Super Subby's

2233 N Fairfield Rd, Dayton
(937) 427-1100

Recent Reviews

Nate Laughhunn

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: LOVE IT. Always have, since I was a kid. Just had it again. INCREDIBLE.

Tammy Johnson

Service was fast and the food was fresh and served hot.

Mike C

Super fresh bread. Subs are overpriced. Sub, fries and coke was over $10. ?

Daniela Miller

Fast good subs and reasonably priced. Staff is friendly as well. Location is clean.

Nyoka Hall

Mrs Lee is the best!!!!!! She really cares and everyone there are truly dedicated to an awesome experience.

Teresa Adkins

Love their food everyone should try the chili

Bruce Bowling

Expensive for what you get. Chilli is average, onion rings way over cooked, but the cheese steak was redeeming. Not sure I will be back as there are many choices for sandwiches that are a better value.


Love this place - fast and friendly service.

Searria Booker

The workers are always so kind when I come in, and always so willing to help. By far my favorite subbys! ❤

Eric Hackett

Great food. Ordered carry out over the phone. Was ready in 10 and everything was there!

David Mattison

I went in for dinner and they gave me the wrong order. I ordered an italian sub, and when I got home I realised I was served some sort of chicken/tuna salad sandwich. I called the next day from work when I was close to the store and had more time to handle the situation, the manager explained to me they needed the old sandwich from the night before to remake my order. That is the craziest thing I've ever heard of, for a manager to make such an obscene gesture. Absolutely no customer retention skills were demonstrated in my experience. If you want a good sub served right the first time, there are many options around this area including submarine house, jimmy John's, subway, milanos, and jersey Mike's to name a few. Hope the community stands proud with a fellow community member in not supporting this location moving forward. That is all.

Randy Lee

Super good but super expensive!

Kelly Smith

Super fast and friendly service and delicious subs.

Taylor B.

My favorite sub place! Their soft bread is delicious! I normally go with a turkey or tuna sub and am never disappointed. Their onion rings are the best I've ever had!

Tisha Newsom

Great customer service and very punctual.

William Knall

Their 8 inch sub is a tremendous amount of food. And super yummy.

Kirt Douglas

The food was good that people were very very friendly and I enjoyed my visit there

Jennifer Keenan

Excellent customer service!! We had an incident eating outside at patio where a diesel truck kept raving up engine & black stuff got all over us & food & they offered to make us new sandwiches. We didn’t even ask. They care about their customers!

alan j

Only ate there one time. I thought the bread and the turkey I had were bland. Not any flavor. The fried mushrooms were good which is why I gave a 2 star review.

Derek Kothman

Fast and I love there subs, there hot

John Mclaughlin

Ordered a cheesesteak and got a cold roast beef sub,how can you call it a cheese steak! What the hell. Awful just awful 👎👎

Melissa Perkins

Super Subbby's never disappoints. Great service, great food.

Mike L.

OMG! I haven't been here for a long, long time. I was in the area and decided to stop and have lunch. I had the cheesesteak and fries, and it tasted exactly as I remembered it! Friendly service and they had my order completed fast.

denver johnson

Beats Subways hands down. Clean, quick and totally delicious.

Scott Martin

Penny is probably the nicest restaurant worker I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. Great service!!!!

Brenda Derr

Friendly staff, my order is always hot and ready when I call ahead. When I wait to order till I get there, they are quick to complete my order, it is always exactly the way I order it. My grandson is in love with the crispy chicken sub, light on the lettuce, no onions or tomatoes. The cheese steak is one of my favorites, they add peppers for us when requested. The onion rings and chili are also good.

Susan Phillips

I've been hooked on Subbys since I had my very first sub there at the original store above the She night club at Forest Park Plaza. Great subs. Great chili. Great fries. Great service.

Greco Kellawan

I love this company it's better than the rest I always bring my kids here they always prefer and choose your restaurant ahead of any other major restaurant or fast-food chain that's a testament in itself thank you very much and I look forward to many many many years of dealing with you guys and anybody that works on the team is equally as good

Christopher McVay

Good value. To those visiting know that the small is 6" medium is 8" and large is 12" sub. All there sins come with oil, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo and spices. The food was very good, but the chili had way too much cheese on it. I love cheese but 8 slices of provolone on top of chili is a bit extreme for me. Sub could of been more meaty. Otherwise good food and very friendly staff.

Erin Clark

Fantastic sub choices, Turkey and Ham is my favorite combo, lots of flavor! All the side options are great. I totally recommend their Chili with both mushrooms and provolone added, and the fried mushrooms. Super friendly staff, and clean dining room.

Debbie Cook

Subby's is my favorite place for subs. Their Super Sub is a favorite and their chili is the best I get away from home. Recommended.


I just don't think this place is worth the time unless it is out of loyalty, there are so many better options for a sandwich, I think of Super Subby's as an off brand of Subway and I don't think Subway gives you enough for the money.

Jeff Lindner

I've only been to super subbys a few times but this location was a very positive experience. From the moment I walked in I was treated with kindness and respect. The staff was extremely friendly and courteous. My wife dropped her reusable cup lid and they washed it off for her. The subs were made as expected and tasted great. I thoroughly enjoyed getting fresh, hot fries with my sub. Great location and great people!


Made order wrong, manager 'Brittany' hung on on me after she gave me the wrong number for district manager

Jess H.

Review is for boxed lunches only: These guys are AWESOME for boxed lunches. Call them a few days before and let them know how many boxes to prepare, then call the morning of and tell them what sandwiches you need. Make sure you don't use the website, as the prices are outdated. The staff are very friendly. I had to call back a few times to modify my order and they were very accommodating. The lunch box does not include a drink, but if you ask them ahead of time they can factor that in for you. Everyone always seems pretty happy with their lunch boxes (I've used them twice now). I definitely recommend this place for your boxed lunch needs.

Sydney C.

This is probably a love it or hate it place. But I love it. Simple sandwich, soft bread, impossibly thin sliced tomato that is always good, great customer service. I often use them for box lunches for work meetings, which are an amazing deal and you can order same day if you give them enough time.

Erik Rowley

This place is a hidden gem, one of my favorite local sandwich spots in the U.S. Get the Super with a side of fries and small cup of house chili. The bread is really doughy, tastes amazing!

David W

Subs here are good but nothing special and with all the new sub restaurant choices in town, it is hard to work this spot into the mix. There is nothing special about the menu and the value is not that impressive.

Sarah King

Love their subs! Fried mushrooms are awesome.


I always go to super subby's for a good sub. I alway get the Italian with everything. It is a good buy and if you get a subby's card then you get a free sandwich after some subs purchased. Good lunch place. Enjoy it with friends, workers, or family!! Cheers!!