Chelley Belly: Artisan Eatery

59 N Sandusky St, Delaware
(740) 369-5792

Recent Reviews

Doug W.

Great sandwiches and soup. The chelly belly with tomato bisque soup is my favorite, but everything is delicious. Friendly staff. Great place for lunch.

Jim Spangenberg

Michelle served up a Righteous Reuben Covid-to-go. I appreciate you being open when most eateries are closed.

Tina Cline

The food is ok but way over priced especially the salad.

Todd Marquis

Awesome. Just awesome! Whatever sandwich is on special, get that!

D Jay

Soups, salads and sandwiches made fresh

Linda Roberts

Sandwiches were great!

Heather Hunt

The staff is kind, the atmosphere is relaxed. The food is amazing. A great lunch spot for locals! Try the smoky! It is delicious!

Kacey Johnson

I’m pregnant with a lot of food aversions, but I really wanted a good sandwich for lunch. So my husband went out on the search and brought us home two grilled sandwiches and a mango smoothie to share from here. It was heavenly and really hit the spot! I look forward to trying more in the future!

Lady Calluna

The staff is kind, the atmosphere is relaxed. The food is amazing. A great lunch spot for locals! Try the smoky! It is delicious!

Lance Hauersperger

BLT and Tomato Bisque was excellent!


It is good food. I love the chicken salad. But, I do not frequent the restaurant because it is pricey.

Felicia Robinson

Great quality food and friendly staff.


Top notch quality food and service. Definitely is a local favorite because it got busy shortly after we sat down for lunch. Had the BLT (a seasonal item) and it was awesome. Bacon was cooked perfectly and the house mayo added a delicious taste to the sandwich.

T Wilson

Top notch quality food and service. Definitely is a local favorite because it got busy shortly after we sat down for lunch. Had the BLT (a seasonal item) and it was awesome. Bacon was cooked perfectly and the house mayo added a delicious taste to the sandwich.


Top notch quality food and service. Definitely is a local favorite because it got busy shortly after we sat down for lunch. Had the BLT (a seasonal item) and it was awesome. Bacon cooked perfectly and the house mayo added a delicious taste to the sandwich.

Adlai Stein

Really great smoothies and brownies


Da wife and I stopped by when attending the Delaware Arts Festival (huge show! Good time! Go). Good staff. Good drinks. I was really tempted by the salmon Panini but had lunch just a little earlier. Go! Give them a try!!!!!

Ian M.

Best place in Delaware. If you're going to eat in central Ohio, this is the spot. It tastes amazing. The people behind the counter are so kind and sweet and have always been intentional with me when I walk in. They make you feel at home! Eat here. You won't regret it

Mark Smiles

Good sandwiches at reasonable prices! FYI: Line to order can back up during prime lunch hours, so going early or later is recommended if your time is limited.

Sue Schiebel

This was my first time at this place, after rave reviews from teacher sister in law. I ordered the grilled Asian chicken salad. All I asked was for no wontons. I got a bowl of only romaine tea spoon of slivered almonds and 3 slices, about the size of a pinky finger, of luke warm rubbery chicken. For over $9 this was awful. I will never go back! Even my sister was like wow that was naked😖

Barbie M.

Went there for lunch. 3 employees behind the counter and were ignored while they talked. We stood at the counter ready to order for a few minutes until one of the employees finally took our order. After we ordered our food, the three employees went back to talking, instead of making our food. The one employee who made our food called out our order and didn't make eye contact with us. One of the rudest experiences ever. Foods not great either.

Kevin C.

Overpriced, small sandwiches that are decent but not amazing. These days I am always looking for a new place to experience. I stopped in today (3/11/19) at noon for lunch with my family. I have a toddler with me so I am looking for places that have High chairs, kids menus and changing tables. This place had 2 out of 3, the one missing was the changing table. Order: Chelley Belly $6.09 Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Salami, Swiss, Romaine, Tomato, Onion, Pickle & Mayonnaise on French Baguette kids meal - Little D's PB & J $4.59 Creamy Peanut Butter, Strawberry Jam on Toasted Soft Bread. The meal also comes with either milk or a pop. When I was looking over the menu I noticed a "pick two" for $8.29, it sounded great at first but then I realized that the price was ridiculious! A cup of soup is $4.59, and a whole sandwich is $5.99-$6.39. I didnt choose this for 2 reasons: 1.) limited options - only pick between Turkey swiss, Ham swiss, Italian, Grilled cheese. 2.) price - a 1/2 sandwich costs $4, what?!? I might as well just order a cup of soup and a whole sandwich and then I can order what ever sandwich I want. The sandwiches don't come with anything which normally isn't a problem if the sandwich has enough meat on it to fill me up. However in this case I felt that the price was very high compared to what I ended up with. The sandwich itself was ok, but it didn't wow me. I was disappointed at how skimpy it was. The Kids meal - for the price it only came with a sandwich and a drink, I felt for the price it should have come with fruit, chips, cookie or all 3. Over all I was not that impressed and I have had better. The price for what we received was really the main issue here today. ** high chairs = yes, only 1 ** kids menu = yes ** changing table in the bathroom = no

Brian Johnston

Tasty but not worth it.

