1200 Brown St Ste 190, Dayton
(937) 985-9262

Recent Reviews


Great burgers. I recommend getting the smash fries gives it a nice seasoning to it.

Kevin Torres

Mike took very good care of us. The Rosemary tots are delicious.

Taylor R.

We ordered two milkshakes on doordash and didn't receive them because Smashburger "ran out of milk" excuse me? This location is DIRECTLY across from a United Dairy Farmers store. The manager should have had someone go across the street and buy a few gallons of milk. No excuse.

bill parrigin

It was raining and the floor is large ceramic tiles. It seemed slippery. Could be remedied with runner carpet.. I thought the place somewhat untidy, but the staff was friendly, polite and genuine. I will visit again. I had their signature classic, which was very good.


Good food.

Hall S.

As far as this location goes, the employees are friendly and *honest* and the store itself was tidy and clean. Now, as for Smashburger, I think it's now a Steak 'n Shake in disguise. The employees mentioned "new ownership" and the changes they've made. The burgers are now SMALL and there's just one size. Kids burger and regular burger are the same and if you order the bigger burger, they just double-stack the patties. The fries taste just fine, but they are the same shoestring style like Steak 'n Shake. Want a kid's meal and want ketchup or some other garnish ? Too bad, you can't. Kids meals are cheese only. Order a regular sandwich.... Lastly, the shakes - $5 for a 12 oz. The employee actually "warned" me when I mentioned it, so I passed. I have no idea if these changes are location-specific or not. We ate at another location here in town some months before and it wasn't like this so I don't know if the changes happened in between or if it's only this location.

Libby V.

Conservation at lunch: (me) "you're not eating your tots. Are you going to put them in your pocket?" If you've never seen and old movie called Napolian Dynomite you need too. It's so funny and that's one of my favorite scenes. Not much of a burger lover, I cant get the yummy burger at Burger Fi in Cincinnati out of my mind, so I just keep looking. This is the closest I've found in Dayton. Heads and tails above Five Guys and several others I've tried. Of course my husband is the real burger lover in the family. What does he say about Smashburger? "We'll have to do this again." That's high praise from him.

Tay M

I really like Smash Burger the closet thing (but not really) to In n Out this California girl can find in Ohio. I made my order via the website and it was done when I got there! (I get all nervous and weird ordering from folks). The staff was nice for the limited contact I had with them.

Laura Koether

The food was good with the exception of the brussel sprouts. They were burnt and dry. But everything else was very good.

Angelina Hoschouer

Disappointed on this visit. I ordered the Avocado Bacon Club and what didn't I get? The avocado! Hey, it's the name of the sandwich, you better make sure you put the main ingredient on it! Of course I didn't find this out until I got back to the office. So basically I got a bacon cheese burger and they got my buck for not giving me the avocado. And while there waiting for my to go order, the cook in the back forgot to drop the fries in. Once the burgers were done, we waited for the fries to cook. The staff gave this guy enough grief over it that I dont need to give him more. C'mon folks, get your act together.

John Wolfe

Service and food are exceptional

Bob Wallace

This is one of my favorite places to get cheeseburgers, and their Haystack onion rings are to die for. The service is very good for a fast food restaurant. All in all very good.

Evan Potter

Very nice staff also. Food was great

Theresa Uzhca-perez

The staff was super nice. I went with my son who had been there before and I didnâ??t know what to get. He always get something crazy so I knew better than to get what he gets lol I asked the employee at the cash register. She was really sweet and helped me pick something. We ate at the restaurant and when we were done we noticed people werenâ??t tipping the girl who busses the tables. It was messed up because some of the tables were totally messed up. I guess some people donâ??t realize or care if you sit down in a restaurant and leave your mess you need to put some money on the table when you leave. Shame

Angel Copper

Order was wrong no one got the right burger went to feed seven people ended up going elsewhere horrible

Carole Butler Musto

The burgers are awesome, the fries are awesome and there milkshakes are good. I have no complaints. Keep up the good work.

Randy Bridges

The Emerson Blue was ah-mazing! I got the grilled cheese and it was very good....the tomato basil bisque that is paired with it is flavorful & cheesy. If you love cheese, I recommend this sandwich.

Phil O.

This place has gone downhill. Like most places on brown, no one seems to care abt their job

Explorers Bombeck

Not only did they screw up mt order, I also got horrible food poisoning. They gave me a burger instead of a chicken sandwich, and I ate it anyway because I got it to go and didn't have time to go back. I regret that decision. I use to love that place. Never again. This all happened on 1/11/19.

Swarnika Pandey

Perfect place to have tummy filling burgers at inexpensive prices. Loved this place!!


