Taco Bell

1414 N Keowee St, Dayton
(937) 262-7971

Recent Reviews

Tim Dunaway

They have a great crew there. You're all fast and friendly

Destiny Jones

Every time i go they always mess something up but its alright i guess at leasg the peolle are nice

David Joyner

Would definitely recommend trying this spot. Fantastic mood, flavorful food, awesome customer service. Kudos.

Elisha Adkins

Had a Great experience always do especially if Maurice the manager is there. Thank you so much for going above and beyond


"The food tasted like it was sitting for a while before we ordered it."

b kiefer

This location is pretty quick getting orders out and getting them right too.

Gregory Reynolds

Bought a steak burrito but they gave me beef instead what a taco Bell grande and they put so much beans on it and hardly know methis place is ghetto eat at your own risk ain't no telling what they do to the food customer service don't even exist at night

Unashamed For Christ

Garbage service. Nachos were half full and tasted stale and two of my tacos we’re missing

Harish D

Very rude Customer Service! They gave my online order to someone and when I showed my Mobile with order number they haven’t acknowledged my order which I already paid for

Dawn Proctor

Love the employees and clean store. I go here at least once a month and my order is aways correct and timly.

Brenda Hollandbrock

People are getting alot better becoming very friendly

Timmy Lange

This place is obviously one of the best place to eat in the area. Whenever I go there I am very satisfied. They hold their very high standard service and the highest level of dishes they provide. You will be always satisfied with this place. Very recommended.

Jordan Baker

Best time for me when I have been drinking but love it in general

Joe Hollon

Meal was cheap. Didn't have any thing between the hours of the burrito. Way over charge me. Then lady at the window was acting like she got mad. I will never go back there again. She like she had bed bites all over her face, she don't know how to put makeup on.

Brian Moore

Best taco bell around. Great food, clean and great people. Thank you for a great experience!

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