Zombie Dogz

1200 Brown St #150, Dayton
(937) 951-2942

Recent Reviews

Kaylin Hines

Great place! Interesting takes on something as basic as a hot dog. Love it. Try to stop here everytime I'm in the area. Kids enjoy it as well. Can even get tacos if you're not feeling hotdogs.

Gloria Osborne

Reasonable prices. Quick and friendly service. I tried 3 different main 'dishes'. 2 mini hot dogs and a taco. Meal included a drink and a side dish for $13. Love the names: I had a Grave Digger, Juan of the Dead and the Germinator.

Marilyn Sickel

Quick, fun place to grab a tasty dog decked out in every way imaginable. The addition of mac & cheese giving the wormy zombie effect a squishy illusion. We saw all ages zipping in to enjoy a fast lunch. Give it a try.

Travis U

I remember years ago when I first heard of Zombie Dogs, i thought how the hell could you make a hot dog gourmet? Well they did it, I have always tried to catch the food truck when it's close to me. Was great final getting to stop in the brick and motor, you guys have done something magical! Keep up the good work, I will try my best to stop in as much as possible!

Kelly Martin

Fun atmosphere, ridiculously tasty beef hot dogs. The sides are incredible, too -- especially tater tots and white truffle macaroni and cheese. Highly recommended!

Clevie Logan

I think my favorite was the Germanator and his was the Chicago Dog. There wasn't a single dog we didn't thoroughly enjoy. I can't wait to try the tacos next time; I didn't know that was an option. The only thing I wouldn't order again is the macaroni and cheese. It was a bit too rich for my liking, and that's something I rarely say about any food. We'll certainly be back to try out some more great flavor combinations.

Devon Howe

I've been eating Zombie Dogz since they were just a food truck and I've never had a bad dog. There are some favorites, Calling in Dead and Peaches and Screams come to mind, but we've had plenty of different dogs. Most recently I had the Seed of Chutney, apple cranberry chutney, prosciutto, Gouda cheese and homemade croutons. It was an instant favorite. The sweet and savory worked perfectly together. My husband had the Nightmare on Brown Street and can't stop talking about it. We also split a side of poutine tots, which we're hot, cheesy and fill of gravy. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Trena S.

This place is awesome. I like getting different things when I try new places. They offer mini for full size Dogs


Not a fan of the theme but good hot dogs nonetheless. They always have an interesting variety to try and they seem to rotate out for new menu items on occasion. Worth a visit.


The service was fairly quick and we enjoyed most of our choices. We loved the poutine tots and the mini dogs we ordered we're good but their tacos were just okay. Good pork but the corn tortillas themselves needed griddled or something. Almost tasted like they weren't heated at all. Definitely worth a visit.

Dani Norwood

The cashier was super friendly and very helpful when I explained it was our first time visiting. The staff was very friendly and the dogz were delicious!

James Ewing

Excellent, quality and quantity. Clean and friendly place. Will return.

Thomas V.

I can honestly say that when i first heard about them i thought, ok another hotdog on the street... that was until i tried their breakfast dog!!!!! After that i fell in love lol. They definitely know how to combine so off the wall ingredients into a hotdog bun and make your mouth water. All i can say at this point is well done guys well done. see you sometime soon for your next crazy dog!!!!

Robin Barton

Only been once but thought it was pretty average. I expected the dogs to be way better than they were. I do give them an A for originality on the types of toppings but overall I can't really recommend the place. Sorry

my jams smooth

I only gave them three stars because that was my first time there I have the steak tacos what you they were tasty next time I look forward to trying the dogs I suggested everybody goes there and try them out

Jeff Ricks

the dogs are amazing. and so creative


Rather disappointed with lunch. Nothing was up to temperature. The dogs were warm. The beer cheese was barely warm. It was decidedly less than enjoyable.


I had the 'Chicago Dog.' It was very flavorful. Hands down, the best hotdog that I've eaten on the go. So, "That's a yes for me, Dawg'."

Lucas Skillman

This place is outstanding. The variety of flavors available for their hot dogs is insane. I had the special which allows you to get three 6" hot dogs your way, and each was a hit. The combination of ingredients made for a wonderful eating experience. A+ in my book!

Jan W.

Meh tried the Germanatotr and tots. Just felt really gross after. This is def junk food at its finest

Joe B.

