Taco Bell

5281 Salem Ave, Dayton
(937) 837-6000

Recent Reviews

Donald Seaborn

Place has always been decent..... Only problem is the smell of sewer when you're sitting in the Drive-Thru line,..,

Yvonne Brown

Love when they run double Chalupas they're my favorite.Goid nacos to but eat them fast tge get soggy quick from the cheese.

Zachary I.

If I could give this zero stars I would. I asked for a large drink for my combo and she gave me a medium. When I told her I wanted a large she told me "you know that costs more right" Yeah, I know that dipshit. Not only that whenever she reached out to give me the new drink she was talking to the other girl behind her saying "I hate when people do this shit" Then when they closed the window I rechecked our food and she was in there still cussing. Terrible customer service they should be making below minimum wage.

John King

Never get my order right. Receipt says soft taco and they give me supreme. Has happened multiple times.

Todd Farrow

If I could give ZERO stars I would!!! Waited 42 minutes to get an order of 3 tacos.

William gospel Thomas music

It was a great better than one on Main Street what's Trotwood will make a comeback Seymour grocery stores shopping centers more jobs to support the community.

rachel monbeck

It's a kfc/taco bell very small but they're never let me down so far

grace malone

Not opening up time on the window it says 7 a.m. for breakfast on the website it says 7 a.m. they don't open up until 8. I had to call to find out.

Pierre Hoosier

Hot, fresh and it looked like the photo...lol

India Davis

Service was fast food was hot and my order was correct. A nice change from how they were just a few months ago

Stephen M.

This location is by far the worst in the area. I generally stop in on my lunch break from work and often have to wait so long, I could drive to the Englewood location, eat, and make it back before I would get my food at the trotwood location. Often, employees will just look at you when you walk up to the counter and not even acknowledge your presence. I have personally waited 20 minutes at the drive thru speaker as well, with no customers in front of me.

Brandon Plantz

Slow but good service food was great

Sandra Black

It was very clean and customer service was great


Wait was long (over 20 minutes), food was lukewarm, very tasteless. Normally this location is much better.

Tricia Carter

It was great much better than usual must have new staff quality of food has greatly improved

Karla Harrison

The food looks better on TV,then when you get it.

Tina Hunter

Good service...but rarely gives you enough taco sauce!

Donna Harper

Now seriously i was out looking for something to eat NOTHING oen BUT Taco Bell, Really can't eat that type food, but u know how we are hardheaded they got a taco salad that is the BOMB. REALLY REALLY GOOD. FOR REAL. NO JOKING.

James Henderson

The people were friendly the restroom was very clean and the food was good

mattrina gilbert

It was a really good experience that day we have really good service and the food was great we loved it thank you Taco Bell

Greg Dixie

Reasonably quick service, food was fresh and hot; employee at the drive thru was friendly.

Nancy Klug

The store was clean and quiet only one other customer. Ordered one of the box specials for $5.00. The food was tasty, it would just be nice if they (Taco Bell) allowed for more ingredients in there burritos. I would rather pay a little more and buy less items to have a decent size burrito not one that is more wrap then filling.

Heather Gruber

Our Food was not cooked properly, half of our order was missing . the staff and even management are unhelpful , rude to the point of being just plain hateful , and obviously dispise their jobs. I wouldn't recommend this location to anyone.

Jenny Alcala

It was ok and the service was good this time. I think because we did not go during peak periods.

Tanya Carter

Failed to give me a receipt, failed to provide me with my correct order when I came back and then blamed it on me for not saying something before I left the line. Horrible city horrible service. These people donâ??t care about their job why would they care about making your order right. Thatâ??s ok cus Iâ??m reporting her to her district manager tomorrow â?â???

Kelly Ward

Want thu the drive thu and placed are order. We p order three thing and they got all three thing wrong went back to get the right order left and had to turn around again the second time and still wrong and they got mad and treated bad i will never go back again

Gary Payne

Pretty good. Order was correct. Sad to see the one closer to me close (near GSH)

Ann T

Great place. Fast and friendly service especially for a large order for a large family. Highly recommend.

Lewis Bradfield

This Taco Bell is a great place for family, clean and kid friendly. The service is excellent and best when you want to grab a quick snack. The workers are informative and professional.

Megan Easterling

Today was my first time ordering at this location. It was the first time, I think ever that Taco Bell has gotten my order right and the food looked like the pictures that they advertise. They didnâ??t skimp us, in fact they gave us extras of everything. I will definetely be returning. A+ Trotwood Taco Bell! ð???

K. L.

Had to drive from Salem Ave Taco Bell clear over to Miller Lane because even though Salem was open and told us order when ready they never returned even with a beep and driving right up to the window. The night befor re they were open but their system was down. Miller Lane was much better even though we couldn't order what we really wanted.

Mary Coy

Typically, I drive to one of the other locations because I have not had the best service or food at this location. But today, I thought I would give them another chance and WOW! I visited during lunch rush. They were friendly, drive thru was running very efficiently, order was fresh & hot, and received perfect amount of condiments. The parking lot was clean and the outside of the building looked very nice. I will definitely be going back again!

Spring D.

I pulled up to Taco bell at 10pm only for them to tell me they are out of meat and we have to wait 16 minutes. I have never in my life hear a Taco Bell say they were out of meat and then have a attitude while telling me. Welp needless to say I pulled off no Taco Bell for me.

Kiera Lee

Let me start by saying I was the only one in drive though, ordered 3 things and am able to write this entire review while still waiting on my food at 6:30pm. On top of that I've waited 8 minutes before even starting this review. They have to be butchering the meat cause I'm still waiting currently! I miss when employees actually did the job they're paid to do. In case your curious I still haven't received my food. Still waiting.

Sonya Freeman

This location has become a joke. I used to LOVE this location but now it's one of my least to visit.

Debbie Pierce

Very slow and the girl at the drive thru was wiping her nose and handling the food.

Amber Trochelman

Bathroom was nasty..long wait for food.... longest ive ever waited for fast food .....Courtney was very nice and polite on the other hand....

Woods On Woods

My husband and I went in for a late snack. It was not too late because we ate in. The establishment was well stocked with items such as napkins and straws. The establishment was also clean. Trash and napkins wasn't everywhere. However, the table we was going to sit at was slightly sticky as if as drink was spilled and never cleaned. Which is why I gave it four stars. The person that placed our order was friendly. I do not eat at Taco bell but if I should go back I would visit this location again.

Jason K.

This location has continued to go down hill fast. They never have the new menu item they are advertising. The wait is absurdly long, even being the only customer. They will randomly tell you they are out off beef, steak, and chicken when they don't feel like taking orders. Don't ever attempt to go after 10pm, they will pretend to be closed.

Rodney C.

Stopped by this Taco Bell for road food. I was hungry and I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me and I wanted food that I can eat on the run. I went through the drive thru. Ordered two burritos, a supreme and a bean with a large Diet Pepsi (no unsweetened iced tea, sigh!). The drive-thru help was very efficient and friendly, the food was delivered to me as fast as the drive thru young lady made my change. She handed my change and drink and shack of burritos that fast. I thanked her with a blessing and sped back on to the road; sipping on Pepsi. When I was on the road and clear of distraction, I carefully reached into the bag for a burrito. I hefted it in my hand, oh, it was a mighty burrito, stuffed to bursting. I smiled at my good fortune knowing that I will be not be hungry for long. Taco Bell burritos do make the best road food - stuffed and tightly wrapped. With care you can eat without spillage and if you make a mess, the trademark of good Taco Bell store - they do not short you on napkins. The burritos were tasty and very welcomed. I will make it a point to stop in again to do it over again. Soon.