Taco Bell - 3013 Salem Avenue - CLOSED

Mexican, Fast Food

3013 Salem Avenue, Dayton
(937) 278-1212



Reviews for Taco Bell

Probably the most â??ghettoâ? fast food place Iâ??ve been to in Dayton, at that says a lot. This one though is especially bad because once you go into the drive thru, you are STUCK. There is no way out. No matter how many hours you sit there waiting (I once waited 45 minutes) you canâ??t escape. I think they did this on purpose. I did notice if you order on the app, theyâ??ll make the order correctly and faster as if they care more about app orders than they do orders placed...read full review

They are always nice to me at this location. Its sad they have to close early . We have to do better in Black communities so we can enjoy more. Its up to us society. If they start closing one thing itll be another and then the whole west side is shut down while the yuppies enjoy downtown and we are starved of culture and economy. Vote for new initiatives and open more black owned businesses

I have gone here on several occasions, most of the time they are out of something. One time they had no lettuce or tomato. Nothing like having a taco with just meat and cheese. Last time I went the person running the drive thru said, "hold on" after I started with 12 melts. My son and I then hear her telling someone she hates this business. We finished our order, but not only was that completely rude, but unnessecary. If you can't deal with people, or work then find a different...read full review

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