I have been a fan for a long time and they never disappoint. The Dogz are great as usual and the new tacos and great and imaginative as well. The poutine tots w/ beef is the ultimate in comfort food. Highly recommend this place better than most places around for sure.

E Bryan Kruger

Awesome menu and people. Always have a great experience.

ren b

The hot dogs are delicious, with a wide variety of gourmet styles. The service is wonderful and friendly. Best hot dog in Dayton.


Met my husband for lunch here. The service we received was very pleasant! We ordered a coney dog, poutine tots with the recommended protein, and two drinks. The tots were lukewarm and the coney was not impressive. If we didnâ??t add the protein to the tots, I donâ??t feel they would have had much flavor. There wasnâ??t enough gravy and definitely not enough cheese curds. All in all, it was alright. The service was definitely excellent, just not the food.

Jami W.

The flavor combinations are amazing! Fresh ingredients, outstanding service. Highly recommend!

Dan Tres OMi

Let me say this: I AM NOT A HOT DOG person.

Mimbi Seckman

I loved how the place was decorated and the dogs come in some crazy styles and with funky names. We chose four mini-dogz and an order of tots to split. Our choices were the Calling in Dead, Dead Dixie, Germanator and Juan of the Dead. In our opinion, the two best were the Calling in Dead and Juan of the Dead.

Pete P.

Seems to miss the point that it's always about the hot dog. Good quality but the dog is lost in the bun and condiments. I ordered two large dogs. Maybe I should try the sliders. The Mac was on the bland side. I will try again. I want to really like this place but not a great first impression.

Matt B.

Cool college joint. Frat dogs, nice staff. Super quick. When we walked in, the line was long. Had the three kids in tow so I wasn't exactly looking forward to them in line. Line went quick! Great news. Delish cased meats, cool toppings. Kids meal was perfect. If you're the the U of D area, make it a stop.

Andrew Conway

Great food at good prices.

Kristen Newton

Crazy amazing food! Friendly helpful service. All around great place. We will definitely go back & send our friends!

Maria Buchanan

I came in wondering how hot dogs could be different or unique. They definitely blew me away. The hot dogs are delicious and the toppings are delicious and unique. They often put different flavors together to make a unique experience. Prices are very affordable and fair. They have great sides as well as tacos. The sides and dessert seem to sell out pretty quickly. The staff was friendly and served people very quickly.

Brittany Ann Hardin

Amazing food! I absolutely love their food. And the atmosphere is wonderful! I love the decor!!!

Aiden Schwable

My mom took me here for lunch one day and I got the mac n cheese truffle burger and it was a Hot Dog of Yum! The style is pretty cool and it's cool that there is a food truck that goes around the Miami Valley and delivers the Dogz. It is also in a convenient location and has quick, good service.

Tim P

This place is great if you want high quality hot dogs. Many different options and close to UD. Love the Mac& Cheese on top of a huge hot dog.


This place is great if you want high quality hot dogs. Many different options and close to UD. Love the Mac& Cheese on top of a huge hot dog.

Maggie Neuman

My family went here and loved it. A few years back we would visit their food truck before they were able to open a store front, and got hooked on it then! It's a fun place to try, very unique and a great place to bring kids as well!


Unique hot dogs. Cheese curds are the best in the world. Staff super nice, seem to truely enjoy working there.

Savannah A

Zombie Dogz literally never disappoints! My family and I ate here tonight (little one's first time) and our food was delicious! If you need a suggestion of what to get the next time you're in, the Gem City Slasher hits the spot! The staff was super friendly and welcoming, giving our son a sticker as we were ordering, and they even brought out our tray to us when our food was ready! They also offered a yogurt to our little guy after we were seated! 10/10 for family friendly! It's clear where your heart is, Zombie Dogz, cause it's in the exact right place! Just like the Germanator, "I'll be back"! All the best!! ??

Marianne S

Found Zombie Dogz on trip advisor. They did not disappoint. Not a huge menu, but definately has variety. Dogs (not your ordinary ones either), tacos, and fun sides. We chose the combo which allowed us to sample 3 things - we chose 2 dogs & 1 taco. Hd the Juan of the Dead & the Calling in Dead dogs - liked em both. We aslo had a Creep Show Taco - fabulous!!!!! To top it off we got the loaded tater tots - still talking about those days later. Too far Dayton is not that close to home, otherwise I'd go there all the time. (Parking in rear of building) Don't skip this place