Bradley Lutz

The service is not fast but it is a quality product. I thought the prices were just slightly to high, but not exorbitant. In short, it is a good place to eat lunch, but leave yourself some time to get your food and expect to pay a little more than your average franchise sandwich shop.

Taylor Patch

Horrible. I found hair in my soup, I will not be buying from here ever again. Would not recommend.

Tj Waldron

The people was rude and the soup was nast never again will i go there...

Shelley J.

I had only been here once before and I wasn't impressed. I met a friend for lunch this time and see that the inside has been renovated. I like the put together look and cozy ambiance. I had the Garden Veggie sandwich and it was very good. My only complaint is that there are no dairy free options for the coffee drinks, so I went with an Americano. I will definitely try Chelley Belly again in the future.

Jessica Leigh

I always have a great experience here, the staff is always very kind and the food is great. Fantastic coffee too! It’s my favorite lunch spot in Delaware.

Casey Martin

I went in yesterday for a soup. First I had to wait a good while for It then when they brought It to me It came out cold. I told them It was cold she tried telling me It shouldnt be cold It just came out, told her but It is cold. She aggressively grabbed the soup and said I’ll get u another one. That one took its time getting to me as well. By that time I didnt even want It but It came out It wasn’t hot but wasn’t cold. I feel like she just popped It in the microwave. But her attitude was very discouraging and I definitely won’t be going back !

Tj Waldron

i came in an the soup was nasty. will never go back

Hunter Yvonne Akers

very unfriendly staff. super expensive for what you get.

Mandy Henning

Food is just ok, seriously overpriced, service is meh. I ordered a Reuben, which comes with a bag of chips and a pickle whether you want those things or not (no option that I could find to just get the sandwich at a cheaper price). Sandwich was something like $8.50 (already high for the portion size) and I got two cookies for $1.69. Somehow my total was almost $13, I have to assume they upcharged me for extra thousand island on my sandwich? The staff always seem inconvenienced by my business and I've been going there for literally years. The quality of the food is just normal deli quality but the prices are way higher. I keep going there because it's obviously better than fast food, but for the price I could visit a place that cares about my business and gives me ordering options.

Tim R

Best food.

Elizabeth L.

My boyfriend and I stopped in here on a cold, Fall day because 1.) We were starving, 2.) I'm pregnant and soups + sammies are really hitting the spot lately, and 3.) You can only get Panera Bread so many times before you're just sick of it. We have never been in here before, but we appreciated that everything was clean. The employees behind the counter didn't greet us or recommended anything, but we found the menus and ordered anyway. I got the grilled cheese on sourdough with a cup of chicken + wild rice soup. My boyfriend got the smokey panini with the butternut squash soup. Ummmm, okay, people. My grilled cheese was AWESOME! It was perfectly hot and gooey. So delicious! My soup was good also, but I think next time I might try a different one. My boyfriend's smokey panini was off the hook! The turkey, cheese, romaine, and chipotle mayo just tasted so great together. I'm not even a big fan of turkey (unless it's Thanksgiving), but this was just exceptional! His butternut squash soup was amazing, too! I kept dipping my sammie in it (you have to share with your pregnant girlfriend!) My boyfriend and I weren't impressed with the service, but the food was MORE THAN amazing. We can't wait to go back!

Deanna Johnson

You all still haven't lost that zeal! 6yrs I have been gone, and you remembered me....and you are still phenomenal!!! Love the new renovations. Best kept secret in Delaware.....but I had to bring a friend so the word would get out. Keep up the GREAT work!

Dana Wisecarver

Great food. Change of pace from usual lunch fare.

Raman Pfaff

Good place for a panini sandwich. Was a bit noisy at lunchtime. The turkey and swiss was really tasty. You place your order at the register, and then they'll call out the order when it is ready. No table service.

Derek Miller

The food is really good. A nice alternative to Panera Bread. Service and prices are better too.

Bert Runyon

Great food!!! Love the soups there and the turkey and bacon smokey. And there cookies are to die for.

Michael O.

I've been here twice and I've been disapointed both times. It's just ok. Not sure if I'm expecting a Panera Bread style service and food or what but if you are, you will not be happy. The broccoli cheese soup was microwaved. That's about all you have to say for a "sandwich and soup" shop! You have to ask for and pay extra for a baguette with your soup - seems odd to me! I asked for broccoli be added to my classic salad but they "don't have broccoli" make broccoli cheese should have had broccoli sometime. Service is painstakingly slow, you can try going to lunch (1hr) but you might not make it back to the office.