2nd Street Market

600 E 2nd St, Dayton
(937) 228-2088

Recent Reviews

Haidan Durham

Very neat, lots of self sustainable products which I support, lots of different products, need something to do or feel like blowing a little cash on a neat little trinket or some home grown food, come here. Kind of a drive for me but it's worth it

Barry Pollard

I love the open libely market great vendors some thing a little high but all worth it

Andrew Godby

I am so very happy to see this place thriving. Last time I had been was when my seven year old was only a few weeks old. This place has blossomed full of small businesses selling their arts and crafts, farms selling their goods, and small eateries with an open atmosphere with live music. I will be making visiting the market at least monthly part of our family shopping trips.

Malissa Perez

Great place to go for fresh produce, organic meats and other such things. I go every week for the dairy store that sells milk in glass bottle instead of plastic. They have a bunch of great food stalls too so you can shop and grab a bite too.

Patrick Witt

What a phenomenal way to spend some time on a beautiful Saturday! Local vendors, music, the sights, the smells! It was amazing. Do yourself a favor and get there! Time and money well spent!!!!!

Limitless B Y Desi9n

Pretty neat. I didn't know about it. Friendly atmosphere. Food smelled good. Got there kinda late so didn't eat.

Rachel S.

Favorite way to relax on the weekends with a friend, so glad they are open Sundays now! I love all the vendors, especially the chef's case you must try!

Michael G.

Wanderered in on a crazy beautiful Friday. Lots of food options, lots of interesting stalls, plenty of parking. Dayton should be proud of this renovation. Check website for hours, they are only open a few days a week.

Anson C.

A good amount of stores and goods to look around if you have the time to stop by. Kind of sucks the hours are the way they are but understandable given the type of stuff some of the shops sell. You'll find food that ranges from crepes to paninis to Vietnamese food. There's also stores selling jewelry as well as smaller shops selling bread, honey, vegetables. Great place to go on the weekends in my opinion and parking is plentiful and tons of area to sit so there's never a rush or a crowded feel. It can get hot on humid days. If anything, I just wish there were more food options as there are similar markets on a much larger scale in Cincinnati and Columbus.

Deb B.

Fashioned from an old train platform, this little market is the perfect place to spend some time if you are in Dayton. All local vendors, selling everything from chocolate milk and eggs to plants, art, alpaca goods and jewelry. Several local food vendors offer up an eclectic variety for adventurous foodies. We stopped for breakfast on a Sunday morning. Sweet crepes filled with fresh lemon curd and blueberries, a touch of cinnamon cream and fresh whipped on top. Crepes Boheme has an offering for every palate, both sweet and savory. Ham and cheese, salmon, mushroom/feta as well as strawberry chocolate, banana, so many choices. It's a cute little stand with a bar area to sit. Invoke, locally crafted vegetarian fare. We tried the hashtag hash with carrot sausage and curry sauce. Very tasty, cooked up by their friendly staff right in front of us. They also offered many choices. I want to go back and try some more! Small seating areas sprinkled throughout the narrow platform are available as well as outdoor picnic tables. Garage type doors open to let the good weather in. It was warm the day we went but they have overhead fans, no air conditioning. Eat local, support local, buy local!

Dori Blue Fish

Beautiful building in the city. A great place to get some coffee and explore art and homemade creations along with delicious food.

Morgan Bryant

This place is awesome! Love the second Street market! They have the best foods!


My husband and I recently made a brief visit to the 2nd Street Market, and as always I enjoyed the variety of selections.


Pretty typical market. A lot of junk you don't need. Nothing over exciting. Talked to a vendor who sold produce that was from California? I get the same junk at Kroger and at least that is labeled organic. If you are into bread or bakery style items you are probably in luck. If not you can skip this market.

Jennifer Rae Hensley

Oh my goodness! We drove over today and had delicious food, great vendors and music. We will be back for certain! Great place!

Tim Burke

Nice collection of local shops and their products and produce. Limited hours, sometimes tough parking, but the food is delicious and many vendors have nice gift ideas.

Eve Davis

Loved it here. So much to see and buy! Can't wait to come back in the fall.


