Wilson's Hot Tamales

15652 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland
(216) 249-2659

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tisha Dennis

Banging Hot or Cold. ❤️❤️ N it was my first time eating Tamales

Becky Baby

I went to check it out on my lunch break and there were so many gnats flying around the food and some of the food did not even have a top on it so I'm sure some of the gnats got in there I'm not going back again it was not clean I gotta eat in a clean place with good service this lady was looking for change because she ran out of change she's running out to her car asking me for change I couldn't I hurry up and got in my car and went to McDonald's

T Raye Knox

There's a variety of tamales always fresh and tasty. "Hot tamales make you jolly!!" Young lady said on the van. I agree ???

Anthony French

Tried to buy lunch two tamales and a drink, the Lady says you got cash I said no I have my card and she just says no shaking her head and wow terrible service never going back, second time I’ve tried there

Lakiasha Harris

The worse place ever.everytime I go I have a bad experience I hate to say it but every body can't support everybody .this lady with the blonde hair is the rudest customer service I ever seen and people wonder why... stop being cheap and hire real people.. she must be family if she not working for cheap.i went in today and I can't use my card my son want gum out the machine he sat his phone down I went to get change and his ph one now it's gone that fast I say my son left his phone the first thing she say is well I'm back here I don't know then she tell her co worker you know who was just in here he got it I'm like oh wow I just walked out I now mr.wilsonbe turning flat out

Deja Marie

Ran out of food ? don’t know how that works ? and the staff was kind of rude but whatever ??‍♀️ Ordered the tamales and the chicken was pink and wasn’t really spicy at all.

Michael Tucker

Best Hot Tamales

Tatyana Salaam

Suprised i havent seen a reviewSimilar to my experience, im a door dasher, i was getting a customer's food. In my opinion. I would never eat from here, there was a ROACH on the counter, i wanted to take a picture but didnt want to be rude, as the workers were right there behind the bars. Man handed me the food. i regret going there just to get a customer's food. Man was cross contaminating as well. He had gloves on, but when he went to package the bean pie, he wiped his face with his hand, then picked up the slice of pie.? i felt gross just stepping in there after seeing that roach.??? i should of let doordash know but it totally slipped my mind. As i just wanted to get out of clevland and do my deliveries some where else after that experience.

Call me Taty 8D

Suprised i havent seen a review

Eric Skillern

Great tasting food best tamales in the city!!!

Shawntel Watkins

Great customer service and the tamale was delicious!

Redento Johnson

Love them Tamales!!! The absolute best!

Vincent Jones

The location was nice on a major roadway, but when we looked for it, it was difficult to locate. We had actually passed right by it. The food was good, but having certain elements hang out in front of it caused me concerned. Also we were given a hyped up price for what we purchased until my wife questioned the price quoted and then we were given the correct price with an apology , from the salesperson of I did not know what I was thinking. Pretty suspect behavior.

Swipegoat K

If you ever dropping off a trick or picking one up and feel the need to get some food give this place as Tri

Patrick F

I really only come here for one thing, and that is the Hot Tamales, and honestly for how much they give you at the price they ask, it is well more than worth it. If you are looking for some comfort food with a kick I would recommend you try them.

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