Taqueria Garcia Mobil

7 Huffman Ave, Dayton
(937) 554-8196

Recent Reviews

Amanda W.

I'm an admitted taco snob but these are legit. Ordered tacos to go on Cinco de Mayo after finding the waits at my normal haunts ridiculous, and I'm so glad I did. Al pastor tacos are excellent. The spicy salsa is delicious and not for amateurs--definitely has some heat. Cheap, quick, and delicious. Definitely worth the drive downtown.

David Campbell

Man! If you haven't had the "Taco Truck" you are missing out on some good eats!

Nolan Long

Best food you will ever eat.....

Rey G

At the first moment you arrive in this restaurant team give you an excellent feeling. Very warm team, it is a happy place to hang out with friends or with your date. tasty cooking, professional chief cook and stuff, comfortable pay and attentive service. Highly recommended.

Justin Birt

Best tacos in the city. Period. Meat of your choice with onion, cilantro, and lime. Clean and exceptional.

Ariel B

I had an awesome time in this spot. We liked the extraordinary vibes and the food. The staff were super attentive. I am content we ultimately decided to visit here.


Just had the Torta for the first time. Absolutely amazing. Steak add chorizo, all toppings. Good to go.

Jeff S

Love me some authentic Mexican food if you want true authentic Mexican food then you'll want to hit this truck decent price

Steve Wesley

We had an extraordinary in this place. We loved the extraordinary ambience and the menu. The staff members are very personal. I am glad we eventually decided to try this place.

Tracy David

Delicious! Quesadillas grandes yummy

Seantino Walden

Really good steak tacos with cilantro & onion and the horchata good

Amy Jenkins

The food is delicious! I get the chorizo tacos with lime and cilantro. Worth a try if you are wondering about it. Very friendly staff.

Justin Balter

The best Mexican food in town, hands down.

Dorothea Dennis

I loved it. Food was exceptional

john everitt

Really good Mexican street food

Smallwood Arts

The best taco truck in town!

Kristen Ayodada

This place is awesome! The food is delicious! It's one of the most authentic Mexican places I have ever been to. Parking kind of sucks, but is well worth it. Plus there is such a wide variety of meat options that it's hard to pick just one and they are the only place I have found Lengua. They have a customer for life from me!

Zack Kerns

Ordered over the phone for pick up was done fast and tasted spectacular

George Jung

Great food! Muchó deliciosus!

Sean Stahl

Nothing not to like about this place, other than the lot (which is VERY rough - I almost popped a tire pulling in; I advise to park on the street if you can). That doesn't take away any points though. Authentic tacos, $2 each, and people STILL line up in the Taco Bell drive-thru for some reason. Some reviewers have mentioned a long wait time (15 min), which I understand at busy times. On my visit, there were two people ahead of me, and I still had my grub within 10 minutes. Be careful with the red sauce (salsa picante) - it WILL fire you up, no matter how much of a "hothead" you are. Even the green (salsa verde) has a little kick to it, but both are very flavorful and, obviously, made from scratch. I've been told the fajitas plates are excellent, and that's what I'll be trying next time, because I will definitely be returning. If you're reading this, that means you're curious; so...GO THERE ! You will not be disappointed.

Ysai Teran

food is ok serveci really rally bad

Anna S.

Hands down the best tacos in Dayton. Honestly, best tacos I've ever had. The red sauce is too much for me but the green is perfectly spicy! I recommended anything with their steak.

Jeffrey Henderson

The steak tacos with onion and cilantro are really good.

Sara Cosby

The best authentic Mexican food around. Can't get no better than this. You get large portions for a reasonable price. I absolutely love this place.

Matt Erickson

Good food and authentic options...the horchata drink was very good! Downside...service was a bit on the slow side when I arrived (was fairly busy) and Cecina wasn't offered as a protein option. Still worth a go and if I lived in Dayton I would definitely come back to try to other stuff.

Kelly S

Amazing authentic food! Well worth the drive and 15 minute wait.

Travis Jacobs

I've been eating tacos from here probably longer than 5 years. I've been to countless Mexican restaurants and the tacos here are the best I've ever had. If I didnt live so far, I'd come alot more often.

Shawna Martinez

I have been eating here since they opened. The food has never disappointed me.

Stephani E.

had no idea what I ordered because I could hardly hear the lady repeat my order. but it was so delicious that I would definitely come here again. maybe with some bug spray because the flies were crazy.

Sarah Armstrong

The service is great and the food is wonderful. One of my favorite go to spots.

Sarah Jones

The service is great and the food is wonderful. One of my favorite go to spots.

Brandy Semancik

Delicious food. Takes a while to get it but well worth the wait.

mike edwards

Allways a great place to eat. Good prices also to boot

Jamie Lynne

The real deal. Just go and see for yourself. Straight perfection.

Jacqueline Teachey

Great food, friendly and fast service!

Big D.

Hands down the best authentic Mexican food in the city. I have eaten at this place over a hundred times and have never had a bad experience, the sopas are probably my favorite item. They dont have a huge menu but the items they have are the best you will find anywhere. They are always pretty busy because the food is really just that good.

Jamie D.J

This is my go to real authentic mexican. It's made fresh in a food truck. Not the best location but definitely worth a stop. The staff is friendly and helpful with making decisions. Generous portions. Fresh cilantro and onions! Hot sauce was an added bonus to my asada carnitas. I tell everyone about this place and when friends go they always rave about how delicious everything was and that they always go back.

Stan Schulte

Great food great prices great atmosphere

Tony Abshire

It was great food a little weight but worth it

David Sammons

Always good I've been coming here for over 9a