Service was relatively quick but dining area was really crowded. Needs a bigger space. Food was meh. There are better places to get a burger nearby.


The workers are always very nice and professional. They are always trying to keep the store clean.

Shelley Blaszak

Love Smash Burger! There isn't one by where I live so it's always a treat when we see one!!


Not bad. First time there. Loved the Brussel sprouts! Burger was good. Maybe a little on the expensive side for what you get. But overall not bad.

Garry Hinesmon

Their burgers are gourmet, they're good tho, reminds me of Red Robin burgers, but smashburger is a place where you take your date out for dinner, and if she doesn't like it then she's not worth it. Tell her to eat McDonald's from that day forward. Pretty cool place if you love bugers

Matt Hitchcock

This location consistently serves delicious burgers that are ALWAYS hot and fresh tasting.

Tom C.

My wife and I went here just recently. In the past the food was pretty good ( the Smashburger classic ). However, this last time, the burgers were EXTREMELY SALTY. Yuk !!! Don't know what the cook was thinking, as he really unloaded with the salt shaker. In all likelihood, it's going to be a quite a while before we go back to this establishment. These were a couple of the worse burgers my wife and I ever had. I didn't have to say anything to my wife as she brought it to my attention concerning the extreme salty taste. I just thought " how right you are !". At the time, this location was selling gift cards because of the holiday season. We were going to purchase a $50 one. But because of our bad burgers, we decided to take a pass. Going to 5 guys instead right down the street next time.

Nick Moody

From Michigan. Never been here before. Only other burger place that tasted this amazing was in Wisconsin at a pub

Erin W.

I've had Smashburger in other cities. This is not my favorite location of all the others I've been to, but it's usually pretty quick and still satisfying. I can grab lunch and be full while still getting pretty yummy food!


They have excellent burgers, some really nice selections, or you can build your own. Right next to the University of Dayton. The real treat to me is the 75 cent cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR). Fries are thin and cool off to quickly, but the onion straws are delicious. You order at the counter, but servers will bring your order to your table. Very nice servers. The manager has been there over eight years and is a real treat, paying attention to everybody.

Hamid Alan9ary

If it wasnâ??t for the nice gentleman I wouldâ??ve more harsh despite of the burger being nice because the lady was not friendly! Didnâ??t smile, no your welcome, and just rushed out of the restaurant!

Deanna Slone

My 1st time visiting. Im only mad we didnt try this place sooner. We all enjoyed our food and had no complaints.

De La Gringo

All I got to say is Triple Double, Iâ??m telling you this is the best burger in town right now. Hands down phenomenal. Try it, you wonâ??t be disappointed and even if youâ??re an old customer like myself and just thought â?? ehh, just another burger jointâ? That Triple double will change that view real quick ! Juicy, cheesy, soft, hot, sharp and so many other flavors blasting off along with fresh hot garlic/rosemary crusted fries sprinkled with olive oil ð?¤¯ Just go try one now itâ??ll literally take em like under 5mins to bring the food out. Sorry for the long Burger admiration but they made me a fan with that burger

Dj Shepherd

This place is absolutely amazing there burgers are great, and the service. By far the best burger in town the triple double is where it's at, so delicious. 3 different cheeses and two pattes with there smash fries are just perfect.

Tapalpa I.

Cut the BS and go to five guys. It's significantly better and same price. Also right down the street so just doesn't make sense why to go there


This is the best burger you will ever eat! I promise you that my friends.... The mushroom smash is my favorite and the rosemary fires just dont get better...


This is my second time at smashburger. First of all, it is pretty expensive for the size of the burger. There are a lot of better option for burgers at mom and pop places here. I ordered a large burger and they gave me a small. I went back to the counter and they were adamant that they gave me the right size burger. They didn't even take a look at the burger. When I got home with the burger, I bit into and realized they made the wrong burger or gave me someone elses burger. Go to Five Guys across the street. Better taste and value.

K L.

I ordered for pickup and when I opened the burger at home, the bun was entirely saturated. This seemed odd considering I picked up on time, so it wasn't like it was waiting around on my own accord. I ordered bacon for an additional fee and alas there was no bacon. Usually I don't mind order mix-ups, but when I pay extra for something, having it left out is irritating.

Inquisitive Mind

On two occasions I have found hair in my food and when brought to managements attention I got a rude response. This place is dirty

Cherelle R.

I've been to this location multiple times, and I've come to the conclusion that this is my FAVORITE location. The employees who work here are EXTREMELY friendly. Every time that I've had a coupon, they've ALWAYS used it without questioning it. The service as well as the food at this location are both AMAZING!! For anyone who has never been to this location, I HIGHLY recommend that you go ahead and visit. Trust me when I say, you WON'T regret it.