Zombie Dogz

1200 Brown St #150, Dayton
(937) 951-2942

Recent Reviews

Debbie Thomas

love there dogz had one with pulled pork on it that was sauteed in cherrys delicious!!

Kerri Miller Ebright

Amazing food, amazing people.

Jason Thelen

Fantastic staff, dogs are great. Can't wait to get back.

Nicole Harris

Delicious and creative with a unique atmosphere that’s comfortably casual!!! A++++++

Cody Cox

Foot was fantastic, building was clean but what really made the experience a five star is the employees. It was my first time there and they took their time to explain the entire menu to me and make suggestions. After my meal they checked with me to see how everything was, the customer service was beyond excellent.

Jane L. Gothington

if you like creepy, you will love this place. And the food is great.

Luke C.

A hot dog place near university of dayton. They sell many unusual hot dogs. I tried the "nightmare on brown st." Its very odd but not bad. Generally liked each of the ingredients, but some stood out as a little too weird. The jalepeno was not cooked so it has a sharp taste in the cream cheese. Bread bun was ok but a little hard. Strawberry jam was a very interesting choice on the hot dog. Not bad but jarring. My advice is to add savoriness/tartness to the jam by cooking it with the jalapeños and concentrating the jam even more maybe with Luke lemon juice. This dog wasnt bad but I wouldn't get it again. Extra ptd for creativity though

Sergio K.

This place has some very interesting menu items. I got the Juan hot dog that had pulled pork and bbq, I'd give it a C. The place where this place shines is their tater tots. Get a mini dog and a tater tot. My lady says the Mac and Cheese dog is dank. I'll try that next time. That's all I got. Bye!

Erin Schwab

Great atmosphere and even better food! There is a variety of different things to try here and you won't break the bank! If you're in this area and you like hot dogs and poutine, GO!

Randy Jestice

Right off UD Campus on Brown St, the staff is as great as the food is. It's a comfy, clean and unique dining experience that you must try for yourself. May I recommend the Nightmare on Brown Street (pictured) Enjoy!

Justin Ord Dr.Dark

Great Service, the food is amazing. I love the atmosphere. I would love to open a small version in my town. "Greenville, OH"

Jeffrey Carroll

This place is definitely one of the most attractive restaurants in the region. Whenever I go there I am very pleased. They preserve their very high level service and the topmost level of cooking they give. You definitely will enjoy this this restaurant. Highly recommended.

Matthew Burns

First time. Decided to take the drive. Crazy selections that work well. Highly recommended! We are sold... will definitely be back! Great staff and clean all around!!

Bobby G.

We really enjoy this place! Awesome selection of Hot Dogs, tacos, tots and Mac and cheese! We love the atmosphere and the service is spectacular! They even have veggie dogs for my vegetarian wife. We both had the Chicago style, (I had beef) and my daughter had a chili dogs. Awesome as always!


We love this place! Awesome atmosphere! Creative options with Hot dogs, tacos, tots and Mac & cheese! Great service and friendly staff! Vegetarian options for my wife. We both had the Chicago dog, mine was beef! My daughter had the chili dog!

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