Rusty Taco (Brown St.)

1822 Brown St, Dayton
(937) 938-7384

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Ke'Aunna Brown

I had one of the most pleasant encounter with waitress Unique. She was very helpful with going over the menu and giving her recommendations as far as what would be good to order. It was time for the restaurant to close and you wouldn't even known because no matter how long I took to decide what to get she remained patient. I ask alot of questions and she took time in answering everyone of them despite it being close to closing. She took her time and helped me with deciding what to order. My food was exactly how I asked. I definitely will be coming back. Exceptional customer service. Everyone at this location was friendly including the manager Trevor. A great group of workers. This was my first time coming. I definitely will be coming back and telling everyone about my awesome experience. Thank you Rusty Taco for your top of the line , going above and beyond exceptional customer service.

Stephen Francia

Love this place. Everything is fresh, and the taste is spectacular. Went with some Acting friends, and we probably had 15 tacos between the three of us, lol... Well worth a stop!

Kara Prevost

Great place to eat!

Michaela Barnett-Britton

the food is very good, very fast service , and employees are friendly. the manager Tyler is very nice and helpful. would definitely recommend

Angela Wright

Went today passed 11am and doors were still locked...had to go to firehouse subs instead!

Lisa G.

Love the breakfast tacos on flour tortillas. It's quick, inexpensive food, but don't expect gourmet tacos.

Alana Humphrey

Poor customer service. There were items missing from my order and the GM Trevor basically called me a liar and refused to actually get my order correct. First and last time I ever go to this place.

Karen Rathbun

I love their salsa and the shrimp tacos are my fave!

Kevin w. Hurst

Ok, not great but okay

James L.

Even before COVID I've had problems here. Takeout orders aren't ready on time and aren't accurately prepared. Taste and overall quality of most things is average or below average (though I do like their chips and salsa). But yesterday was the last straw for me: the staff aren't taking proper safety precautions. Wearing a mask on you chin while preparing food is just negligently and I witnessed no fewer than 4 people doing just that. And sanitizing trays while breathing all over them because your mask is on you chin is also a problem. Avoid.

Keith Gaw

Grade F service. Order through DoorDash, once order arrive after an hour only half of our food was in the bag. Tried calling number on every platform with no answer and a full mailbox (tried 4 times). i had to drive down and ask for food to be remained and then was told I had to wait 20 minutes for my food to be made. While at the restaurant I verified I received the correct number of tacos, but after getting home and checking to see what was made the food was still wrong and I had random limes thrown in the bottom of the bag.

Morgan Poston

Highly disappointed in the customer service within this establishment. I arrived to place a to go order around 1245am before closing time. Upon arriving the woman at the register expressed that she would only serve me without a mask only if I was sitting down and not standing up. My discrepancy stands with the fact that their line cook was not actively wearing a mask. Once brought to my attention that I was to wear mask to receive to go service, I pointed out that their staff wasn't even following suit to the governor's mandate to which they responded by having the line cook put on a mask but only wear it below his nose, which still defeats the purpose. Afterwards the woman tosses my order on the counter without expressing that my food was ready. After a few minutes she decides to tell me that it was my food. Within this time of waiting, I watched her take two shots from the bar, which I'd imagine isn't appropriate in a workplace environment. I expressed that this wasn't good customer service and surrounding customers agreed. I am very disappointed in this experience and question highly if I will return for future business.

Matt Folkerth

Fantastic place. Quick and easy and the chips and cheese are to die for. Highly recommend!

Andrew Brenner

Best tacos in town. Great margaritas. Highly recommend them

Heather O

This place is awesome! Chill vibes and the tacos were great. We got the three way team fave. I also ordered the texicana (wasnt a fan of that one...meat a little too salty) other than that....friendly staff, clean environment, and great place to eat and hang out.

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