My husband and I checked out this market on Saturday morning. Check the hours and days before going here. There were a lot of stands indoors with food to eat. There were some jewelry stands but not much in the way of crafts or Dayton specific items as I was hoping for. I did buy some hand carved wood items at one stand. The farmers market aspect of this place was good. We bought tomatoes, cucumber, onion and bread. Prices were what you expect at a farmers market. This is a nice place to stop on Saturday morning. I think you will do best if you arrive hungry!

Louisa Tsuchida

Nice mix of food vendors and artisans. You can get meat, bread, produce, baked goods, coffee, and more. Plus, there are many great options for a breakfast or lunch meal. There is often live music on the weekends and additional farmers market vendors set up outside. Put this place on your list when in Dayton.

Amanda Rodriguez

Very nice! Lots of vendors inside and a few out! Nice selection of produce- what little gets grown around here!

Jim Dillon

Great bunch of small shops with some really interesting items. Lots of organic and some really nice tasty items


Second Street Market has all kinds of eco-friendly meats, vegetables, lotions, soaps, and all manner of hoo-rah. Friendly people, eclectic consumer choices, and all kinds of fun things.

James Williams

My wife and I always spending a little time at the market over the weekend. Good food vendors and unique items for sale. Friendly atmosphere

Cara R.

I am SO IN LOVE with this market. I so wish Toledo (my town) could make this work. I thought the prices were extremely reasonable! Everyone was super pleasant and it was just a great time. My favorite was Rahms bread. Good lord I could keep that place in $$$ if they were in my town. So good. This market has a little bit of everything. Great food, produce, jewlery, household... Really something for everyone. There was even live music. Just a real nice way to spend a morning!

FOM Theartofeyewear

A fantastic city market, and only getting better. Fresh produce and bread all the way to handmade jewelry and soaps. And some of the best food spots in town.

Lisa Herd

Great place to go for breakfast/brunch. Food is so good! Lots of vegetarian and vegan options.

Stephanie Stiffler

Always love visiting. The unique finds and delicious food vendors are worth the trip. The fresh fruit and vegetables in the summer are awesome.

Wendy Martin

This is a great little downtown gem with lots of stuff. Want fresh flower? Have them. Hand made soap? Yes. Alpaca socks? Check. Fresh cheeses, milk or eggs? Yes to all the above. Veggies, fruit and herbs? Yup? New Zealand meat pies? YES PLEASE!

Deborah Hobbs

I love this place. First time here in Ohio. Visiting my family. I will be back going back to Missouri in morning. Beautiful

Jan W.

Came here on a Sunday. Tried the crepe which was good but wanna try the chocolate raspberry. The coffee was okay but otherwise I don't think there was much options. Might wanna see what the outside vendors have on a Saturday.

Mark Hawk

Best bet go hungry


My husband and I love going to the Public Market on the weekend to grab brunch, pick up fresh fruit and veggies, stroll through craft booths, and sip on a cup of coffee. Great place to find all things local. Anytime of year is great to visit!

Tim P

Went here a couple of times. Nice little place to visit and walk around. Lots of different vendors and nice selection.

Tim P

Went here a couple of times. Nice little place to visit and walk around. Lots of different vendors and nice selection.


Went here a couple of times. Nice little place to visit and walk around. Lots of different vendors and nice selection.

Jewel Nichols

This was such a great experience! All the food was so good and the music was wonderful! There are so many local farmers that sell organic products, and small bakery shops. I really had a good time here, I would most definitely recommend this place for anyone. (It is family friendly too!)

Ishara Henry

I absolutely love the 2nd Street market! So many interesting and unique vendors and the food! Just walking through the door will make your mouth water. You can find something for the whole family. It's definitely a great place to go on beautiful Saturday.

Abby Lea

They have so much to choose from for food. Mexican, Greek, Aussie meat pies, Korean, crepes, and on and on. Don't forget the amazing bakeries, pottery, vegetables, local meats and other products. We could spend all morning here and not be bored. Good amount of seating although it is a small space and always lively with a crowd.

Crue Boyd

Fun outing. They seem to be trying to fit full stores rather than little shops so feels a tad crowded . but great atmosphere and super friendly people!

L Blaine

Fun place to visit. The food court is worth the visit. Most of the vendors offer excellent products for a fair price.