2nd Street Market

600 E 2nd St, Dayton
(937) 228-2088

Recent Reviews

Brad Bigley

A real treasure for Dayton. Many shops selling jewelry food bread vegetables and meals. Saturday mornings usually have live entertainment. Best place to shop if you like farm to table produce and meat and like supporting small businesses. Bring your own shopping bags your sure to fill them!

Laura Dawson

We originally drove down for the Pencil Bison farm meat. We found so many great vedors here, we will definitely be coming back again. We bought some cool gemstone rocks from one of the stores there. We bought a big maple leaf glass bottle of maple syrup. We enjoyed getting to try some before buying. 1 thing to note, if you want to have a bigger selection of veggies, bison or flowers, get there early! They have a great selection of food vendors at the market. I look forward to trying some of the Thai food next time. Every vendor we encountered was friendly. The market was bustling and has a fun vibe.

Bill Mikesell

Farmers’ markets usually focus on garden fresh vegetables, cheeses, eggs, poultry, and meats. In addition, this one has an abundance of the above, but also many food stalls. Everything is indoors, so weather is not a problem.

Larissa Swartz

One of the best places in Dayton! Best ambiance, the people are amazing and so are all the local businesses here:) Be sure to come out for live music from 10-1 on Sat & Sun!

Allen Conner

Stopped in with some coworkers for lunch, I ordered from the Thai place and was really impressed. The customer service was friendly and the food was amazing. I ordered the combination plate number 8 and added some of the spicy pepper sauce. Very hot, very tasty.

Marsha Randall

Great place to shop! Large variety of fresh, home grown, hand made, freshly baked or take home and bake yourself, HOMEMADE STUFF!!!! Friendly people, both business wise and buyer wise. Great atmosphere!!!!!

Karl K.

Ate here last week for the first time. Tara's. Super good! Italian Beef on a hoagy bun baked at the Market. Beef was shredded, lean and tender. Au jus was just enough! Ingredients fresh and really good. Accompanied by their house made pasta salad. Definitely worth a return trip to try the other Italian food items on the menu. Price was good and the Second Street Market is clearly a gem for downtown Dayton.


I love 2nd Street Market. HydroGrowers has great produce, I love the giant peacock feather i just got at the pet store for my cat, i got seeds and info on community gardening at the seed swap. So many wonderful local vendors! Delicious food as well, just a wonderful place all around, highly recommend it.

Ruth Reynolds

Unique fun place to visit. Great food, fresh produce, interesting crafts, something for everyone

John Townsend

Great place to try something different to eat. Good quality and some unusual dishes

Lily Leszczuk

A beautiful community of kind people with amazing stories to tell. Local prices are fair and food is exquisite.

Katie Conrad

The food is real good. Visited in the fall so I can't fault the lesser amounts of fresh produce. The SOS popcorn seasoning is real good. Nice variety of vendors. The indoor option during cold weather is really nice.

Kayla B.

Such a lovely addition to Dayton. If you love Farmer's Markets, you're going to love 2nd Street Market. It's basically a farmer's market - but indoors and year-round. Walkways were wide enough to not be too crowded (even during a holiday event), and it's such a cute little spot. PROS: -Parking. EVERYWHERE. The entire building is long - and surrounded in parking. There are an insane amount of exits in this building (somewhere between 4 and 8), so no matter where you park, there's an entrance. Most of the entrances do require stairs, though, unless you use the main ones. It makes it so easy to hop in, grab what you need, and leave. -Everything is signed and designed for easy viewing. You aren't going to see things from across the building, but if you walk down the building (one hallway), you'll easily pick out what you're looking for. -Good variety of stuff. There's fresh produce, crafts, body products, furniture, gifts, and then lots of food. They've put all of the food providers together in the center of the building, so it makes it easier to just-shop or just-eat. The sellers themselves are pretty varied too - just like a farmer's market. Lots of gluten-free food options as well as pet items, crafts, bath stuff, chocolate treats, regular food, and more. It's a nice variety! -There are four-person and two-person tables. There are a few multi-people tables as well. You can grab some of the food from the food vendors and sit down and enjoy some food with others. It makes it a nice "destination" place for eating when you have multiple people in your party who have different food preferences. -The coffee at Caffeine Carl was delicious. I'm 90% sure I need to come back and get a lot more of this. CONS: -Bathrooms are definitely on the "last resort" type of side. They're not *dirty*, but they definitely haven't been updated in a long, long time. One of the stalls in the women's restroom didn't have a door - just a shower curtain. Bathrooms are clean though.

Stuart L.

My wife and her parents came here once while I was on travel. Based upon her description and the things I had read online, I was very interested in coming here. I am not a great cook or a foodie but things here were attractive to me to see. Stalls set up by local artists, local produce, etc. The only downside of our trip today was that being winter time, the farmers market was not open. We will have to save that for next time. Either way, we bought some local milk, gourmet popcorn, cheese curds, cookies, and lunch. Honestly it's not as a big of an establishment as I expected but the quality of the products and the people was high. We will be back again.

Jeanne Erling

Love this place! Unique shopping. Different atmosphere, true market.

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