Taco Bell

1414 N Keowee St, Dayton
(937) 262-7971

Recent Reviews

Danny Carlson

This spot is worth a visit. They serve large portions for reasonable rates. Constantly well organized and with excellent mood. Highly recommended.

David Anaya

The $5 box is a good meal at a great price.

Autymn Cartwright

The workers were fast and the food was delicious...

Jacq S

Well for one I?m not a fan of breakfast food but I do like Taco Bell?s . I?m eating in and a nice gentlemen brought me my food and another one brought me my drink cup .

Zachary Harper

Awesome food accompanied by a wonderful and friendly staff with awesome customer service skills.

Jennifer Slusher

My husband always has a complicated order. This is the first Taco Bell in Dayton that handled his order with Grace and style. They were patient and polite. Our order was perfect, usually others mess it up. Excellent Work!

Shannon Larson

I ordered 2 steak soft tacos.. Both ladies at drive- thru Windows was nice.. Order was accurate and hot.

Jack B

Good 'ole taco bell.. Eat it up!!

anne marie Williams

Good. Nice workers in drive thru

William Hill

It's Taco Bell, ya can't really expect much. They are better at the in and out thing than the Burger King across the street and my order has always been correct, which they are also better at than Burger King. I work 2 minutes from both locations and Taco Bell is quicker in and out and my order is correct.

emily nelson

We had visited the week previous and had a not so great experience. We received a call from the manager and she made it right! So pleased!

Brenda Hawley

It just didn't taste good.

Norma Hoskins

They work so hard here. Friendly staff and good food.

Sam Holbrook

Gave me an empty bag and charged me 5x what my order was and then wouldn't answer the phone when I called to get a refund.

casi cherry

The best meal from taco Bell that I've had in a long time great job to taco Bell on keawee and leo

Adric Waterhouse

Very friendly staff and very quick service!

OG Delta

Pretty good location with a fairly quick service

Chase Fisher

We ordered 2 Fritos burritos with the beef substituted for beans and neither came out correctly which made them inedible to my vegetarian girlfriend. The problem comes when this is a regular occurrence and very frustrating. This is all in top of the food taking forever to come out.

Angela Jordan

The new $5 Fri box is great. I'm just having problems with it being sold out most of the time at the two restraints nearest to my home.

Harry Johnson

There fast for one and very friendly too

dr. freeze

Mmmm.... So delicious


Taco Bell NEVER let's me down. My order is always correct and flavorful.

Kristine Dyer

Customer service could use some work

No Name

My favorite Taco bell near me, they might mess up an order every now and then but just check your food before you leave to make sure it's right. Other than that they do a good job

Alicia Blythe

Always good for a quick bite but check your food before you leave

Barry Pollard

Hello. This taco bell is one of my favorites! The staff is 90% of the time fast! Everyones attitudes here is great. This is a resturant that you can have a seat for a quick meal with you're friends and family.

Samuel A Moser

Kind of miss the cashier experience. They encourage you here to tally in your own order and pay cashless.

Danelle Sellards

The second shift manger is the rudest woman I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

Kim Fitzpatrick

It's Taco Bell. The nacho fries had a sweet taste to them.

Holli Bradham

Went thru the drive thru and the girl working the window was very rude, had 4 box meals and she didn't offer a bag to make it easier to carry nor did she offer a drink carrier. I had to ask for one.

Kaye Lalaine Nuneza - Fulge

SERVICE IS VERY SLOW!!!!!! TOOK ALMOST 30 mins. waiting in line being the 3rd car at their drive through and another 20 mins. waiting at the window for my food! TERRIBLE BRANCH of Taco Bell!

Brain Booker

The service here was AMAZING! We eat Taco Bell a lot on the run but over the years the service has went WAY down. This place is by far the best we have been to. They got everything in our complicated order correct and separated each meal into it's own bag so it was easy to check.

Phillip Winston

Its taco bell so its always amazing haha

Astriano Castellon

Good food..fresh..nice friendly people..nice quiet relaxing environment..managers skills are amazing..clean floors..shinny...restroom clean..detailed an very stylish...fresh food...mmmmm

Jason Jarvis

This in my opinion is the worst Taco Bell I've ever visited in my entire life the service stinks they will not edit your order how you ask for example I want to add something to a taco or to a burrito and they respond sorry sir we can't do that I said I will pay for the extra ingredients but they said sorry sir it's against our policy I find this strange because I'm always doing the same edit at any other Taco Bell funny how this one has a policy against adding things to an order or to a specific item I would not ever recommend this place to anyone even further I would encourage people to stay away from this Taco Bell I say this with no callus with no anger purely professional experience

Jason Henson

Maybe the best TB location there is.

Jesse Zedaker

The BEST Taco Bell in Dayton! Somehow they alwaysbhave the friendliest employees I've ever come across. Whoever does their hiring needs a raise!

Heather Conn

Staff was friendly, order was right, and went through the drive through quickly.

Elle Hawkwing

It was clean and had friendly staff. I'm not big on fast food so that's the three stars. No fast food place will get higher than that for me

Robbie Suttles

This was probably the best Taco Bell visit that I have ever had in my life the staff all had smiles on there faces the management was super friendly, the store was so clean you could eat off the floor. I rarely am impressed totally by any fast food place but this Taco Bell was so impressive it could have been mistaken for a top notch establishment. The food was so good everything was fresh no old beans no old meat just amazing. Thank you Keeowee Taco Bell for an amazing experience. I will go out of my way just to receive service that was as fantastic as that.