Dickey's Barbecue Pit

6775 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(513) 860-4000

Recent Reviews

James Parks

No ribs had to wait 1and a hafe hour to get ribs thepeach cobbler was terrible all crust and 2 little pieces of peachesFood: 3/5

Fish Face

I've been coming here for awhile but it's been sliding downhill. I have a feeling the city bbq a block away is going to take this place out. Came in today. Mac and cheese was ice cold. Pork was ice cold. The kids taking your order clearly didn't care about customer service. It's a bummer because it was previously a great place. $16 for what I got felt like robbery

Gary Hopkins

Had the worst brisket I’ve ever had just a minute ago. it was cold and half of it was fat. I won’t be going back. 10/20/22 8:40pm

Alana Levy

Not much food for the price. Taste was kind of Meh. It's ok but there are better places or there.Food: 3/5

Dennis Freimark

I assumed wings would be smoked not fried. Still, I wouldn't have had a problem if they weren't dried out also.

Sherry Feltson

Gross. Food was cold and disgusting. The meat had no flavor and the pork was extremely dry. The okra was way too salty. One little container of BBQ sauce that was half full and tasted gross. Save your money and go to City BBQ or elsewhere.

Donna Wyatt

Unfortunately, I will not be spending any money here as the only way you can order take out is online or through the drive thru. So today you missed out on a 50.00 carryout.

Angela Schwab

Literally spent 37.00 and the portions were very small, the food was processed the meats aren't smoked at the location their heated up!!! The service was very ghostly!!! City barbeque is being built next to Dickey's and in our opinion they will put Dickey's out of business!!! Nothing tasted smoked and the meats Pork, Chicken and Turkey were very dry.and the brisket was 2 pieces of all fat making all my husband's meats greasy his Turkey and Sausage were greasy.. No customer service either

Caleb Lewber

Had a half rack with beans and slaw, over all very tasty. I enjoy BBQ a lot and try many different places in my travels. The only reason for four stars was due to the ribs being cold, not ice cold but definitely not hot. The ribs had a great flavor, and the spicy BBQ tasted great. I love slaw with my BBQ and this slaw did not disappoint, great flavor well marinated is the sauce. I had the jalapeno bake beans I was a little disappointed I really did not taste the flavor coming through but the beans them self were very good, I will try the non jalapeño ones next time. Over all I will definitely try this place again when I'm back in town and the two employees that greeted me we very nice and well mannered.

Rafael Salem

Was greeted with a smile and offered the special of the day! New chicken sandwich was delicious! Great quality food and presentation! THANKS

Kelly Pickron

Great food, all of it is SO good. If you ask some they will LITERALLY say the same thing. Can't recommend enough

Talligirl A.

Our first time here. Got the classic family pack special with pulled pork and chopped brisket. Delicious! Meat was not dry at all. The regular and sweet bbq sauces were equally delicious. Potato salad was very close to mine, and easily one of the best restaurant coleslaws I've had. Highly recommend. Will definitely go back!

Jarrod Woodward Sr

First time having Dickeys, was amazing!! A lot more fat in the brisket than i like but ovwr was really really impressed, the lady who took my order was so good, sorry great!! Had great suggestions was patient for a newbie and just super awesome, her name was Rebecca!! She is a keeper, giver her a raise!!!

Kelli M.

Placed a delivery order today 3/24/22. A $60 order at that. When it was delivered there were two sliders missing, coleslaw, sauces, and green beans. I called the store Immediately to get this corrected and to get our missing items delivered. They told me they don't deliver when I ordered this through their website. I was told they could credit me or I can Come in and get the missing items. I just paid ten dollars to have this order delivered. Then I get put on hold to where the phone just rings and rings. So I hang up call back and they say they can't deliver I have to come pick up. So I tell them if I have to leave work when I just paid ten dollars to have this brought to me then I want reimbursed for the whole meal. So now co workers cant enjoy their lunch because they don't check the bags. Also on the phone they told me the owner was at the store. So I tell them okay I'm on my way. I get to the store and three grown men are standing there and I tell them I'm there to speak to the owner. How funny in the 20 mins it took to get there the owner left. So I tell the guy to call the owner so I can speak to him. He tells me he is absolutely not doing that and argues with me. I asked for his name He would not give me his first name so I told him I would take his picture since he is so big and bad and running his mouth instead of refunding me my money for my time now. He then went and hid in the back. Also he proceeded to tell me the delivery person stole the missing items out the bag because when it left their store everything was in it. Then a nice employee stepped up and helped and she admitted it was her who forgot the items. So it wasn't the delivery person. I then proceed to their location Facebook page and found the rude man who wouldn't give his name and the owner. I message the owner and he messages back saying to give him a call. I call him tell him the situation and come to find out he was never at that location today so all these people do is lie. The owner just made excuses after excuses and proceeded to tell me he couldn't refund my 60 dollar order and don't know anyone who would. It's the principal I just paid to have it delivered and now I'm Having to leave work because of your employees mistakes missing a whole meal. Also back in August we placed a large meal at this location and the same Thing happened. We get all the way back to work to find sandwiches and several sauces missing. City bbq is opening right next door. Save your time and do not visit this location. Rude employee name is Brett Jackson and the owners name Is Patrick Harder

Drox Affolder

Bakes beans not cooked long enough. Brisket is all fat. Pulled pork was not even cooked in any kind of sauce.mac n cheese taste chalky. All the food was not even warm it was cold. Biscuit had no butter and was cold and hard to swallow. But the sweet tea was good. This owner has no business in the food industry... Board of health requires food to be served at a minimum temperature, i think i will call them.

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