6735 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(513) 870-0228

Recent Reviews

DasMouse food poisoning from the beef and Swiss with ranch. You guys know you're supposed to refrigerate the ranch dressing right. Sick A.F. from that. Never again.Food: 1/5

Nick S. (sixthreezy)

Get your s#!+ together.. This Arby's used to be reliable... Not even going to bother calling to complain because how hard could it be to listen to my order in the first place.

Jeff Ratliff

The food is consistently good. Service is always great. Sometimes they have my food ready before I even get around to the window to pay. Everyone I have dealt with is friendly. My only problem is sometimes I don't get napkins in the bag, so ask for them if that is important. But if you want a great alternative to burgers, give it a try.Parking: The drive through is easy to navigate.

Todd Conner

Wasn't very busy, friendly staff. The only issue was they forgot a sandwich and a fry.Food: 4/5

Cordell Heath

Have never had an issue here. It's one of the better locationsFood: 5/5

Bob Nolan

Friendly staff, parking lot was unkemot but the food was fresh an hot.

christopher richter

It always seems that whenever I'm on the road and heading back to Florida from Hamilton I tend to stop at this Arby's. I don't know, maybe it's for luck or maybe because Arby's is easy to pick up and eat while traveling (I don't recommend eating and driving).When I lived it Hamilton I ate here periodically but now I eat here whenever I leave town.

Rosezelle Pierson

Can never say anything bad about Arby's. Good food everytime!!!

khem biswa

Barely any chickens and it’s uncooked

Amber Peace

great place to work and eat awesome Matt is the best

Kay Moreland

Ordered 3 Beef N Cheddar fries drinks, bottom buns were so hard broke in half returned to drive thru requested fresh sandwiches staff made up excuses but did replace with new sandwiches that were not warm just pulled out of a bun bag and only had meat and cheese on them. Don’t Beef n Cheddar usually have Red Ranch Sauce on them as well? None on ours. Will not stop here again!

Brackstin S.

unkind and snippety Snappy unhappy not the kindest really not happy

Ericka jones

OMG the food was delicious as well as hot???????Very professional from the front of the house to the back!!!!A young gentleman manager in training came out and brought our food to us while sitting in the car???????Very young professional people all up in there....The fish fries combo was delicious ? as well as the chocolate shake ...OMG!!!!!!So Delicious ❤️

William Voll

I'm wondering if there is ever consistency at Arby's. One time a great sandwich and next where's the meat scenario . I love Arby's roast beef and horsy sauce. Please make it like the commercials and coupons pictures please. Stop trying to save 50 cents and give your faithful customers a great product and they will return.

Michelle Rene'

Delicious food, friendly staff.. I'm really enjoying the new Mac and cheese, please keep it! ??

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