stars if it let me. The New York strip was cooked properly but absolutely no seasoning and why are you trimming the fat? Fat equals flavor. Plus the shrimp cocktail tasted like fish. The langustino lobster cakes tasted more like crab cakes.

Tara Elmore

Service was great, but that's the only good thing I can say. Why they would seat a middle aged couple - a tall man, and a fat lady - at a skinny booth at the back of the bar next to the kitchen is beyond me. I did not fit comfortably, and my husband kept racking his knees and getting his feet tangled in the metal bars. The oysters were the size of mussels. The scallops tasted like corn. The salad dressing was overbearing, yet flavorless. I had the garden salad - greens with one cherry tomato, and a full bottle of underwhelming peppercorn. My husband's caesar was just weird. The parm didn't even have flavor. The steaks were just terrible. The mushrooms and stewed tomatoes were out of a can. The blue cheese on my strip was good - thankfully since the strip lacked flavor and was chewy. It looked like prime, actually - like bubble gum. His filet was tender, but tasted like nothing. We know filets aren't that flavorful, but zero seasoning and underdone. Very disappointing for an anniversary dinner.

Joel J.

Old school steak and seafood, great service, delicious steaks and great seafood. Lobster and oysters are amazing. Desserts were disappointing, but other than that a great night. Just a notch below the Pine Club but they take reservations and plastic.


Typically a very nice experience, the waitress was very attentive. We went there for the crab cakes dinner, but there vendor cannot get crab (?). The food was good but not great, as they usually are for dinner. The temperature was a little cold, but remedied quickly with an attentive waitress. Owners: do not keep buying the lobster as it is tougher than the crab. It may seem to be comparable, but it is NOT.

Mark Kelley

Service everywhere. All inclusive menu. Great steaks, sides and dessert. Prices 20% less then comparable restaurants. Not many maitre de wearing coat and tie these days.Nice customer banter without being noisy.

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